Landlord-tenant war stories (Landlord obligations)

1. Shaila Manjiyani leases premises shown on diagram to Alexander Michelini. Michelini organizes club football league which plays on parcel A and parcel B. Manjiyani constructs an abandoned pets shelter on parcel B. Michelini claims breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment/constructive eviction. Prospects for success?

2. Manjiyani leases premises shown on second diagram. Michelini inspects it before signing lease. Enters into occupancy, sues for breach of covenant of quiet enjoyment/constructive eviction.


3. -LL turned off heat to force out undesired tenant

4. LL shows up with tiger and shotgun; "get out or I'll sic her on you and then blow you away."
6. LL pours concrete into kitchen= partial constructive eviction p490 n.4
Possible deficiencies
7. garbage left by previous tenant
8. Broken front door lock
9. T gets marine friend to set up armed checkpoint at entrance; other tenants complain
10. broken kitchen window
11. no front door key
12. bathroom toilet clogged-use outhouse
13. inoperative bathroom light and outlet
14. inoperative closet light and outlet

15. leak from apartment above; plasterboard fell on bed and crib
16. broken sewage pipe; smell
17. Anonymous hang-up phone calls
18. Internet connection fails
19. Spam
20. No heat
21. No microwave
22. Hurricane Katrina
23. upstairs tenants complain about rock music coming through floor
Edgar Allen Poe: they drag chair on floor

25. knowingly permit another part to be used for lewd purposes: what's "lewd"?

26. Jacuzzi does not work

27. Hire homeless person as doorman

28. Failure to supply fresh flowers every day