Seminar: Law of Nationbuilding (Fall, 2005)

Thursdays 4-6 PM

Room 545

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

(312) 906-5098

Assistant Dean Lydia Lazar

(312) 906-5012

Photos - 10 November 2005

Topics & final papers

Gerry Bekkerman: The End of the Last Dictatorship in Europe: Four Keys to a Successful Color Revolution in Belarus

Adam Bridge: Prospects for a Tibetan Insurgency

Sara Dahlquist: Go Kosovo Co.: The Birth of a Business

Lawrence Ershaghi: Political & Legal Developments in Iraq & its regional implications

Margaret Murphy: The media’s role in coverage of conflicts:
Journalists’ efforts to get the story in Vietnam, Kosovo and Iraq

Aravind Raghu: How are Laws from the Nineteenth Century Still Valid Today? A Look into India’s Secured Transaction System

Jacob Ramer: Hate By Association: Individual Criminal Responsibility for Persecution Through Participation in a Joint Criminal Enterprise

Laurel Sienkiewicz: The Right to Compensation for Violations of Property Rights

Elizabeth Sietsema: The Upside of Corruption: Economic Benefits of Bribery and Economic Growth in China

Jens Wiesner: Charitable trusts in U.S. and Germany as vehicles for financing insurgencies, such as a possible Orange Revolution in Belarus and a possible insurgency in Tibet


1 September:

Adam Bridge: Tibet: climate for insurgency

Gerry Bekkerman: Belarus: climate for an Orange Revolution

8 September:

Sara Dahlquist: preliminary business plan for Gokosovo Co.

(tentative) Andrew Strong: comments on business plan and report on work in Kosovo

15 September

Jacob Ramer: Presentation of outline and thesis, and discussion

Laurel Sienkiewicz: Presentation of outline and thesis and discussion

22 September

Read chapter 7 of "Fire for the Colors"

Bekkerman & Bridge: identify needs for fundraising for Belarus and Tibet

Wiesner: present outline and thesis and discuss barriers to fundraising for Belarus and Tibet

Lawrence Ershaghi: Constitutional developments and politics in Iraq

29 September

Raghu: Presentation of outline, thesis and partial draft

Sietsema: Presentation of outline, thesis and partial draft

6 October

Murphy: Presentation of outline, thesis and partial draft

Dahlquist: Presentation on legal issues for Gokosovo Co.

13 October (no class-Yom Kippur)

20 October (no class)

27 October

"readers" report on papers, 10 minutes each

3 November

Further discussion of Iraqi constitution and implications for region

10 November

Prof Bernadette Atuahene makes presention and leads discussion on Hernando deSoto and "land titling"

17 November

Ukraine Orange Revolution discussion, with Ukranian LLM students:

Igor Leonidovich Solodovnik and Anna Yegupova

24 November (no class-Thanksgiving)

1 December discussion of chapter 12 of "Fire for the Colors: The Inside Story of the Kosovo Liberation Army's Fourth Generation War" and social at Dean Lazar's (directions to be provided)

5 December last class: review of conclusions for nationbuilding and American foreign policy

First day assignment:

  1. Read Course description
  2. Read seminar "rules"
  3. Browse Operation Kosovo home page (
  4. Skim list of possible topics (you are not limited to these)
  5. Read Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Structures and Standards for Political Trusteeships, 8 UCLA J. INT’L LAW & FOR AFF. 385 (2003) [Word version] in its entirety.
  6. Read pages 286-302 (nn 81-121 and accompanying text) of Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Economic Sustainability and Final Status for Kosovo, 25 U. PA. J. INT’L ECON. LAW 259 (2004) [Word version]).
  7. Browse Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Iraq and the Future of U. S. Foreign Policy: Failures of Legitimacy, ___ Syr. J. Int'l L. ___ (2005) (Microsoft Word version)
  8. Read Note on Hernando deSoto
  9. Read
  10. Come to class prepared to discuss these materials and to engage in a serious discussion about your topic or possible topics.

Good source of good reports on Kosovo, from before the war to now

Possible topics

Building democracy: political parties, the press, and other institutions of civil society

Application of "laws of war" to insurgencies

"Just wars" in the 21st Century

Counterterrorism strategies

Waging an effective "War Against Terrorism"

Economic development strategies for Afghanistan

Economic development strategies for Iraq

Economic development and insurgency

Develop arguments for judicial review of visa denials

History of the Kosova Liberation Army ("KLA")

Privatization and "takings"

Introducing financial services intermediaries in former socialist economies

Dealing with corruption