Vol. No. XXIV, No. 13                          April 18, 1994

NOTE:          The last issue of The Record for the Spring 1994 semester
               will be April 25.  If you would like to have a notice posted
               in The Record, please submit your information by attaching
               (F6) a WordPerfect document to an email message sent to
               Jane McBride (JMCBRIDE).  All notices must include
               your name, your email address and/or a telephone number
               where you can be reached during the day.  If applicable,
               please include the name of your student organization.  All
               information should be submitted by Wednesday at
               5:00 p.m.


Faculty Curricular Suggestions

The suggestions of 38 professors regarding the courses they feel
students should take appeared in last week's Record.  Copies of
these curricular suggestions have been placed on reserve on the
library for your reference.  

1995 Summer Session Schedule

Hospital Law Final Exam Date Change

The final exam for Hospital Law will be on Tuesday, July 19, not
Monday, July 18 as stated in the schedule.

Professional Responsibility Added

A section of Professional Responsibility will be taught by Prof.
Richard Kling on Monday from 6:00 to 9:25 p.m.  The course
number is 415-051-02; final exam will be Monday, July 18, 1994. 
Prof. Lindgren will also teach Professional Responsibility on
Monday from 6 to 9:25 p.m.   

The instructions for registering for Professional Responsibility are
as follows:

(1)  If you are registered for Prof. Lindgren's section and want to
stay in that section, there is nothing you have to do.  If you want
to change to Prof. Kling's section, submit a Registration Change
form to the Registrar by Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m., adding
that section (415-051-02) and dropping section 415-052-02.

(2)  If you are on the waiting list for Prof. Lindgren's section and
want to take his course, submit a Registration Change form to the
Registrar by Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m., adding his section
(415-052-02).  If you are on Prof. Lindgren's waiting list and want
to take Prof. Kling's section, submit a Registration Change form to
the Registrar by Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m., adding Prof.
Kling's section (415-051-02).  In either case, you may list the other
section as an alternate.

(3)  If you are registered for the summer session and are not in
Prof. Lindgren's section, submit a Registration Change form to the
Registrar by Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m., adding the 
Professional Responsibility section you prefer.  You may list the
other section as an alternate if your preferred section is closed.  If
you want to drop a course, list it in the Drop section of the
Registration Change form.

(4)  If you are not registered for the summer session and want to
add a Professional Responsibility section, submit your registration
card to the Registrar by Tuesday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m., adding the
Professional Responsibility section you prefer.  You may list the
other section as an alternate if your preferred section is closed.

Students who are registered in Prof. Lindgren's section will remain
registered in that course unless they submit a Registration Change
form.  Other students will be registered in random order by priority
groups for their preferred section on a space-available basis.  Class
lists and waiting lists for both sections will be posted by Thursday,
April 21.

1994 Fall Schedule and Registration

Fall, 1994 Registration

Registration for the Fall, 1994 semester takes place this week. 
The Registration Bulletin is available on the table outside the third
floor cafeteria.  Evening Division students must submit their
registration forms by 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 19.   Day students
in priority groups D1-E4  must submit their forms by 12 noon,
Thursday, April 21 and Day students in priority groups F1-
F4 by 2:00 p.m., Friday, April 22.  A $300 payment must accompany
your registration form unless this would cause a financial hardship,
in which case you must attach a form available in the Registrar's
office in lieu of the payment.
Additional Legal Drafting Section

A Legal Drafting section specializing in Real Estate has been added
to the schedule.  The course number is 424-008-02 and will be
offered from 11:45 to 1:35 p.m. on Wednesday by Prof. Marcie

Mediation and Negotiations

Students must have completed 40 credit hours prior to enrolling in
these courses.  

Advanced and Judicial Externship Programs 2

There was an error in the class meeting time in some of the
Registration Bulletins distributed last week.  Advanced Externship
Program 1 will meet from 4:00 - 4:55 p.m. on Wednesday and
Advanced Externship Program 2 will meet from 5:00 to 5:55 p.m.
on Wednesday.  Judicial Externship Program 1 will meet from
11:45 to 12:40 p.m. on Friday and Judicial Externship Program 2
will meet from 12:50 to 1:45 p.m. on Friday.

Interviewing and Counseling  (Advice Desk)

The footnote on page 19 of the schedule may have been
misleading.  There is a classroom component which meets on
Tuesday from 4:00 to 5:50 p.m., as stated in the schedule. 
However, that is part of the regular course and students who enroll
for this course should not register for one of the separate
classroom component courses listed on page 19 of the schedule.

Description of Privacy Seminar, Prof. Voges, Tuesday, 7:35 to
9:25 p.m.

This seminar explores traditional tort notions of privacy as well as
the more modern constitutional arguments.  Privacy contexts of all
kinds are considered, including information privacy, sexual and
reproductive privacy, family and marital privacy, drug testing and
HIV testing, and the Privacy Act itself.  Additionally, the publicity
rights associated with privacy considerations will be discussed.


Exams on Computers

The sign-up sheets for students who want to take a final exam on
computer are available in the Registrar's office.  A list of
instructors who permit use of computers for their exam is posted
on the second floor bulletin.   The deadline to sign up is
Wednesday, April 27.  

If there are not enough computers to accommodate all of the
students, a lottery will be held on April 29 to select eligible
students.  The results of the drawing will be posted on the second
floor bulletin.  Note that some instructors will not permit any of
their students to use computers unless all of their students are


Fall 1994 Clinical Course Announcement

Interviewing and Counseling Teaches Real-World Law Skills

          "Students who have taken part in the Advice Desk
     clinic at the Daley Civic Center say it helped them polish
     their interviewing skills and learn to quickly evaluate a
     case under the pressure of a line of waiting clients.  

          "The experience of drafting motions helps students
     find out how the court system really works outside of the
     classroom, said Brian Kalata, who has formed his own
     general practice since graduating from Chicago-Kent. 
     Kalata, who said the first few weeks were scary, now
     says the clinic was one of the best things he did during
     law school.  
          "`All law students should experience the Advice
     Desk because it gives you more hands-on experience,'
     said Kent graduate Audrey Wade, who added that the
     practice will serve her well for her plans to become a
     litigator.  It's a bridge from academia to the real world.'  

          "The clinic, an outgrowth of a Chicago Bar
     Association volunteer program, handles mostly contract
     and forcible entry and detainer cases.  Working at the
     clinic, an elective course, is coupled with an interviewing
     and counseling class." 

                                   --   Excerpted from February 12, 1993
                                        Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article

Enrollment is limited to students who by Fall 1994 will have
received credit for at least three-fifths of the total hourly credits
required for graduation and who are in good academic standing. 
Registration for this course includes a classroom component which
meets at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.  This is why no separate
registration is needed for the classroom component, as stated in
the Fall 1994 Registration materials.  Two pass-fail credit hours. 
Law 404  Interviewing and Counseling.

Have any questions?  Contact Clinical Instructor Ron Schwartz at
(312)906-5076 or send an email message to him at RSCHWART.

Summer Federal Regulation Program in Washington, D.C.

The Washington College of Law (the American University)
announces the Sixteenth Annual Program in Advanced Studies in
Federal Regulation for the summer of 1994.  The program presents
a unique opportunity for students to explore their interest in
regulatory practice with a blend of practical field experience in the
central offices of federal agencies and in public interest
organizations and course work built around a carefully selected
group of guest lecturers and full-time and adjunct law faculty. 
Application deadline:  May 1, 1994.  See Carolyn Wood, Room
320D, for more information.


It's hard to believe that my year as President of the Law School
Association is coming to an end.  I'm sure that many of you are
having the same feelings, especially with exams and graduation
quickly approaching.  Before signing off and handing my column
over to the incoming President, Michael Marick, '82, I'd like to let
you know about a few upcoming events.

On Friday, May 13, the Law School Association will be hosting the
Professor Warren Heindl Tribute, at the Chicago Hilton and Towers. 
The evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will include speakers, a
multi-media presentation chronicling Professor Heindl's life at
Chicago-Kent, and award presentations.  Students are invited to
attend for a discounted price of $25.  Please email Tiffanie Burnett
(TBURNETT) for more information or to reserve your seat.

The Law School Association will also be hosting a golf outing at
Cog Hill on Friday, June 24.  If you would like to receive an
invitation to the event, please email Tiffanie.

I've had a terrific year as President and have especially enjoyed
meeting so many of you.  Best of luck on final exams to everyone. 
Have a great summer!


Attention 1994 Graduates Participating in June 5
Commencement Ceremonies

Your class has a record number of students participating in the
upcoming ceremonies and has also requested a record number of
tickets.  Thus, I am requesting that you please inform me if your
actual need is less than the number of tickets you requested by
emailing me (TBURNETT) by Friday, April 22.  Because of a student
led initiative, the graduation ceremonies were moved into the
downtown area.  Unfortunately, we had to give up an unlimited
seating capacity to do this and ticket requests have outnumbered
the seats available.  Many of your fellow classmates are in need of
the full ten tickets they requested and it would be very
disappointing to have empty seats at the ceremony when a
classmate's family member could use the seat.

After I receive your responses, I will compile the results and mail
tickets on Monday, April 25, filling requests to the best of my

Special Law School Symposium on Judge Learned Hand and Judging

April 21 at 2:00 p.m., Auditorium

The most distinctive feature of the common law is the role that
individual judges play in law making.  Every law student is familiar
with the great judges who have shaped American law--Cardozo,
Holmes, Frankfurter, and Hand.  Judge Learned Hand sat on the
Second Circuit for over 50 years and is widely considered the
judges' judge.  Professor Gerald Gunther, of Stanford University,
has recently published a biography of Hand, Learned Hand:  The
Man and the Judge.  On Thursday, April 21, at 2:00 p.m., in the
Auditorium, Professor Gunther will take part in a symposium on the
legacy of Judge Hand:  Why Judge Learned Hand was a Great
Judge and What Lessons His Career Holds for the Changing Roles
of the Judge in the Development of Legal Doctrine.  

Professor Gunther is one of the most widely respected
constitutional lawyers and scholars in America.  He was Judge
Hand's law clerk, and in 1991 was named by a National Law
Journal poll as the lawyer most qualified to be nominated to the
Supreme Court.  President Clinton nominated Professor Gunther's
former student and long-time protegee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to the
Court last year.  

In his discussion of the legacy of Judge Hand for the future of a
rapidly changing judiciary and legal profession, Professor Gunther
will be joined by Professors David Gerber and Dan Tarlock of the
Chicago-Kent faculty and Professor Douglas Baird of the University
of Chicago Law School.  This is a unique opportunity for students
to learn about one of the giants of our profession.  The symposium
is open to all students and faculty.  A reception will follow.

Legal Writing Teaching Assistants for 1994-95

Applications are now being accepted for Legal Writing Teaching
Assistants for the year 1994-95.  Only students who will be
graduating in June, 1995 may apply.  Teaching Assistants work
closely with the Legal Writing Professors in teaching legal research,
preparing and grading assignments, and with students in drafting
and revising their work.  Applicants should have received superior
grades in their Legal Writing courses and have a strong interest in
helping other students to master the skills of legal research and
writing. Membership on Law Review or Moot Court is desirable,
but is not a requirement of the job.  Teaching Assistants receive
two hours of credit each semester and salary equal to the tuition
for two credit hours each semester.

You must be available to begin work during Orientation Week
(August 17 - 19), in order to attend an intensive training session to
prepare you to teach legal research.

Interested students should submit a current resume to Professor
Ehrenberg in Room 753 as soon as possible.  Please include the
name of your first-year legal writing professor and the grades you
received in the course.   There is a sign-up sheet for interviews on
Professor Ehrenberg's door.  The interview will last 20 minutes and
then applicants will be asked to complete a short quiz on grammar,
punctuation and citation form. 

If you have any questions please contact Professor Ehrenberg.

Law Review Summer Candidacy Writing Program

The Law Review will hold informational meetings for all students
interested in participating in the Law Review Summer Writing
Candidacy Program.  The meetings will be held on Tuesday April
26 at 11:45 a.m. and at 5:30 p.m.  Both meetings will be in Room
210.  Eligibility requirements for the Writing Program are contained
in [[section]] 1.12 of the Student Handbook. 

Selection Process & Academic Requirements for
Chicago-Kent Moot Court Honor Society

There are two methods of selection to the Chicago-Kent Moot
Court Honor Society.  The first involves participation in the Charles
Evans Hughes Moot Court Competition, which is administered from
January to March by the Legal Writing Program with the assistance
of the Moot Court Honor Society.  Students who (i) advance to and
argue in the final (third) round of the Hughes Competition in the
first year in law school, and (ii) earn a B+ or an A as their final
grade in Legal Writing II, and (iii) have completed all courses
required of them as first-year students and have a cumulative GPA
for those courses as of the end of spring semester 1994 not less
than 2.750, will receive invitations to join the Society.  A student
who argues in the final round, but only because he or she was an
alternate replacing an original finalist who could not argue, is not
eligible for this method of selection.

Students also may be selected based upon their performance in the
Moot Court Honor Society's Summer Candidacy Program, which is
separate from the Charles Evans Hughes Competition and will run
from early July to mid-August.  Each student participating in the
summer program will be required to write an appellate brief and
give two oral arguments (one on each side of the case).  The brief
score will count as 50% of each student's total score and each of
the two oral arguments will count as 25% of the total.  The
problem generally is made available to students in the week
following the July 4th holiday.  Students are given approximately
four weeks to prepare and submit the brief.  Oral arguments are
generally held during the weekend immediately preceding the first
day of classes for continuing students.  Results are announced
within two days following the final oral arguments.  While there is
no fixed number of "membership slots" to be filled, and quality of
performance will be the deciding factor, in the past two years
approximately 15 students were selected each summer for
membership based on the summer program.  These students are,
of course, in addition to those selected on the basis of the Hughes
competition discussed above.  Students need not be in Chicago to
write the brief; if a student provides a self-addressed 8 1/2" x 11"
envelope to the President of the Society during the month of May,
the problem will be mailed to that student on the day on which it is
made available in Chicago.  Briefs submitted by mail must be
postmarked no later than the due date of the brief, and only a
United States post office cancelled post mark or an overnight
delivery service mark will be accepted for determination of the
mailing date.

Regardless of the method of selection, students joining the Society
must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.750 as of the
completion of the previous spring semester, and must maintain that
average throughout their membership.  Students who participate in
the summer candidacy program may not know their current
cumulative GPA until sometime after the summer program is 

New Security Services at the Downtown Campus          

The administration is pleased to announce that a new safety and
security program has been implemented at the Downtown Campus. 
Levy Security Consultants Limited, a nationally recognized public
safety and security services firm, has been contracted to provide
security at the Downtown Campus.  The new program includes
additional security protection, Sunday through Friday evenings, in
which two security officers will be stationed in the building.  Escort
service will be provided within a two block radius of the building,
upon request, Sunday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to closing. 
Also, the Campus bus service route has been extended and the bus
will now take riders to Northwestern or Union stations during its
regular pass of these facilities.  You are encouraged to use the
Campus bus when you need to go to the train station.

In addition, Levy will host in-house safety and security seminars
each semester which will be open to all members of the Downtown
Campus community.  The first safety and security seminar will take
place in Room C50 on the following dates and times:

                  Monday, April 18, 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
                        Wednesday, April 20, 3:00 p.m.
                    Tuesday, April 26, Noon and 5:30 p.m.

If you are unable to attend the seminar on any of these dates, you
may check out a videotape of the presentation from the library
beginning Monday, April 25.

1994 Summer and Fall Registration and Unpaid Tuition

Registration for the Fall, 1994 semester will begin on April 18,
1994.  Except as set forth below, students will not be permitted to
register if there is any outstanding tuition balance, including the
payment due on April 1, 1994.

Please note that the Registration Policy will not be waived in order
to allow a student to meet a registration deadline.  Therefore, we
urge you to allow yourself sufficient time in which to complete the
necessary paperwork (it usually takes 1-2 days to process requests
for approval).

Procedure for Registering with an Outstanding Tuition Balance

A student will be allowed to register with an outstanding tuition
balance only if he/she has been approved to receive one or more of
the following loans for the Spring 1994 semester to pay the

     1.   Stafford Loan (formerly GSL),
     2.   Perkins Loan (NDSL),
     3.   Supplemental Loan for Students (formerly ALAS), 
     4.   Law Access Loan (LAL) or Law Student Loan (LSL),
     5.   other institutional loan/s (bank, etc.)

Students will not be allowed permission to register for any reason
other than those listed above.

Students should complete the "PETITION FOR GENERAL UNPAID
TUITION POLICY EXEMPTION" form in order to be considered for
registration with a past balance.  Petition forms may be picked up
FINANCE and CLE OFFICE, Suite 265.  Please submit application
forms to Dawn Rupcich, Assistant Dean of Administration, Finance
and CLE, Suite 265.

Copies of the following verification information must be submitted
along with the petition application:

     1.   Letter from the lender (IIT Financial Aid Office-567-5952,
            bank, etc. -
  NOTE: A copy of the bank loan application/confirmation is required 
           for Stafford and SLS loans; and private loans, LAL and LSL) and,

     2.   Registrar's confirmation of the current outstanding
          tuition balance amount (inserted and initialed by the
          Registrar on the petition form).

Financial Aid Notice

Summer Financial Aid

Students who apply for and receive summer financial aid should
note that any amount borrowed during the summer will reduce the
amount available from that loan type for the 1994-1995 academic
year.  For example, if a $3000 Federal Subsidized Stafford is taken
out during the summer, then the student can only borrow $5500 in
the Federal Subsidized Stafford loan for the 1994-1995 academic

Graduating Students

All students who have received student loans while attending
Chicago-Kent are required by the U.S. Department of Education to
attend an Exit Interview session before graduating.  These are
group information sessions and will cover aspects of repayment
and consolidation.  Each session will last approximately one hour. 
You only need to attend one session.  The dates and times are
listed below.

     Tuesday, April 26   12:00 - 1:00   Room 270

     Wednesday, April 27 12:00 - 1:00   Room 370

     Wednesday, April 27  5:00 - 6:00   Room C50

     Thursday, April 28   5:00 - 6:00   Room C20

You will need to bring the following items to the Exit Interview:

     1.  A pen
     2.  Your driver's license
     3.  Two personal references (name, address and telephone
     4.  Next of kin (name, address and telephone number)
     5.  Employer information (name, address and telephone

SOS - Serving Our Society

Give time to your community and increase your personal worth --
VOLUNTEER.  Stop by the S.O.S. office and meet with Lisa Danna
or Juli Gumina to determine if there is a public interest
organization, legal or non-legal, that needs volunteers in the areas
of law or life that interest you the most.

We currently have the following new volunteer opportunities:
     Asian Legal Services Clinic, 2nd Year student Kyong Lee is
     working toward certification with this agency now.  You can,

     Illinois Human Rights Commission

     The Queen's Health Systems (Located in Hawaii!)

     Illinois Department of Mental Health

     Illinois Office of Attorney General- Disability Rights Advocacy

     There are also opportunities in Alaska, where your flight there
     and back      is paid for!


TO MEET YOU!  You could be S.O.S. certified for the volunteer
work you're doing now.  Stop by and find out.  

Stop by the office on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 11:45
a.m.- 1:45 p.m.*  All students are welcome to call us at (312)
906-5089 OR Email us.  (Our Address is SOS)

*we see evening students by special appointment, just send us an
email  or give us a call.

Book Store Hours

Hours for Month of April, 1994

Week of April 18th, 1994
     Monday              9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
     Tuesday - Thursday       8:10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
     Friday                   8:10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Week of April 24th, 1994
     (Regular Hours)
     Monday - Thursday        8:10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
     Friday                   8:10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Professor David Gerber was the Edward W. Ball distinguished
visitor at Florida State University College of Law during the week
of March 7, where he gave a public lecture entitled Thinking about
Law and Thinking about Politics in the European Union and gave a
faculty workshop on the roles of international and comparative law
in the curriculum.  The following week he presented a draft paper
entitled Competition Law and Trade Policy in the European Union:
The Neo-Liberal Factor at an international conference in Seattle,
Washington, on international trade policy and competition law in
Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

Professor Richard Kling appeared on WLS Radio's Newsmakers,
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday regarding the CHA Sweeps, Gacy,
and other topics.

Professor Richard McAdams' article titled Cooperation and Conflict:
The Economics of Group Status Production and Race
Discrimination, will be published in the January or February 1995
issue of the Harvard Law Review.

Clinical Instructor Ron Schwartz was interviewed Thursday, April
14 by the LA Daily News regarding the Rodney King case.

Professor Mickie Voges gave the inaugural lecture of an annual
lecture series at the Northwestern University Libraries on March
23, 1994.  She spoke on the demise of librarianship and the need
for a new paradigm.  The hour lecture was followed by a reception
and continuing discussion.  On April 7-8, 1994, Professor Voges
attended a meeting of the Committee on Libraries of the
Association of American Law Schools.  One of the primary areas
for discussion was the introduction of a new set of law school
accreditation standards for libraries.

Adjunct Professor Clarence S. Wilson, Jr. has been elected a
Governor of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  He shall be
presenting his annual Art, Law and Society lecture at the School in
June.  He is also near completion of his manuscript on the law of
fine art collecting for publication in late 1995.

Professor Richard Wright was quoted in a story which appeared in
the April 13 Chicago Tribune.  The story was about the liability
issues in a case where a police officer's mother is suing a car
dealership.  Her son was run over and killed by a car thief pulling
out from the dealership.


An interview featuring Chicago-Kent alumna Peggy Byrne and
Chicago-Kent third-year student Susana Darwin was on WBEZ's
Mara Tapp show April 13.  The discussion covered issues
surrounding petitions submitted to Governor Edgar for clemency for
12 women in prison for having killed their batterers. 


Student workers needed.  The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal
Instruction (CALI), now in new offices on the 5th floor, needs to
hire 2 or more students to assist with the entry of data into a
LEXIS database.  These positions are mainly clerical and require a
careful review of continuing legal education (CLE) brochures and
calendars and keyboard entry of the data into a LEXIS database
template. Available immediately.  Please contact David Stretch,
906-5307, dstretch@mail.kentlaw.edu or Monica Ronczy,
906-5316, mronczy@mail.kentlaw.edu.

Research Assistant: Professor Joan Steinman is looking for a
student to do research this summer in connection with an article
she is writing concerning multi-party litigation and case
consolidation.  The research can be done for credit -- as
independent study, or for pay.  If interested, please submit a
resume and grades to Professor Steinman, Room 835; ext. 6-5292. 


1994 Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference

The Twin Cities Committee on Minority Lawyers in Large Law
Firms announces the second annual Minnesota Minority
Recruitment Conference, September 16 and 17, 1994, at the
Minnesota Law Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

This program offers minority students a great opportunity to
interview with large law firms, governmental and public interest
organizations in the Minneapolis area for summer associate and
permanent attorney positions.  The Career Services Office knows
of at least two Chicago-Kent students who received offers as a
result of this program last year.

Minority students graduating in 1995 and 1996 may participate. 
Interested students should sign up for the conference on the sign
up sheet in the Career Services Office and pick up the application
materials and participating employer information available in
Handout #82.  All application materials including the registration
sheet, student resumes and interview rankings forms are due in the
Career Services Office no later than Wednesday, June 1, 1994.

Employer resumes and firm information is available in a binder in
the Career Service Resource Center in a binder.  Students may use
this employer information located in the binder to select the
employers they wish to preference for interviews.

Hispanic National Bar Association Job Fair

The Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) is planning its 1994
HNBA Convention and Job Fair September 14-17 in Phoenix,
Arizona.  At the job fair, second and third year law students will
have the opportunity to informally visit with private and
government employers from across the nation and to have formal
interviews with several of the participating employers.

The job fair is open to any student who joins the student division
of the HNBA for $10, genuinely identifies with its goal of
promoting Hispanics in the law, and pays the Convention
registration fee of $100.

Interested students may sign up for the job fair on a sign up sheet
in the Career Services Office on the sign up sheet. To register,
students must submit the registration form along with a resume
and checks for HNBA student membership and convention fee to
the address listed on the registration form by Wednesday, June
1st. Registration packets are available as Handout #80.  

Office News:

1995 and 1996 Grads: Preliminary Information for the
Fall 1994 On-Campus Interview Program

The Career Services Office Fall On-Campus Interviewing Program is
just around the corner!  Those 1995 and 1996 graduates interested
in participating should get a head start on preparation and pick up
the informational packet about the program on the table outside
the Career Services Office.  (Pick up one copy only, please!)

The informational packet provides preliminary information about the
on-campus interview program and how it works.  It also outlines
important dates and deadlines for those participating in the
program.  Be sure to read the packet carefully and to note all the
deadline dates on your calendar!!

Due to Concern About Unauthorized Users of Career
Services Office, ID's Are Now Required Upon Entering the Office

The Career Services Office staff and a number of Chicago-
Kent students are concerned about the number of unauthorized students
and alumnae/i from other law schools using the Career Services

Our goal is to provide you, our students, with every advantage. 
Our resources and job listings are here for you!  We need your help
to assure that these services are provided only to you and not
students from other Chicago schools or law schools outside of

We therefore must ask every Chicago-Kent student to present
his/her Chicago-Kent ID card upon entering the Career Services
Office. Chicago-Kent alumnae/i will also be required to show IDs. 
This policy was implemented on Monday, April 4th.  

We appreciate your cooperation in implementing this policy, as our
goal is to provide resources and services that are available
exclusively to our students and our alumnae/i.

Another way you can help: please notify Lisa Abrams or Dan Walsh
if you are aware that students and alumnae/i from other law
schools are using our office.  
Career Services Summer Hours

Beginning May 2 the Career Services Office summer hours will
begin.  Our hours will be:  

Monday    8:30--5:00
Tuesday   8:30--5:00
Wednesday 8:30--7:00
Thursday  8:30--5:00
Friday    8:30--5:00

Our office will also be open on the following Saturdays from 10:30
to 2:30:  May 7 and 21, June 18, July 16, and August 13.


How Can Attorneys Who Choose Private Practice
Continue Their Commitment to Public Interest Work?

Kent Justice Foundation is sponsoring a pro bono forum on April
27 at 3:00 p.m.  Mr. Thomas Morsch, a partner at Sidley & Austin,
will talk about how attorneys in private practice can make a
meaningful contribution to public interest law.  Watch for further
details in KJF's announcements in the Record!

Record Handouts/Special Opportunities:

1994 Grads: MacArthur Justice Center Fellowship

The MacArthur Justice Center has obtained funding to institute a
MacArthur Justice Center Fellowship.  The fellowship is a twelve
month position for a recent law school graduate to work on public
interest litigation.  The MacArthur Justice Center is a public
interest law firm focused on litigating issues involving the
administration of criminal justice.  The application deadline is May
1, 1994.  Details are available in Handout #76.

Policy Research Action Group (PRAG) Community
Studies Internship Program for Fall 1994

The Policy Research Action Group (PRAG) is soliciting applications
for interns to be placed in community-
based organizations in
Chicago and neighboring communities as part of its Community
Studies Internship Program.

Interns will be placed in projects involving collaborative, applied
research of issues pertinent to communities and their residents
including housing, economic development, welfare-to-work,
environmental issues, neighborhood change and community
reinvestment.  At least 10 paid internships will be awarded for the
fall of 1994.

Detailed application information is available in Handout #77 in the
Career Services Office.  After you read the Handout #77, you can
contact Professor Stuart Deutsch for further information.  The
application deadline is July 1, 1994.  

An Introduction to Practice in Lake County, Illinois

The Young Lawyers Committee of the Lake County Bar Association
is presenting a program for graduating students who wish to
practice in Lake County, Illinois, on Thursday, May 12, 1994. 
Detailed information is available in Handout #78.

Mexican American Lawyers' Scholarship Fund
Fellowship Program

The Mexican American Lawyers' Scholarship Fund (MALSF)
announces the 1994 Fellowship Program.  The MALSF program is
to expose Latino law students to alternative career opportunities in
the legal profession.  The fellowship enables the recipient to work
during the summer with a public interest organization to improve
the quality of the legal representation of the Chicago Latino

Each fellowship is for approximately 10 weeks.  Applicants for the
fellowship must be of Hispanic ancestry and must submit a
completed application directly to MALSF by April 30, 1994.  More
information and application materials are available in the Career
Services Office as Handout #81.

3L Interviewing Opportunity with the Law Offices of
Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C.

On April 29, 1994, The Law Offices of Peter F. Ferracuti, P.C., will
interview 3L students for permanent attorney positions.  The
interviews will be held in the Career Services Office.  The general
practice firm is located in Ottawa, Illinois and does a high volume
of personal injury and workmen's compensation litigation.

Interested 3L students may submit a resume to the Career Services
Office.  Please attach a note stating that the resume is for the
Peter Ferracuti interviews and include the times you will be
UNAVAILABLE to interview on Friday, April 29.  Resumes will be
accepted until 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, 1994.  Students
granted an interview will be contacted ONLY by email on or before
Wednesday, April 27, 1994.  Please check your email accordingly
since you will only have two days to prepare for the interview.

Circuit Court of Cook County Judicial Clerkship

3Ls who are interested in serving as judicial clerks should check a
recent posting in the red "Attorney Listings" books which details a
judicial clerk position for Judge Robert V. Boharic.  The posting
lists the procedure for applying for this position.

Elgin Community College Legal and Human Services
Intern Position

Attention 2Ls!!  The Legal and Human Services Department at Elgin
Community College is looking for an intern to work 10 to 15 hours
per week, starting May 23 and going through the 1994-1995
school year.  The Legal and Human Services Department practices
in the areas of contracts, tort liability, labor and employment law
and higher education law.  The intern position is a paid position.

Interested 2Ls may submit a resume to the Career Services Office
with a note attached stating that the resume is for the Elgin
Community College position.  Resumes will be accepted until 5:00
p.m. on Monday, April 25, 1994.


Exams on Lois

Past exams are available on LOIS for printing at the Document
Center.  Select "LOIS" from the Legal Research Menu on Kentnet
and use "STUDENT" as your user ID and password; then select
"EXAMS" from the application list.  Exams from other semesters
are also on LOIS.  Stop by the Reference Desk if you have any
questions or need assistance.

The Singapore Legal System

American teenager Michael Fay was recently sentenced in
Singapore to 6 lashes with a cane (plus 4 months in jail and a
$2,000 fine) after he confessed to 2 counts of vandalism, which
included spray-painting automobiles.  The case has been the
subject of a great deal of commentary in newspapers worldwide. 
If you would like to find out about the Singapore legal system, the
Library of International Relations (LIR) has two very good sources: 
An Introduction to the Singapore Legal System and The Singapore
Legal System.  Both sources provides a fairly substantial overview
of the city-state's legal system.   All LIR materials can be located
with a CLARK search - stop by the Reference Desk for assistance.


Tutorials for the week of April 11 will focus on NATURAL
Natural Language?  Win?  Freestyle?  Times will be posted on the
bulletin board on the 9th floor of the Law Library.  There is no sign
up -
 just meet at the 9th floor Library Service Desk at the
scheduled time.

Need Lexis or Westlaw Help?  Check with Online
Research Services

The reference staff is manning Classroom 700 Monday-
Thursday to
help out with your online database searches.  Need help structuring
your search or picking a database?  Stop by the 700 Lab and talk
to a reference librarian.


USENET Training

CLASS, the Computer Law Association, held training and
information sessions on using USENET this past April 12.  USENET
is a place where thousands of discussion groups on almost any
topic imaginable reside.  If you missed this session you might want
to contact CLASS, either through HELPDESK (email or in Lab 700)
or through its President, Kay Gemrich (CGEMRICH) for any
additional sessions which may be planned.

World Wide Web Training & More

CLASS will be holding a session on World Wide Web, Gopher,  FTP
(File Transfer Protocol), and Telneting.  The class will take place in
Lab 775 on April 19th.  There will be two sessions, from 12 noon
to 1 :00 p.m. and again from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Email Kay
Gemrich (CGEMRICH) for more information.

Save Your File Often!   Backup Your File Often!

As we come down to the end of the semester many of you will be
using computers, both here and at home, to create outlines. 
Remember to save you document often.  You might think saving
your files every 5 minutes is over-kill, but it is not.  For the time it
takes to hit 2 or 3 keys you can save yourself possible hours of re-

typing.  There are few things worse than losing the last 4 hours of
changes to your document.

You should also keep a backup of your files on a second disk.  Just
save it on your first disk then swap disks in the floppy drive and
save it again.  There is a HELPDOC located in Lab 700 with more
detailed instructions.

Thank You for Telling Us What's Right or Wrong with the Labs!

We would like to thank those students who take the time to use
the comment/problem report sheets located in each lab.  We take
the comments into consideration, and fix any problems which may
be mentioned. 

Email Information

Please do not use email to send mass-mailings.  It puts a drain on
system resources, especially disk space.  As a reminder, the
Kentnet Classifieds and USENET are available for postings of a
general school-wide nature.  Even if you have nothing to post,
browse through the information there.  You might find a good deal
on used equipment, or tickets for sale, of people who share similar
interests.  Explore.

Network Access Through Xircoms

The Center for Law and Computers has made available Network
Connection Packets that allow you to bring your own laptop into
the building and connect it to Kentnet.  The procedure for check-
out is simple.

You MUST come to a quick training class before you will be
allowed to check-out the packets from the Library Services Desk in
the Library.  These classes will familiarize you with the equipment
and procedure necessary to connect your laptop to Kentnet.  Any
questions you have about the procedure will be answered.  You
must bring your laptop with you to the session.

After you complete the class you will be able to check-out the
packets.  The packets have everything needed - adapter, power
supply, disk, and cable - to connect to Kentnet.  Email Dominick
Grillo (DGRILLO) to set up a time for a class.

Computer Lab Closings

Room 775
     Tuesday, 4/19/94:   12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.   CLASS session on USENET
     Tuesday, 4/19/94:    5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.   CLASS session on USENET
     Friday, 4/22/94:    12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.   Practice Exam Session

LEXIS/NEXIS Student Representative

Your student LEXIS representative is Kirsten Wonder Albrecht

LEXIS Summer Access

During the summer session, student access to LEXIS will be limited
to use of the CAREER Library.  However, students who require
LEXIS for summer educational purposes can activate their LEXIS
IDs on-line.  Educational purposes include summer school, law
review, moot court, research assistants and clinic. 

To activate your LEXIS ID for summer access sign on to LEXIS,
enter the CAREER library, choose the SUMMER file, and fill in the
appropriate information.  Summer activation will be completed
within 48 hours.

LEXIS Student Representative Position for 1994-1995

LEXIS is interviewing for a student representative to assist/train
students on the use of LEXIS/NEXIS services.  Other
responsibilities include covering law school software needs for
students, faculty and administrators.  First year or second year law
students are encouraged to apply.  For an interview, please call
Jennie Lipowich at (312) 899-7833.  You can also contact Kirsten
Albrecht (KALBRECH) by email if you have any additional questions. 

LEXIS Rep Spring 1994 Lab Hours

Monday    11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
          3:00 p.m. -  6:00 p.m.
Tuesday   11:45 a.m. -  1:45 p.m.
Wednesday 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
          2:00 p.m. -  6:00 p.m.
Thursday  11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Look for the Lexis Representative in LAB 700 or by the tables
outside LAB 700.

If you are unable to make the posted lab hours, please contact your
Lexis Representative Kirsten Albrecht (KALBRECH) by email.

Westlaw Student Representatives

West Publishing Corporation is seeking an outstanding first or
second year law student to join WESTLAW Educational Staff as a
Student Representative for Fall 1994.  The primary objective of the
position is to provide public relations and training assistance in our
promotion of WESTLAW within Chicago-Kent. 
To set up an interview, please contact Rilio Mastrantonio at
(312)641-3075 or (800)443-3075.

Your WESTLAW student representatives for the Spring Semester
are Romi Bose (RBOSE), Kerri Kamis (KKAMIS), Tim Engling
(TENGLING), and Shalla Hyderi (SHYDERI).

WESTLAW Student Rep. Lab Hours 

Monday     8:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.  Shalla
          10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  Romi
          11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Kerri
          12:00 p.m. -  2:00 p.m.  Shalla
           2:00 p.m. -  5:00 p.m.  Kerri

Tuesday    8:00 a.m. -  9:30 a.m.  Kerri
           9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.  Shalla
          10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Kerri
           1:30 p.m. -  4:00 p.m.  Kerri
           4:00 p.m. -  5:30 p.m.  Tim
           6:00 p.m. -  7:30 p.m.  Kerri

Wednesday  8:00 a.m. -  8:30 a.m.  Kerri
           9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  Romi
          11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Kerri
           2:00 p.m. -  4:00 p.m.  Kerri

Thursday   8:00 a.m. -  9:30 a.m.  Shalla
           9:30 a.m. -  1:00 p.m.  Tim
           2:00 p.m. -  4:00 p.m.  Romi
           4:00 p.m. -  7:00 p.m.  Shalla

Friday          8:00 a.m. -  9:30 a.m.  Kerri
           9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  Tim
          11:30 a.m. -  12:30 p.m.  Kerri

Look for the Westlaw Representatives in LAB 700 or the tables
outside LAB 700.


Kane County Bar Association Scholarship

The Kane County Bar Association, located in Geneva, Illinois, will
be awarding scholarships totalling approximately $4,000.00 toward
the tuition of a qualified law student who resides, or whose parents
reside, in Kane County.

This scholarship, applied toward the 1994-95 academic year
tuition, will be awarded on the basis of academic ability, financial
need and character.  Children and spouses of the Kane County Bar
Association members are not eligible for the scholarship.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship should pick
up the rather lengthy application form in the Office of Admissions
and Financial Aid, Suite 230.  All inquiries should be directed to
Carol Schreiber Larson, Executive Director, Kane County Bar
Association, 128 James Street, P.O. Box 571, Geneva, Illinois
60134, (708) 232-6416.  Please note that the scholarship
application must be fully completed and received by the Kane
County Bar Association on or before May 10, 1994.

Latin American Bar Foundation Scholarships

The Latin American Bar Foundation seeks applicants for
scholarships to be awarded to needy and qualified Hispanic law
students.  All applicants must meet the following criteria:

1)   Must be a United States citizen or resident alien.
2)   Must be currently enrolled in the College of Law and in good
3)   Must not be related to any officer or Director of the Latin
American Bar Foundation.
4)   Should demonstrate financial need, scholastic aptitude and
     community service.
5)   Preference may be given to applicants of Hispanic ancestry.
6)   Must submit, along with the application, a personal essay, all
     LSAT scores and law school grades.

Students wishing to be considered for these scholarships should
pick up the rather lengthy application form in the Office of
Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230.  Please note that the
scholarship application, personal essay, LSAT scores and law
school grades must be fully completed and received by the Latin
American Bar Foundation Scholarship Committee on or before May
2, 1994.


The National Association of College and University Attorneys will
award $1,000 for the best article by a law student on a topic
relating to legal issues in the corporate practice of law on behalf of
colleges and universities.  The winning article will be submitted for
publication in the Journal of College and University Law. 
Deadline:  May 13, 1994.

The Planning & Law Division of the American Planning Association
announces its Eleventh Annual R. Marlin Smith Student Writing
Competition.  First prize will receive $1,000 and, if judged to be of
publishable quality, will appear in Florida State University's
Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law.  Deadline:  May 27,

The Lex Mundi Global Student Writing Contest offers five winners
a Certificate of Award and a prize of $2,000.  The winning papers
will be published in a special supplement of the Lex Mundi World
Reports, the quarterly publication of Lex Mundi.  Deadline:  May
30, 1994.

All students currently enrolled in Missouri and Illinois law schools
or legal graduate degree programs are eligible to participate in the
Armstrong, Teasdale, Schlafly & Davis International Student
Writing Contest.  The topic is "A Litigious World - But Not for the
Courts?  Alternative Dispute Resolution Devices."  A $500 cash
prize will be awarded the winning author.  Students entering the
Armstrong, Teasdale local competition must also enter the
U.S./Canada Lex Mundi contest.  The topic and eligibility
requirements are the same for both this and the Lex Mundi
Contest.  Deadline:  May 30, 1994. 

The ABA's Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and
Environmental Law is sponsoring its Annual Student Writing
Competition.  The first prize winner will receive $1,000.  The
second prize winner will receive $500.  The winners receive
national recognition in the Section's newsletter.  Deadline:  May
31, 1994.

The Federal Circuit Bar Association announces the 1994 George
Hutchinson Writing Contest.  Entries may comment upon any topic
that lies within the procedure, substance, or scope of the
jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.  One thousand
dollars ($1,000.00) will be awarded.  Deadline: June 1, 1994.

Notre Dame Law School is sponsoring its first annual Feminist
Jurisprudence Writing Competition thanks to the generosity of a
private benefactor, with a prize of $1,000.  The winner will be
invited to a banquet at Notre Dame School to receive his/her
award.  Deadline: June 1, 1994

The Transportation Law Section of the Federal Bar Association
announce the John T. Stewart, Jr. Memorial Fund Writing
Competition.  The competition is open to all second-year law
students in accredited U.S. law schools.  The winning author will
receive a $1,500 cash award and the essay will be published in the
Federal Bar News and Journal.  Students interested should submit
a paper on a significant issue in the field of transportation law. 
Deadline:  June 1, 1994.

The topic for the 1994 Bruno Bitker Essay Contest sponsored by
the American Bar Association is:  The United Nations
Commissioner for Human Rights:  Challenges and Opportunities. 
This essay contest is open ABA member five years or less out of
law school and students at ABA-accredited law schools.  The
winning author will receive $1000 and $500 goes to the second-
prize winning author.  Deadline:  June 3, 1994.

Essay for the American Judges Association's Law Student Essay
Contest may address any topic of interest to the judiciary.  All
entries must be original, unpublished works, but may have been
prepared for class.  The first place award is $1500.  Deadline: June
30, 1994.

The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum and the California Bankruptcy
Journal are sponsoring an essay contest with prizes of $2,500
(1st), $1,500 (2nd), and $1,000 (3rd).  The awards will be
announced and presented at a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Forum
dinner program in early January, 1995.  The winning essays might
be published in the California Bankruptcy Journal.  Deadline: July
1, 1994

The American Intellectual Property Law Association announces the
Robert C. Watson Award of $2,000 for the best article relating to
the protection of intellectual property written or published between
August 1, 1993 and July 31, 1994.  Deadline: July 31, 1994

For more information on any of the above listed writing contests,
please see Carolyn Wood, Room 320D.


The winners of faculty jeopardy were:

FIRST PLACE:        Molly Lien and David Rudstein
SECOND PLACE:  Margaret Stewart and Gordon Hylton
THIRD PLACE:        Matt Harrington and Ralph Brill

Thank you to all of the faculty who participated!

Winners of the SBA elections are as follows:

PRESIDENT:                    Tom Stovall
VICE-PRESIDENT DAY:      Will Gilner
VICE-PRESIDENT EVENING:       Guy De Maertelaere
TREASURER:                    Amanda Howland
SECRETARY:                    Scott McDowell
ABA DAY REP.:            Clarke Gillespie
ABA EVENING REP.:             Philip Smith
CBA REP.:                M. Scott Gordon
ISBA REP.:                    Melissa Durkin
THIRD YR. EVENING REP.:       Michael Helminski
THIRD YR. DAY REP.:           Mark Gussin, Damon LaPorte
SECOND YR. DAY REP.:          Gail Golub, Rick Saines, Shannon
                              Simmons, Jeff Arnold
TEACHER OF THE YEAR:          Jonathan Tomes
STAFF MEMBER OF THE YEAR:     Lisa Abrams/ Claudia Parker.


Asian American Law Students Association

The Asian American Law Students Association will be having a
general meeting on Wednesday, April 20, at 3:00 p.m. in Room
C40.  We will be discussing the Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition as well as 
having our elections for next year's officers.  Refreshments will be

Black Law Student Association (BLSA)

Congratulations to Kirsten Albrecht who was a member of the
Chicago-Kent Trial Team that competed in the John Marshall Trail
Advocacy Competition last week.  The team lost by 1/2 point in
the quarter finals to the eventual competition winner. 

Congratulations are also in order to Professor Jon Tomes, who was
presented with the favorite professor award during law week at the
law school.    

candidates' forum and election on Thursday, April 21 at 5:00 p.m. 
The voting will begin promptly at 5:30.  Petitions of candidacy
MUST be submitted in writing by leaving them in the BLSA mailbox
on the second floor (west mailboxes) or by emailing RWIMBERL. 
The petitions must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday April 19 or
your name will not appear on the ballot.

The final lecture of the BLSA Lecture Series will be held TODAY,
Monday April 18 at 5:00 p.m. in Room C50.  The guest lecturer is
Professor Norman Amaker from Loyola University who represented
Martin Luther King Jr. in his legal battle stemming from his arrest in
the historic Birmingham March.  This is a piece of history; get to
discuss this case from the attorney who tried it (a case that has
been mentioned in at least three Kent classes).  

Good luck on finals.

Christian Legal Society

CLS is pleased to present its last speaking event for the semester:
Barry Boykin on April 19.  

Mr. Boykin, a graduate of DePaul Law School, will speak about his
work at the Austin Christian Legal Center, where he has been since
1987.  The Center provides legal services to the poor in areas such
as family law, consumer law, civil rights, and Social Security.   Mr.
Boykin will be speaking in Room 270.  The event begins at 5 p.m.

Computer Law Association

INTERNET CLASS....April 19th at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The Computer Law Association is teaching classes on using the
Internet!  The second session (4/19) is on World Wide Web,
Gopher, and other miscellaneous fun things.  Come and find out
what it's all about--both legal and PLEASURABLE stuff!!!  Email
Kay Gemrich (CGEMRICH) if you're interested as space is limited!

Dean's Advisory Council

The last Dean's Advisory Council meeting of the Spring 1994
semester is Thursday, April 21 at 5:00 p.m. in Room 570.

Decalogue/Jewish Law Students Association

Please join us this Tuesday, April 19, for a debate entitled "The
Proper Role of Religion in an American Public Life," featuring
Professors Corre and Nahmod.  Room C25 at 11:45 a.m.  All are

Environmental Law Society

BAKE SALE TODAY!!  We also have ecological t-shirts for sale,
stop by and take a look!

Earth Day is this Wednesday; remember to think globally and act
locally.  Events on Earth Day include: 

     1.   SPEAKER Greg Mueller will discuss and have a slide
          presentation about biodiversity in the Costa Rican rain
          forest at 12:50 p.m., Room 270.  Pizza and soda will be

     2.   SPEAKER Beatrice Briggs will speak about the
          interconnectedness in the Great Lakes bioregional area in
          her talk entitled "Reinhabiting the Wild Onion Bioregion"
          at 3:00 p.m., Room TBA.  

     3.   FILM FESTIVAL at 7:00 p.m. will show "Medicine Man"
          starring Sean Connery, beer and snacks will be served.

     4.   VENDORS in the Concourse will be selling
          environmentally friendly merchandise. 

ELS has awarded its first Annual ELS/KJF Joint Environmental
Public Interest Law Summer Fellowships.  The recipients are Joel
Sternstein, who will be working for Friends of the Chicago River to
change the status of a section of the North Branch of the Chicago
River to hinder development; and Rick Saines, who will be working
for Citizens for a Better Environment.  A big thanks again to our
members for working so hard on our fundraising projects and
making it possible for Joel and Rick to do some meaningful
environmental legal work this summer.

Evening Law Student Society

The Evening Law Students Society will be holding elections for
1994-95 officers on Tuesday, April 19th in the Spak from 5:00 -

7:30 p.m.  All evening students are eligible to vote.  Please
consider running for a position on next year's board.  ELSS serves
as the voice of the Evening Division in encouraging the law school
to provide us with accessible and appropriate services and
opportunities.  We also provide evening speakers and social
events.  ELSS plays an important role in ensuring that evening
students receive the full benefits of their time in law school.

If you are willing to make the commitment to serve your fellow
students, please ask ANOTHER STUDENT to send your nomination
to me by 5:00 p.m., Friday April 15th.  The nominee will be
notified by return email and by phone of the nomination.  PLEASE

The nomination must be emailed to AOKKEMA and must include:
     The nominee's name and email address
     The position sought
     Home and work phone numbers 
     The nominator's name and email address

The positions to be filled and the nominees thus far are:
     President  (Mike Helminski)
     Vice Pres. (Ralph Krisher)
     (the V.P. will be the group's communications director --
     responsible for email notices and Record submissions)
     Four Class Representatives -- one from each class.

Please email AOKKEMA if you have any questions. 

Family Law Society

"Children and the Law:  Rights, Wrongs, and Reforms" 

Speakers: Professor Sarah Bensinger
          Sue Davis, Executive Director of the Children's Legal

Wednesday, April 20, 1994, 3:00 p.m., Room C35.  Refreshments
will be served.

Federalist Society
The Federalist Society will hold a meeting on Monday, April 25th at
3:00 p.m., Room TBA (check the bulletin board on the Concourse
and next week's Record).  We will be installing new officers and
planning events for the rest of the semester.  All are welcome!


GAYLAW will meet on Wednesday, April 27, at 3:30 p.m.  The
agenda includes:
     ELECTION of 1994-1995 officers
     RATIFICATION of the GAYLAW constitution

Your participation is crucial!

See you there.  Room TBA.

Illinois State Bar Association

*The Banner Is Here! 

The Banner is a newsletter published by the ISBA Law Student
Division.  Check it out to find out what is happening at other Illinois
Law Schools.  Copies of the Banner are available on the Concourse
Level (the top tier of the black literature rack).

*Become an ISBA Member.

It's never too late to become an ISBA law student member!  Law
student membership in the ISBA offers many practical benefits,
including the opportunity to meet and learn from active ISBA
members -- Networking!  Currently, the ISBA has 32,000 members. 
Annual law student membership is only $10 a year or $25 for four
years.  Join now and receive free subscriptions to ISBA journals
and newsletters plus free admission to ISBA Law Ed Series
programs.  Pick up ISBA applications on the Concourse Level.  If
you have questions about ISBA membership, email Rupal Dalal

International Law Society

As a result of last weeks elections, it gives me great pleasure to
announce next years ILS board.  Congratulations to all!

President:               Brian Gill
Treasurer:               Mike Rhoades
Chief Justice Moot Court:     Jordan Labkon and Mary Ann
VP Alumni/ae:            Kristine Iida
VP Career Day:      Susan Huh
VP Information:          Stacy Strong

Three positions remain open (VP Speakers, VP Social and Evening
Rep) and we will hold similar elections for these positions at a
latter date.

KATLA (Kent Association of Trial Lawyers of America)

We will be holding elections for our 1994-1995 officers on
Wednesday, April 20, at 3:00 p.m.  Anyone who is interested in
running for election should email MKRAUSE.  Room TBA.  

Kent Justice Foundation

Congratulations to the new KJF officers:

     Third-Year Co-Chair:          Patty Hindo
     Second-Year Co-Chair:    Adela Penagos
     Treasurer:               Susan Troester
     Secretary:               Beth Indelicato
     Third-Year Representative:    Kristin Huber
     Second-Year Representative:   Patti O'Brien
     Second-Year Representative:   Julie Gerber

Congratulations to Ralph Brill whose jar got the most money and
had to pucker up.  Thanks to everyone who donated.

Thanks to Kristin Huber and everyone who helped out at the
International Food Festival.  It was a huge success.  Remember
applications are due on the 22nd.

Kent Legal Scholars

Professor Richard Warner is pleased to invite all Kent Legal
Scholars to attend a lecture by Professor Martin H. Malin, Fathers
and the Family Medical Leave Act.  The lecture will be at 5 p.m. on
Thursday, April 21, 1994, in the 10th Floor Faculty Lounge. 
Professor Anita Bernstein will reply.  Dinner will follow at 6 p.m. 
The faculty and selected alumnae/i have also been invited.

This is a good opportunity to network with practicing attorneys.

Please R.S.V.P. to Carol Johnson by April 19, via email
(CJOHNSON) or phone (6-5289 or 312/906-5289).

Phi Alpha Delta

Here's some info on the speaker event we're co-sponsoring with
KJF and SUPI.  It will be held Wednesday, April 27, at 3:00
p.m.--room TBA.  Everyone is highly encouraged to attend.  As of
right now, two speakers are slated.

The first is Thomas Morsch, a partner at Sidley & Austin who has
spent 24 years at the firm.  He is head of Sidley's Complex
Litigation Group and sits on the firm's Executive Committee.  Since
1985, he has been a member of the Pro Bono and Public Interest
Committee at Sidley, and is currently President of the Public
Interest Law Initiative, which gives a great deal of money to fund
student public interest fellowships each year.  He is the founder
and chair of the Major Illinois Law Firm Pro Bono Consortium,
which recently got a commitment from the 28 largest Chicago law
firms requiring each attorney to put in 30 hours of pro bono service
per year.  Mr. Morsch has received several awards from various
civic organizations for his service to the legal profession and
advancement of pro bono work in Illinois.  He will address how law
firms view pro bono work and how it can help one's career.

The second speaker is Karen Berman, a 1991 graduate of
Northwestern Law School.  Ms. Berman has worked as a summer
associate at Sachnoff & Weaver and Monahan & Cohen.  She is
now serving as staff attorney for the Chicago Committee for Civil
Rights Under the Law on a Skadden Arps fellowship, and 
will address the same issues as Mr. Morsch, from the
student/recent graduate perspective. 

This event should be interesting and informative, addressing issues
relevant to anyone entering the legal profession, be it through large
or small firm private practice or by way of the public sector. 
Watch for room assignment later.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

THIS TUESDAY APRIL 19:  Television Motion Pictures Music
Steve Workman, attorney for WTTW Chicago-Channel 11, will be
giving an informal discussion about the various divisions of
entertainment law.  Mr. Workman previously worked for Paramount
and was General Counsel for a record label.  This is our last
speaker of the year, so please join us for FREE PIZZA and great
conversation at noon in Room C35.

ELECTIONS:  Elections for next year's officer positions of
president, vice-president and treasurer will be held next week on
Tuesday, April 26 at 12 Noon in Room 180.  Contact Christine
Buckley (CBUCKLEY) with nominations for either yourself or
others.  Nominees will have the option of giving a brief speech
immediately preceding the election.

Women in Law

NETWORK WITH CHICAGO WOMEN:  Women in Law is pleased to
co-sponsor, along with the Women's Bar Association a networking
lunch on April 26 at 12:00 noon featuring Magistrate Bucklo as the
guest speaker.  Students will have a chance to hear Magistrate
Bucklo and have lunch with a variety of women working in the
legal profession: practitioners in both private firms and public
interest work, judges, women working in government.  

This will be a great opportunity to meet women from the Chicago
area who can help in that all important job search!!!

Tickets will be on sale Monday through Thursday from noon to
1:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria.

BAKE SALE:  Women in Law will hold a bake sale next
Wednesday, April 20.  Please sign up to bake and/or sit at the desk
on the sign up sheet on the WIL office door.







The 1994-1995 financial aid application forms are now available in
the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230.



Once again, the time of year has arrived for you to begin the
process of applying for financial aid for next year.  Please take note
of the calendar of important dates below; I suggest that you save
this memo for future reference.  Your financial aid, whether a loan
and/or a merit-and-need-based scholarship, depends on it.

We have prepared folders containing the applications, as well as
information to assist you with the application process.  Please be
sure to read through the entire packet.  There were many changes
to the financial aid application process last year and there will be a
few more for next year.  The application packets can be obtained
in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230.

To be eligible for all forms of financial aid you must meet the
deadlines listed below.

Calendar of Important Dates:

By May 16

     1.  After you file the FAFSA, you will be sent the Student
     Aid Report (SAR).  All pages of the SAR should be in the
     Office of Admissions and Financial Aid by May 16, even
     though it will say that you are not eligible for the Pell
     Grant (Pell Grants are for undergraduates only).  Be sure
     to complete the Student's Use Box on the back of page

     Corrections:  If you need to make corrections to your
     SAR, be sure to send a copy of the SAR, with all of the
     corrections indicated, to the Office of Admissions and
     Financial Aid.  Send the original to the address on the
     back of the SAR.  A revised SAR will be mailed to you
     approximately two weeks after the corrections are
     received at the processor.  Make sure that you sign the
     report where indicated or the revisions will not be made.

     2.  If you are selected for Verification, you will be asked
     to submit copies of your tax forms and a Verification
     Statement.  These materials and your SAR must be
     returned before a financial aid award will be determined
     for you.

By June 1

     You should sign and return your financial aid award letter
     to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid by June 1,
     or within three weeks of the date printed on the award
          letter if you received it after June 1.

By July 1

     You are expected to turn in student loan applications
     from the lender of your choice by July 1.  Loan
     applications for Law Access, LAWLOANS, Chase
     Manhattan, and any Illinois bank are available in the
     Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. 
     However, the office has a limited supply of applications
     so it is best to contact your lender directly to obtain the
     necessary application.

We are ready to help if you need assistance--just call the Office of
Admissions and Financial Aid at (312) 906-5180.

Thank you for your cooperation.