Seminar in Aviation Law

Course No. 932-81

Spring 2016

Professor Perritt

Room 583


4 PM - 5:50 PM

Students and topics

Daniel Ferguson: International Anguish

Form of papers

Students may write their seminar papers either in traditional law-review analytical format or, with the instructor's permission, in the form of a narrative, such as a short novel, a screenplay, or a script for a stage play. Papers in narrative format must contain significant legal analyis. The instructor will consult with student-authors on how to accomplish this without disrupting the flow of the narrative.


First day,.

28 Jan:

Principles of storytelling

Time permitting: discuss application of Scribean formula to the following short stories:



Only a Backpack

What happened to the light?


4 Feb:

11 Feb:

18 Feb:

25 Feb:

3 Mar:

10 Mar:

17 Mar: No class; Spring Break

24 Mar:

31 Mar:

7 Apr:

14 Apr:

21 Apr:

28 Apr:

Presentation guidelines

Possible topics

  1. How to fix overuse of HEMS: Medicare and private insurance reimbursement rates and criteria
  2. Business models for charter operators
  3. Business models for rides-and-tours operators
  4. Evaluating the cost structure and overutilization of helicopter emergency medical transport
  5. FAA airspace restrictions on news helicopters and drones as First Amendment violations
  6. Professional responsibility issues in aiding commercial drone operators to fly in violation of FAA's ban
  7. Professional responsibility issues in being cheerleaders rather than naysayers for aviation client innovations
  8. Commerce Clause limitations on FAA drone restrictions
  9. Evaluate FAA argument that it lacks authority to exempt drone operations from pilot certificate requirements
  10. Develop arguments for judicial review of enforcement action against microdrone ENG operations
  11. Wright Brothers patent pool
  12. Federalism and drone regulation
  13. Drones and privacy
  14. Privatization of ATC towers, flight service stations
  15. Liability of helicopter-contractor/client TV station
  16. Link and download encryption
  17. Public flight paths - Flight Aware
  18. Following someone around in a public place: privacy invasion?
  19. Altitudes at which overflight becomes a trespass


Movo Aviation Congressional statement

NAAG video is at:

HHP articles

See list on right side of home page of

Movo Aviation petition for rulemaking


Supporting memorandum

Colin Hinkle petition for exemption

Basic petition

Public interest supplement

FAA grant of Clayco petition