1. Amanda Clarksells part of property to Kelly Paczak with “covenant” that grantee pay David Jorgensen's law school tuition; Paczak sells to Kidder
(a) Clark sues (i) Kidder; (ii) sues Paczak
(b) Jorgensen sues (i) Kidder; (ii) sues Paczak

2. Convey same property with “covenant” that grantee never lease an apartment to Brendan Bouffard; Kidder leases to Bouffard

3. With “covenant” that never lease an apartment to any rock band; Ennesser and Ashworth organize a punk band and rent apartment from Kidder for rehearsals

4. Clark subdivides tract
(a) Sells first lot to Daniel Bujas, no restrictions
(b) Sells second lot to Julian Medrano with proviso “no rock bands or chromium plants to be allowed on the property”
(c) Sells third lot to Margot Nikitas with proviso “no punk bands”
(d) Sells rest of lots, but one, to various people with same restriction: “no hazardous waste or obnoxious music”
(e) Bujas sells to Love Chemical, which puts up a chromium processing plant; Nikitas seeks injunction against operation of plant
(f) Medrano sells to Ennesser/Ashworth band for a practice space; Bujas sues the band
(g) Clark sells her last lot to The Academy Isn’t, a vigorous hard rock group; Nikitas sues Clark; sues The Academy Isn't