Takings – per-se/balancing hypos

1.   The mayor of Cicerwyn, IL has a worthless nephew who flunked out of community college and buys fancy cars and electronics with money he earns from dealing drugs. He tells his aunt he wants a nice house. The mayor condemns Thad Bit’s 3BR bungalow, and the local branch of the circuit court finds the market value to be $1,500. Bit asks you to represent him. Anything you can do?

2.   100 lots; 1 must be left vacant

3.   No one may farm w/in 5 miles of the shore of Lake Michigan

a.    already invested $5 million to assemble organic farm plot; not yet operational

b.   alligator farm

4.   must allow alligators to walk across land and rest in house

5.   must not block signal from directional broadband wireless signal

a.    new technology—modulate stream of water

6.   all men must wear double breasted suits

7.                     no signs bigger than 3x3 opposing Iraq war

8.                     cease dry cleaning; sell to lowest bidder for restaurant