1. Scott Clay's parents have vacation house in Michigan, on shore of lake; grew up there on weekends; partied there

Parents decide to sell it

Clay protests

So: "to Scott Clay for the rest of his life, but we are going to sell the part after they are gone. Scott did not want to sell it, so he can only use it"

Parents quit claim to Loren Andrews -- a friend; ("we're moving to Dalmatian coast of Croatia")

2. Davia Merrick to Royce Buchanan: "I transfer Stringerplot to Royce Buchanan forever, for a monthly payment of $500 until he stops paying or I decide I want it again."

What does Buchanan have? What does Merrick have?

3. " LE to A; A xfers to B; B dies; then A dies

4. " Blackacre
o Alienability of LE
o Alienability of reversion

(a) "But the life tenant [remainderman] has no power to sell it."

(b) "But if the life tenant [remainderman] tries to sell it, to B"

(c) "If the life tenant [or any of the remaindermen] sells it, she owes me $1 million."

5. Waste
" Nuclear waste disposal facility
" Casino
" Heavy metal rock venue v. contemplative jazz coffee house
" Tear down and build new house

6. Beach Sundowner