1. From problem 2(b) on p685

a. Who prevails if property is in Minnesota?

b. Who prevails if property is in Illinois?

c. C sues title co. Title insurance policy tracks ALTA form. Recovery?

2. Lydia Ness conveys unit 111 condo to Kyle Zak; unit 211 is occupied by Orange Day, which has become famous for composing and performing heavy metal songs in which the main percussion instrument is a jackhammer. The band practices every evening from 6 PM to 1 AM. Ness has given away all her worldly possessions and joined a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Zak sues on title insurance policy, which tracks ALTA form. Recovery? On what theory?

3. Balkas sues title co for (a) Menezs couch easement, (b) Carter lease, (c) Flybynight mortgage. Recovery?

4. Lease is to Carter, her assignees, heirs, and assigns; Balkas sues on title policy. Recovery?

6. Title co gives opinion, "Something strange is going on with the couch; we believe there is an easement not of record." Balkas closes, sues title co. Recovery?