For each of the following factual situations, consider (a) whether there is liability at common law for nuisance, (b) the theoretical category, and (c) remedies available


a. Ptf allergic to pet hair; wind blows dog hair from neighbor
b. Ptf's cats terrified of dogs; neighbor's dog barks
c. Owner of condo unit #101 disturbed by Orange Dusk punk band's activities in unit #201: practicing with jackhammer as percussion instrument on floor

d. Don't like instrumental music/law-student review rap
e. Won't let ptf piggy-back on WiFi


a. Driving to work-chicken farm

b. Spam

c. windmill farm


a. Customers bad conduct outside music venue in Lakewood
b. Funk in Emo block in Pilsen
c. Gore in Norman Rockwell block in Pilsen


a. Group home
b. Move to nuisance - recording studio under final approach path
c. Bar in residential neighborhood
d. Helipad
e. Concerts/street musician in park-tenants in common

5. Condo neighbor operates heavy-metal music recording studio

a. Move away
b. Soundproof
c. Close windows
d. Competing recording studio

6. Drone photographer, from Monday's spreadsheet hypothetical.

7. Drone journalist regulatly flies drones near plaintiff's property, which adjoins a major expressway interchange

a. Independent contractor to TV station

b. Stringer, who sells to TV station after taking video