Condo declaration:
§ 5.1 Rules
(a) The Condominium Association may make such rules as are necessary to protect the health of unit owners, to ensure equitable access to common areas, and to raise the financial resources necessary to maintain the complex.
(b) Unit owners must pay assessments adopted by the Board and comply with rules promulgated by the Board
§ 5.2 Penalties
(a) If any unit owner does not pay an assessment, the Board may take such action as is necessary under state law to cause the assessment to become a lien on that owner’s interest in his or her unit.
(b) If any unit owner violates a rule, the Board may impose a fine, which shall be treated as though it were an assessment
[(c) In its discretion, the Board may impose additional penalties for rule violations]

Hypothetical situations

1. In-unit rules
a. Only boxer dogs
b. No meat
2. No beer drinking at any time, anywhere
3. Penalties for unit owners
a. Turn off electricity and phone and internet
b. Imprison
c. Execute the pet
4. Penalties for strangers
a. Forfeit car
b. Imprison
c. Beating
5. Governance
a. Bill of attainder
b. Rule that Wolf and her successors in interest can’t make music
c. No more than three people in Unit 203
d. No more than three Spanish-speaking people in any unit

6. No evidentiary support for "finding" that loud music was played, imposing penalty