1. Kenneth Henderson sells part of property to Alexis Silsbe with “covenant” that grantee pay Brian Adams' law school tuition; Silsbe sells to Lamb
(a) Henderson sues (i) Lamb; (ii) sues Silsbe
(b) Adams sues (i) Lamb; (ii) sues Silsbe

2. Convey same property with “covenant” that grantee never lease an apartment to Matt Dolgin; Lamb leases to Dolgin

3. With “covenant” that never lease an apartment to any rock band; Haas and Desai organize a punk band and rent apartment from Lamb for rehearsals

4. Melissa Anderson subdivides tract
(a) Sells first lot to Elizabeth Meyer, no restrictions
(b) Sells second lot to Keith Southam with proviso “no rock bands or chromium plants to be allowed on the property”
(c) Sells third lot to Elizabeth Jackson with proviso “no punk bands”
(d) Sells rest of lots, but one, to various people with same restriction: “no hazardous waste or obnoxious music”
(e) Meyer sells to Love Chemical, which puts up a chromium processing plant; Jackson seeks injunction against operation of plant
(f) Southam sells to Haas/Desai band for a practice space; Meyer sues the band
(g) Anderson sells her last lot to The Academy Isn’t, a vigorous hard rock group; Jackson sues Anderson; sues The Academy Isn't