1. Butch Climber married the boss's daughter, Sweet-thing Rich.

(a) Sweet-thing dies from a full heart, intestate

(b) They get divorced because Butch gets caught playing around

Consider who owns what in a traditional American common-law state, in a community property state, in a modern equitable-distribution state. Ignore choice-of-law issues.

2. Jesse Armstrong (rock singer/songwriter) and Priscilla White (entrepreneur)
a) when they marry, Jesse is playing clubs for $100
b) Priscilla become his manager; pushes him to record album; books gigs, gets merch made, hounds agents
c) He records copyright in his name
d) He gets a record deal; 2d album shoots to the top of the charts and earns $15 million; deal commits him exclusively for 5 years, during which he must do four more albums
e) Earns $200,000 per show
f) They spend money together, all of it and more
g) Then they get divorced
h) She seeks half of present value of his career earnings potential

3. Tenancy by the entirities
a) husband mortgages the house: “all my interest, including future improvements”
b) H & W both alive; default on mortgage; what rights of mortgagee?
c) H dies; default on mortgage; what rights of mortgagee?
d) W dies; default on mortgage; what rights of mortgagee?
e) Execute, then W dies; same question

4. Divorce
a) Greenacre, owned before marriage
b) $100,000 in savings accumulated during marriage
c) W inherited $50,000 from her father during marriage
d) H’s JD
e) H’s law practice
f) H’s shifting executory interest in the musical work, “Brand New Show, the rights to which he acquired from Arian Hassanalizadeh”