Seminar: Law of Nationbuilding (Spring 2006)

Thursdays 4-6 PM (changed from original Wednesday 1600-1800)

Room 581

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

(312) 906-5098

Assistant Dean Lydia Lazar

(312) 906-5012

Photographs from 15 Feb 2006

Topics & final papers

J. Justin Boyd: The Law of Armed Conflict in Practice: Prima-facie Charges & New Defenses

Brad Loberg: The Balance of Justice: Can the U.S. Afford To Share the International Criminal Court’s Interest in Bringing Humanity to the Inhumane?

Igor L. Solodovnik: A Hypothetical Intelligence Agent's Perspective on Potential Unrest in Belarus



19 January: get acquainted, discuss interests, and pick tentative topics

26 January: review outlines

2 February: Justin Boyd preliminary presentation; (PowerPoint file) review Igor's outline; HHP-presentation of insurgency factors, and initial discussion

"Strong Theory" multimedia presentation; Power Point file

9 February: Brad Loberg preliminary presentation; further discussion of insurgency factors and discussion of Strong, Perritt, and Swiney theories

16 February: Future of Iraq (Lawrence Ershaghi's paper from last semester) (Word file); (Chris Pickett's paper from two semester's ago) (Word file); (Brad Loberg's novelette from three semesters ago) (Word document); the following are short news articles from 12 Feb 2006: Deadlock; Election of PM; Radical Cleric Rises

23 February: ICL's role in battle zones (guest=Mike Kennedy, CPT, USMC) (confirmed); ( Chris Shepherd's paper from two semester's ago)

2 March: Impact of ICL on post-conflict political development and political institutions (guest=Jacob Ramer) (confirmed)

9 March: Prospects for Palestine (Friedman column)

16 March: (spring break)

23 March: How will the Saudis Fall?

30 March: Second round presentations

6 April: Respective roles of religion and nationalism: Georgia and Thailand (Shia and Sunnis in Iraq); pick up your copy of Francis Fukuyama, American at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy (2006) from me. (pages 1-66 provide a superb intellectual history of international relations theories in the United States)

13 April: Read Fukuyama pp 66-113; 149-154; Designing an insurgency for Iran (first hour) ("When Tehran Rocks"); Belarus NY Times Magazine story; Destination Democracy--Uzbekistan (second hour) (Jerry Bekkerman)

20 April: Read Fukuyama pp 114-118; 125-138; Democratization and U.S. interests (NY Times article from 29 January); Rule of Law but how does "law" "rule"?

27 April: Read Fukuyama pp 118-125; 139-149; Rule of Law for economic development: privitization, FDA, auditors, credit reporting agencies and creditors' rights (leverage through multinationals)

Final meeting: Read Fukuyama pp 155-194; Design a post-Bush-Doctrine U.S. foreign policy (HHP Syracuse article)


Diplomatic corps restructured

First day assignment:

  1. Read Course description
  2. Read seminar "rules"
  3. Browse Operation Kosovo home page (
  4. Skim list of possible topics (you are not limited to these)
  5. Read Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Structures and Standards for Political Trusteeships, 8 UCLA J. INT’L LAW & FOR AFF. 385 (2003) [Word version] in its entirety.
  6. Read pages 286-302 (nn 81-121 and accompanying text) of Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Economic Sustainability and Final Status for Kosovo, 25 U. PA. J. INT’L ECON. LAW 259 (2004) [Word version]).
  7. Browse Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Iraq and the Future of U. S. Foreign Policy: Failures of Legitimacy, ___ Syr. J. Int'l L. ___ (2005) (Microsoft Word version)
  8. Read Note on Hernando deSoto
  9. Read
  10. Come to class prepared to discuss these materials and to engage in a serious discussion about your topic or possible topics.

Good source of good reports on Kosovo, from before the war to now

Possible topics

Assessing nationbuilding efforts in Iraq

Evaluating final status possibilities for Kosovo

Building democracy: political parties, the press, and other institutions of civil society

Application of "laws of war" to insurgencies

"Just wars" in the 21st Century

Counterterrorism strategies

Waging an effective "War Against Terrorism"

Economic development strategies for Afghanistan

Economic development strategies for Iraq

Economic development and insurgency

Develop arguments for judicial review of visa denials

History of the Kosova Liberation Army ("KLA")

Privatization and "takings"

Introducing financial services intermediaries in former socialist economies

Dealing with corruption