Seminar: Law of Nationbuilding (Fall 2010)

Thursday 1600-1740

Room 547

Professor Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

(312) 906-5098

Important: read the "Rules" posted on the webpage just above this one. Those rules define how you will be evaluated and graded in the seminar.

Participants and paper topics

Quenlen Gilliam: Lessons of Privatization

Jordana Dawson-Hayes: What makes an effective NGO: being a culturally relevant change agent


25 August: Get acquainted, discuss interests, select paper topics

1 September: Discuss outlines; get Dawson-Hayes interviews scheduled; "cast" the privatization paper

8 September:

15 September:

22 September:

29 September:

6 October:

13 October:

20 October:

27 October:

31 March:

3 November:

10 November:

17 November:

24 November (no class--Thanksgiving)

29 November (Tuesday):

1 December:


First day assignment:

  1. Read Course description
  2. Read seminar "rules"
  3. Browse student topics and papers from previous semesters (go up one level and click on the semester)
  4. Browse Operation Kosovo home page (
  5. Skim list of possible topics (you are not limited to these)
  6. Read Kosovo Anti-Corruption report (.html) (Word)
  7. Skim Henry H. Perritt, Jr., Structures and Standards for Political Trusteeships, 8 UCLA J. INT’L LAW & FOR AFF. 385 (2003) [Word version] in its entirety.
  8. Read Note on Hernando deSoto
  9. Come to class prepared to discuss these materials and to engage in a serious discussion about your topic or possible topics.

Other materials

Musical support for Kim Jong Il's cult of personality

Possible topics

  1. Effect of UN-sanctioned Lybian intervention on international law ("Responsibility to Protect" doctrine)
  2. Legality of killing of Osama Bin Laden
  3. Legality of targeted drone strikes
  4. Declarations of independence and recognition: Kosovo and South Ossetia; future of secession after the ICJ decision on the independent of Kosovo
  5. Future of the Kurds
  6. Turkey's policy toward the Kurds
  7. Theories of international development and foreign aid
  8. Future of the UN Security Council
  9. Protection of property under international human rights law
  10. Analysis of prospects for Kosovo's future as an independent state
  11. Analysis of Turkey's evolving role as a regional power
  12. Analysis of Russia's new market-based imperialism
  13. Guerrilla practice and how it should shape customary international law of armed conflict; application of "laws of war" to insurgencies
  14. Evaluation of ICTY, ICC rules in light of U.S. debate over Military Tribunals in Guantanamo
  15. Extinguishing old (1930s/1950s) claims by Cuban exiles resident in U.S. as a "Taking"
  16. Assessing nationbuilding efforts in Iraq
  17. Democratization and market reform in Iraqi Kurdistan
  18. Building democracy: political parties, the press, and other institutions of civil society
  19. Role of music, theatre, movies, and art in nationbuilding
  20. Terrorism and counterterrorism strategies and tactics
  21. Economic development and insurgency
  22. Develop arguments for judicial review of visa denials
  23. Privatization and "takings"
  24. Introducing financial services intermediaries in countries in transition
  25. Practicalities of reforming legal systems