Seminar: Law of Nationbuilding (Fall 2006)

Wednesday 1600-1800

Room 545

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

(312) 906-5098

Photos of seminar participants

Topics & final papers

Gerald J. Bekkerman - Assassinations in war and peace as an instruments of foriegn policy

Bradley E. Faber - Foreign direct investment as a pre-requisite for economic development

Mateo A. Goldman - Representation of Least Developed Countries' Interests in Drafting International Contract Law

6 September Power Point presentation

6 September outline

Yang Jiang - Adoption of international commercial arbitration by China as a builder of foreign investor confidence

Sunil P. Khedkar - Market-oriented Economic Development and Its Effects on Democratization

Adrian Martin Koller - Following and interdicting the money as a counter-terrorism strategy

Edward M. Pauker - Privatization in Cuba

6 September outline

Joel E. Roberson - Viable alternatives for Iraq

6 September Power Point presentation

6 September outline

Iraq war timeline

Benjamin H. Shanbaum - Deconstructing the importance of elections in post-regime-change environments

Bradley Schneiderman - Writing a definition of terrorism that allows freedom fighters


30 August: get acquainted, discuss interests, and pick tentative topics

6 September: Roberson, Pauker, Goldman

13 September: Gregor Guy-Smith, defense counsel for former KLA commander Idriz Balaj

Indictment (.html) (MS Word)

ICTY website

Background on the KLA and the case

20 September: Khedkar, Faber, Schneiderman

Brad Faber: outline/presentation (.ppt) (.html)

ESI report on role of extended family in rural economy in Kosovo

27 September: Shanbaum, Koller, Bekkerman

Adrian Koller description of scenario (.html) (Word) [read before class]

Ben Shanbaum presentation (.ppt) (Word)

4 October: Jiang- first presentation on paper; Jiang - general discussion of China

Yang Yiang - outline Word

Background materials on China .html Word

Questions for discussion .html Word

11 October: Discussion led by Ed Pauker and Brooke Heimann: the frustrations and rewards of a nationbuilder; is nationbuilding possible? is it "good"?

Ed Pauker's "Whither Nationbuilding?" (.ppt)

18 October: Discussion led by Perritt and Schneiderman: Insurgency military doctrine--Thaci, Clausewitz, and Che; KLA as a case study; drawing legal boundaries between terrorism and freedom fighting

D.C. Circuit opinion on designation of Kahane Chai as terrorist organization

"Fire for the Colors" music; also available on,, iTunes

"Fire for the Colors" pictures

HHP presentation on KLA

25 October: Discussion led by Chad McMurray & Bekkerman: U.S. relations with former Soviet republics in South Asia

1 November: Shanbaum, Jiang

8 November: Koller, Goldman

Mateo Goldman: paper draft

Mateo Goldman: issues for discussion

Adrian Koller: paper draft

15 November: Bekkerman, Schneiderman, Roberson

Joel Roberson Power Point slides

22 November: Khedkar, Pauker, Faber

Ed Pauker Power Point slides

Brad Faber Powr Point slides

tba: Discussion: Iraq; U.S. European relations

29 November: Last class - design U.S. foreign and security policy for next six years


Diplomatic corps restructured

Musical support for Kim Jong Il's cult of personality

First day assignment:

  1. Read Course description
  2. Read seminar "rules"
  3. Browse Operation Kosovo home page (
  4. Skim list of possible topics (you are not limited to these)
  5. Read Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Structures and Standards for Political Trusteeships, 8 UCLA J. INT’L LAW & FOR AFF. 385 (2003) [Word version] in its entirety.
  6. Read pages 286-302 (nn 81-121 and accompanying text) of Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Economic Sustainability and Final Status for Kosovo, 25 U. PA. J. INT’L ECON. LAW 259 (2004) [Word version]).
  7. Browse Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Iraq and the Future of U. S. Foreign Policy: Failures of Legitimacy, ___ Syr. J. Int'l L. ___ (2005) (Microsoft Word version)
  8. Read Note on Hernando deSoto
  9. Read
  10. Come to class prepared to discuss these materials and to engage in a serious discussion about your topic or possible topics.

Good source of good reports on Kosovo, from before the war to now

Possible topics

Launching an anti-corruption initiative in Kosovo

Assessing nationbuilding efforts in Iraq

Evaluating final status implementation in Kosovo

Building democracy: political parties, the press, and other institutions of civil society

Application of "laws of war" to insurgencies

"Just wars" in the 21st Century

Counterterrorism strategies

Economic development strategies for Afghanistan

Economic development strategies for Iraq

Economic development and insurgency

Develop arguments for judicial review of visa denials

History of the Kosova Liberation Army ("KLA") and other insurgencies, emphasizing methods used by insurgents

Privatization and "takings"

Introducing financial services intermediaries in former socialist economies