1. Blake conveys to Sanceda, reserving easement for him to sleep on the couch; index does not refer to easement; Sanceda conveys to Hoffman; Blake shows up to sleep on the couch
Blake sleeping on couch when Hoffman inspects
"He sleeps on the couch"
"That's a strange arrangement"
"I would not be so forebearing"

Blake gave a 3-year lease to Wolf-Birdsall Band, to become possessory when they complete their first guitar/flute song and recruit a drummer
Drum set in condo
"They rehearse here and do home parties from time to time"

2. Blake gave a purchase money mortgage to Holbert; not recorded; later gives a mortgage to Flybynight to finance promotion of a play he's written "Panic in the Oral Argument"; does not tell FlyByNight of first mtg.

Not recorded until after sale to Desai
--Desai records
--Desai doesn't record

Property is in NC

3. Same; Amanda Craven (son of Wes, to whom Wes assigned copyrights) sues Blake for CR infringement, for using lines from Nightmare on Elm street; files lis pendens.
effect on mortgagee interests?