Hypos - Marital Property - 2

1. Butch Climber married the boss's daughter, Sweet-thing Rich.

(a) Sweet-thing dies from a full heart, intestate

(b) They get divorced because Butch gets caught playing around

Consider who owns what in a traditional American common-law state, in a community property state, in a modern equitable-distribution state. Ignore choice-of-law issues.

2. Jesse Armstrong (rock singer/songwriter) and Priscilla White (entrepreneur)
a) when they marry, Jesse is playing clubs for $100
b) Priscilla become his manager; pushes him to record album; books gigs, gets merch made, hounds agents
c) He records copyright in his name
d) He gets a record deal; 2d album shoots to the top of the charts and earns $15 million; deal commits him exclusively for 5 years, during which he must do four more albums
e) Earns $200,000 per show
f) They spend money together, all of it and more
g) Then they get divorced
h) She seeks half of present value of his career earnings potential