1. Public purpose
a. City condemns 565 West Adams for Walmart
b. For heliport
c. For BAR/BRI
IL stat: ultra vires unless for public purpose

2. Just compensation
a. Refer to IL stat
b. Katherine LaRosa has a three-flat in Lakeview
c. City takes for El station
d. What evidence?

3. Arek Samuels bought a 4-acre parcel, "Nokidsacre" in Princeton-East, IL, one of the few municipalities he could find in the U.S. prohibiting children from ever crossing the boundaries. He paid $10K. His dream is to build an 8,000 square-foot structure as a respite from studying and IPLS parties. He obtains $900K in financing from Dora Cornelio in exchange for an easement letting Andrew Gust sleep on the couch whenever he wants.

a. India Burton is the Green Development Director for Princeton-East. She decides that Nokidsacre is the perfect place for a new juvenile park featuring kiddie-porn and knee-walking drunkenness, as an object lesson for children. Press reports of her plans result in a stampede of 17 and 18-year olds who want to come to the park. She persuades the Princeton-East city council to condemn (exercise eminent domain) over Nokidsacre.

b. Samuels demands a jury trial to determine the amount of just compensation.

c. Samuels retains Jessica Deets, an expert on real estate valuation, who will testify that the value of Samuels's indended development is $2 million.

d. Burton files a motion in limine to exclude Deets' testimony on the grounds that the only relevant evidence is the market value of the property as it exists now.

e. What arguments, what result?

4. Foreshadowing regulatory taking
a. It's the alligator's/horned owl's habitat now
b. You cannot molest the alligator/horned owl
c. You have to feed him