Seminar on Nationbuilding

Discussion topics

5 April

Iraq and Lebanon: coalition politics; effects of international intervention; prospects for democracy-building. Chris Pickett – distribute draft of sections of paper before class

Watch documentary "Inside the Coup."

12 April

Guerrilla tactics: war of the flea; avoiding annihilation; role of ethnic cleansing to “drain the swamps”. Chris Shepherd – critical review of chapter 6 of KLA book

Management of popular capital by insurgencies: developing it; dissipating it through terrorist attacks against the wrong targets. Did NATO attacks replenish it in Kosovo? Is the tide beginning to turn in Iraq. Morgan McGough – critical review of chapter 4 of KLA book.

19 April

Cuba: What should the US do during the first six months after Castro dies?

Arms flows: Rachel Zahorsky – critical review of chapter 9 of KLA book

26 April

Are we in the beginning stages of a “Clash of Civilizations?Everyone - consider chapter 3A of KLA book