From last time:
o "James Alex Amendment" to HP ordinance: no children anywhere, ever, in City of Highland Park

  1. protects children from being run over
  2. greatly reduces noise level
  3. improves efficiency in ice cream shops
  4. protects privacy against prying questions

Category 1
o No churches except Roman Catholic churches in R-1

o No full-motion videos of rats being tortured
o Noise regulation 95 db except for punk rock
o No music, (piano fortissimo=103 db) but jackhammers (112 db), backup alarms (adjust to be 5 db above ambient level) okay
o Family of 18 in 2000 sq ft; not 4 students in 5000 sq ft
--Family collects cars and junk
--Races cars
--Plays loud music
o "married" - excludes gays
o Single housekeeping unit

Category 2
o No stories about dogfights
o No photos of unhappy dogs
o No political discussions at dinner where alcohol is served
o No music at outside barbecues

Category 3
o No shorts
o No bare feet
o Shirts at all times
o No animals

Category 4
o Require that houses be painted bright colors, selected from hues maintained by planning office
o Shirts at all times; rap shirt is not a shirt

Use IL statutes
1. Prohibit pets
2. Prohibit music performances
3. Limit political signs to one per lot, one week before election

Under Glencoe code
1. Prohibit music studio
2. Prohibit music venue
3. Allow music studios and music venues, but opyright violations disqualify