1. Wannabe Lakefront owns a house in Lake Forest separated from Lake Michigan by Emptylawn, another parcel with a house on it. The owners of Emptylawn have never played touch football on the lawn--for fifty years. Now they sell Emptylawn to the Grossenkinders, who have a large family comprising many high-school and college-age boys and girls, who regularly play raucus touch football games on the lawn. T
    he owner of Wannabe Lakefront sues for trespass on his prescriptive negative easement. Result?

  2. Owner of unit 101 grants easement to owner of unit 102 for use of barbecue grill;
  3. a. owner of 102 likes high ceilings; purchases 202 and knocks out floor; owner of 101 sues to block use of grill;

    b. owner of 102/202 wants more space for bedroom; buys unit 203 and knocks out wall

  4. Owner of unit 101 grants easement to owner of unit 102 to have parties in 101 once a week; owner of unit 102 grants a ¼ interest in his party right to Lettuce-fest-U, which sells memberships; owner of unit 101 sues for injunction
  5. Owner of Techacre grants easement to Comcast to run a "neighborhood distribution cable" under property; when granted, Comcast did only cable TV; now Comcast does Internet service; Techacre sues to enjoin use outside scope
  6. Owner of Techacre grants easement to Grant Sterling to use WiFi whenever he is in the neighborhood; email when granted; now watches lots of movies on Netflix; gives him the key
  7. For-fun emo band; “Bright Ears”and lead singer Conor Hauptmann own a small single family detached house on Musicacre
    a. Bright Ears buys an easement from the adjacent neighbor, Paula Lennon, for parking in back of the neighbor’s house and for the sound of the band
    b. Bright Ears sells Musicacre to “The Academy Isn’t”; popularity grows, style changes to Funk, crowds grow
  8. a. The Academy Isn’t sells Musicacre to Fall in Boys, which acquires another parcel, adjacent to Musicacre on the other side, for a concert venue and uses the easement for overflow parking
    b. Two easements to CK SBA, one for performance, one for parking; SBA conveys easement to Clear Channel Media, which organizes a concert by Vampire Weekday on the property covered by the easement
    c. Fall in Boys sells Musicacre to Love Chemical, which knocks down the house and builds a chromium processing plant and uses the former parking area on the neighbor’s lot for a waste dump
    d. No express easement; Bright Ears just uses the neighbor’s property for parking and its sound wafts over the neighbor’s property. Easement by prescription? By estoppel?
    e. Unused for 5 years; bands disband; Wantz sells to Lake County Entertainment District, which sells 100 tenancies in common to various Lake County indie bands
  9. Bright Ears, The Academy Isn’t, Fall in Boys all disband (so to speak) and their members go to law school. Ten years later, Tulin Gurer buys Musicacre and builds a general aviation airstrip on it, using the parking lot covered by the easement