West's North Carolina General Statutes Annotated Currentness

Chapter 43. Land Registration

Article 4. Registration and Effect

§ 43-18. Registered owner's estate free from adverse claims; exceptions

Every registered owner of any estate or interest in land brought under this Chapter shall, except in cases of fraud to which he is a party or in which he is a privy, without valuable consideration paid in good faith, and except when any registration has been procured through forgery, hold the land free from any and all adverse claims, rights or encumbrances not noted on the certificate of title, except

(1) Liens, claims or rights arising or existing under the laws or Constitution of the United States which the statutes of this State cannot require to appear of record under registry laws;

(2) Taxes and assessments thereon due the State or any county, city or town therein, but not delinquent;

(3) Any lease for a term not exceeding three years, under which the land is actually occupied.