Seminar: Economic Development in Countries in Transition (Fall, 2004)

Wednesdays 3-5 PM

Room 520

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

(312) 906-5098

Brad Loberg's novellete

Anita Dhand's paper

Course description

Operation Kosovo home page:


Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Structures and Standards for Political Trusteeships, 8 UCLA J. INT’L LAW & FOR AFF. 385 (2003) [Word version]

Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Economic Sustainability and Final Status for Kosovo, 25 U. PA. J. INT’L ECON. LAW 259 (2004) [Word version]

Note on Hernando deSoto

Good source of good reports on Kosovo, from before the war to now

Possible topics

Develop arguments for judicial review of visa denials to (a) SEEU student, and (b) Dr. Besim Beqaj's wife

Participate in Ben Mares' judicial challenge to municipality refusal to give permit to business

Evaluate EAR draft companies law, compared with predecessor UNMIK regulation

Economic development strategies for Afghanistan

Economic development strategies for Iraq

Economic development and insurgency

Terrorism: recruitment

History of the Kosova Liberation Army ("KLA")

Evaluation of privatization








Introducing financial services intermediaries in former socialist economies

Dealing with corruption