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About The Record

What is the Record?

The Record is Chicago-Kent's weekly, online newsletter for posting notices, communicating news and announcing events within the law school community. Chicago-Kent's Office of Public Affairs produces the main Record headline page, which contains links to individual announcement pages that are posted online and maintained by the sponsoring administrative department, academic unit or student organization.

All Chicago-Kent departments, academic units, institutes, centers and organizations are responsible for maintaining their own Record announcement pages. The Office of Public Affairs posts announcements for faculty members as well as for other IIT units or affiliates from time to time. Outside organizations or groups that wish to post announcements in the Record must do so through a sponsoring law school department, unit, institute, center or organization. The Record does not sell or provide advertising space.

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Publication schedule

The Record is produced weekly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer term, except during extended holiday break periods. Check this page for the specifics of a given term's schedule. Headline and announcement pages are available online late Friday afternoon for the following Monday's issue. In addition, the Record headline page is sent by email in HTML format to all Chicago-Kent students, faculty and staff each Monday morning during publication periods.

Fall 2020 publication schedule

The fall publication schedule and deadlines are as follows:

Issue Date Deadline for Submitting Headlines
August 17 Thursday, August 13 (noon)
August 24 Thursday, August 20 (noon)
August 31 Thursday, August 27 (noon)
September 8 Thursday, September 3 (noon)
September 14 Thursday, September 10 (noon)
September 21 Thursday, September 17 (noon)
September 28 Thursday, September 24 (noon)
October 5 Thursday, October 1 (noon)
October 12 Thursday, October 8 (noon)
October 19 Thursday, October 15 (noon)
October 26 Thursday, October 22 (noon)
November 2 Thursday, October 29 (noon)
November 9 Thursday, November 5 (noon)
November 16 Thursday, November 12 (noon)
November 30 Wednesday, November 25 (noon)
December 7 Thursday, December 3 (noon)
December 14 Thursday, December 10 (noon)

Publication deadlines

Headlines must be submitted by email to no later than noon on Thursday for the following Monday's issue. The main headline page is posted online by the Office of Public Affairs at noon on Friday, and all individual announcement pages should be posted by the sponsoring department, unit or organization by that time as well so that headlines will always match the content of individual announcement pages. In addition, a program that archives all Record pages runs automatically on the Web server every weekend; if any page is uploaded after Friday, it WILL NOT be archived.

Record headlines

Effective Record headlines are concise yet descriptive and are worded in a manner that engages the interested reader to click on the link to the page containing the full announcement. Headlines announcing an event should not list all the details of the event - that is the function of the sponsoring department, unit or organization's announcement page. The Office of Public Affairs will edit headlines that comprise an entire announcement.

Some effective headline examples

Announcing an upcoming event:

Institute for Science, Law and Technology
  • April 5: Conference on "The Technology of Humanity" to address how technology may contribute to the quality of life.

    Announcing an upcoming deadline:

  • February 8: Deadline for pass/fail elections.

    Announcing new information:

    Career Services
  • Please note Career Services Office holiday closures.
  • Registrar's Office hours extended.
    Student Bar Association
  • SBA election results are in.

    Headline capitalization style:

    Follow the style for regular sentences: Capitalize the first word and all proper nouns. Capitalize events or programs only when the proper name is used, not in generic references. Record headlines end with a period.

    Examples of capitalization styles
    • October 6: Fall Conference on Land Mine Action with Anthony Lake. (capitalization of proper title)
    • October 6: Land mine event with Anthony Lake. (generic description)

    Getting started

    1. Set up an account to upload files to the Web server

    The person(s) responsible for maintaining a Record announcement page for a department, unit, center, institute or student organization must first obtain an account from the Center for Law and Computers (CLC) for access to the Web server. Fill out the online registration form, which will be forwarded to the UNIX administrator, Larry Adamiec (, extension 6-5301), who will setup the account and server access privileges.

    2. Obtain and learn how to use a template for creating Record announcement pages

    Student organizations

    Please use the customizable template page to create your first Record announcement page incorporating the Record design and navigation. Check with the CLC's Help Desk,, extension 6-5300, room 540, if you have questions about posting Record announcements.

    Departments, academic units, centers and institutes

    Check with Jackie Seaberg in the Office of Public Affairs (, extension 6-5257, room 652) for information about how to create and publish Record pages using Dreamweaver.


    Submit your announcement directly to the Record editor at The Office of Public Affairs will post the announcement for you.

    3. Submit your headlines by noon on Thursdays

    Send your concise headlines by e-mail to no later than noon on Thursdays. Headlines submitted late may not be included.

    4. Upload your Record announcement pages by noon on Fridays

    Upload/publish/transfer your Record announcement page to your directory on the Web server by noon on Fridays so that your new headlines will correspond to your new announcements. Keep in mind that a program that archives all Record pages runs automatically on the Web server every weekend; if any page is uploaded after Friday, it WILL NOT be archived.

    Web Browsers

    ** A note about viewing the Record:
    The Record is best viewed with the latest version of major browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The red arrow that indicates a new or updated headline on the main Record page may not be visible in older browsers, in which case an unfilled bullet character may be seen in its place. You can find links for updating your Web browser on Chicago-Kent's Web Support page.


    Email with any questions you may have about Record procedures.


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