The Record

Vol. No. XXIX, No. 12
April 15, 1996


It is the best of times; it is the worst of times. How many ways are there to tell you of my admiration of this law school: our outstanding faculty, who teach with style and grace, and whose research makes a national impact; our alumns, who give tirelessly of their time and money to support the law school; our students, who represent us nationally in moot court and trial ad, who become leaders in national organizations, who publish, who obtain employment and become successful lawyers and other professionals; and, last, but not least, our student organizations, who help to bring programming and activities to the law school.

As I walked through the lobby Thursday night, I was stunned by the showing of support of students for students at the KJF Auction--not only were we raising money for a great cause, we were having fun.

Imagine my chagrin to find out that our fun evolved into something else. It appears that Thursday night, as on other occasions, some students failed to appreciate that they are members of a community. Too much drinking can lead to some bad acts. Disrespect for property, discourteous behavior, and downright nastiness are unacceptable.

I have spoken this year numerous times about mutual respect and professionalism. What gives out there? Some of you seem to have returned to high school (or summer camp!). This is a professional environment. Should we ban alcohol at all student events? Should we monitor your treatment of each other and of this building?

I hope we can remember: the vast majority of the students, faculty, staff, and alumns treat each other and this school with respect. The minority who act like jerks must stop.

* * *

Law Week is here, and with it an exciting lineup of events! From our annual Cub's outing to our annual blood drive, from Sr. Helen Prejean's speech to Mr. Jeffrey Feiger's speech, from "Faculty Jeopardy" to the Barrister's Bash, a vast array of special events awaits us. I hope all of you will join us in celebrating the many facets of our lives as lawyers and lawyers-to-be. Thanks to the SBA for making this a special week!


Academic Calendar Reminder
Classes will meet on their regularly scheduled days through Monday, April 29, 1996. On Tuesday, April 30, only Friday classes meet; this is the Good Friday make-up day. The read period begins Wednesday, May 1 and final exams begin Monday, May 6.

1996 Summer Session: Additional Legal Drafting Section
A second Legal Drafting section specializing in general practice has been added to the 1996 summer schedule. Prof. Ira Moltz will teach the section on Monday from 6:00 - 9:25 p.m.; the course number is 424-052-02. Students who were closed out of the first Legal Drafting section will have priority to enroll in this section on a first-come, first-served basis. If you were closed out and want to add this section, see the Registrar by the end of this week. Other students may add this section next week if seats are available.

Fall, 1996 Schedule Information

  1. New course added: Business Entity Formation
  1. The following Legal Drafting sections were added to the Fall, 1996 schedule:
  1. Description of Evidence and Evidence Advocacy
  1. Professor Sherman will teach a section of Employee Benefits Law in the day division during the Spring, 1997 semester.

How to Prepare for the Illinois Bar Exam
We asked Prof. Richard Conviser to speak about the Illinois bar exam and how to best prepare for it. As many of you know, Prof. Conviser has been the president of a leading bar review course for over 25 years. He will speak on Tuesday, April 23 at 12 noon in the auditorium and at 5:00 p.m. in room C50. The 5:00 p.m. speech will be broadcast to room 590. All students from 1L's to graduating seniors are invited to attend and benefit from Prof. Conviser's expertise and experience.

Teaching Evaluations
Teaching evaluations will be distributed in classes this week to elicit students' opinions regarding the quality of teaching at the law school. Instructors will review the responses to improve the quality of their instruction and courses. The evaluations are considered as one important factor in tenure, promotion and compensation decisions for full-time faculty and are used as a factor in determining the effectiveness of part-time instructors. They are anonymous and will not be available to the professor until after the grades for the course are recorded.

Fall, 1996 Class Assignments
About August 1, 1996, initial class assignments for the Fall, 1996 semester will be mailed to the permanent home address of each continuing student. If you want the letter mailed to another address, please E-mail your summer mailing address to "atemp."


Fall Registration
Registration forms for the Fall, 1996 semester are available in the Registrar's office. Obtain the Bursar's stamp and submit your completed form to the Registrar according to the following schedule:

Priority Code
A1-C4:by 6:00 p.m., Monday, April 15
D1-E4: by 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 17
F1-F4: by 12 noon, Thursday, April 18

You must submit your registration form by the deadline to maintain your registration priority.

Closed Sections
If a section is closed when your registration form is processed, you will be registered for the alternate section you indicated, if any. A "W" may appear on your Program Notice next to the name of a closed course. This does not mean you are on a waiting list to enroll; the Registrar's office does not maintain waiting lists.

After Add/Drop Day, if a seat becomes available in a course that was previously closed, a notice will be posted on the second floor bulletin board and the seat will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration tip: seats usually become available in most closed courses from time to time between registration and the start of classes as enrolled students change their programs.

Intensive Trial Advocacy
If you were selected to enroll in either the August, 1996 IP Intensive Trial Advocacy or the January, 1997 regular Intensive Trial Advocacy, you must list the appropriate course on your Fall, 1996 registration form.

Important Notice to Students Taking Exams on Computers
If you are taking a final exam on a computer, you must obtain a copy of the Rules Governing the Use of Computers for Final Exams from the Registrar's office and read it before final exams begin. It is essential that you thoroughly understand the computer exam procedures and the potential problems and risks associated with taking an exam on a computer.

Class Ranks
The graduating class with which you will be ranked is listed on the second floor bulletin board. Please verify that you are listed with the correct class.


Please come by and extend your warmest welcome to Ellen Berger, the new Assistant Director for Student Services at Chicago-Kent. Ellen is a 1995 graduate of Chicago-Kent and comes to the Assistant Dean of Students' Office from the Career Services Office, where she served as the Job Posting Coordinator for six months. She was admitted to the Illinois Bar in November of 1995 and has a B.A. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ellen will be available to assist you with student concerns, complaints and questions and will be organizing programs each semester geared toward improving the quality of student life at Chicago-Kent. As a recent Chicago-Kent graduate, she truly understands the stresses and pressures you face while in law school. Having survived these stresses herself, Ellen possesses valuable insight into how to survive and thrive at Chicago-Kent. I think you will find her to be a great source of support and information. Got a problem? Have a gripe? Or just need someone to talk to? Call, e-mail or stop in: Ellen Berger at 906-5272, EBERGER, Room 546. Please come and welcome Ellen to Chicago-Kent.

To enthusiastic individuals who have made it through at least one year of law school and are willing to share their experiences and wisdom with incoming 1L's....

It's time to start thinking about Orientation. Fall '96 Orientation will begin on Monday, August 12, for the incoming 1L class, and we are looking for Orientation Leaders and Mentors. Did you have a great experience with your OL/Mentor that you would like to share? Or maybe a less than exciting time that you would like to improve on? Help with Orientation.

Come to the Informational Meetings:
Wednesday - April 17 at 3:00 p.m. in room C25.
Thursday - April 18 at 5:00 p.m. in room 590.

Please e-mail Orientation Coordinator Randa Ismail (RISMAIL) if you have any questions or if you would like more information because you are unable to attend the meeting.


1996 Summer and Fall Registration and Unpaid Tuition Balances
Registration for Summer will begin on April 2, 1996 and registration for the Fall semester will begin on April 15, 1996. Except as set forth below, students will not be permitted to register if there is any outstanding tuition balance.

Please note that the Registration Policy will not be waived in order to allow a student to meet a registration deadline. Therefore, we urge you to allow yourself sufficient time in which to complete the necessary paperwork (it usually takes 2-3 days to process Petition requests for approval).

Procedure for Registering with an Outstanding Tuition Balance
A student will be allowed to register with an outstanding tuition balance only if he/she has been approved to receive one or more of the following loans for the Spring semester to pay the balance:

  1. Stafford Loan
  2. Perkins Loan
  3. Law Access Loan (LAL) or Law Student Loan (LSL), and/or
  4. other institutional loan/s (bank, etc.)

Students will not be allowed permission to register for any reason other than those listed above.

Students should complete the Petition to Register with an Unpaid Balance form in order to be considered for registration with a past balance. Petition forms may be picked up at the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, Suite 220; the BURSAR'S OFFICE, Room 290; or from the rack outside of the ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE and CLE OFFICE, Suite 265. Please submit application forms to the Office of the Assistant Dean of Administration, Finance and CLE, Suite 265.

The following information must be completed on the Petition form:

  1. Bursar's confirmation of the current outstanding tuition balance amount (inserted and initialed by the Bursar, Gina Regis, on the petition form).
  2. Financial Aid's verification of the loan amounts which are forthcoming (inserted and initialed by a Financial Aid staff member on the petition form).


Applications for Legal Writing Teaching Assistants Positions

Applications are now being accepted for Legal Writing Teaching Assistants for the year 1996-97. Only students who will be graduating in June, 1996 may apply. Teaching Assistants work closely with the Legal Writing Professors in teaching legal research, creating assignments and grading student papers. They also work closely with students in drafting and revising their work. Applicants should have received superior grades (B+ or above) in their Legal Writing courses and have a strong interest in helping other students to master the skills of legal research and writing. Membership on Law Review or Moot Court is desirable, but is not a requirement of the job. Teaching Assistants receive two hours of academic credit each semester and salary equal to the tuition for two credit hours each semester.

In order to serve as a Teaching Assistant you must be available to attend a training session which will take place on Friday, August 16, 1996.

Interested students should submit a current resume to Professor Ehrenberg in Room 753, and sign up on the interview schedule on her door. Please indicate on your resume the name of your first-year legal writing professor and the grades you received in the course. The interview will last approximately 20 minutes and then applicants will be asked to complete a short closed-book quiz on grammar, punctuation and citation form.

If you have any questions please contact Professor Ehrenberg.


Chicago-Kent Names in the News

January 1996
Dean Richard Matasar was quoted by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in a story about the law school's first annual Martin Luther King Day and its relationship to Chicago-Kent's professionalism curriculum. Dean Matasar was also interviewed by ECO, the international Spanish-language news service.

Notices about Chicago-Kent's Martin Luther King Day were published in and broadcast on various media outlets, including ISBA Almanack, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Back of the Yards Journal, Chicago Defender, WMAQ-Radio, N'Digo, Extra Bilingual Newspapers, Reader, Chicago Tribune, WUSN-Radio and Chicago Educator, the Chicago Board of Education newsletter.

Prof. Martin Malin was interviewed for an article on pay equity for women by the Patriot-Ledger (MA)

Profs. Richard Kling and Patrick Cotter were interviewed in a Chicago Lawyer article, "Practice Makes Perfect." The article discussed whether students benefitted by being taught by professors who also practiced law. "There needs to be a relationship between the real world and the academic world," said Kling. Cotter, who "takes pro bono cases each year to keep himself current for his criminal law and procedure classes," agreed that a balance is necessary. "You wouldn't want a baseball team with all pitchers or all hitters."

Adjunct Professor Rosemary Shiels was quoted in an article on "Big Firm Technology" in the National Law Journal. Shiels said there was a time when almost 10 percent of firms owned Macintosh-based systems. That number has dwindled to 3 percent.

Registrar Monique Laplanche and Kym Denard of the office of associate dean for academic affairs were pictured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Laplanche and Denard were viewing an exhibit at the law school on the history of African Americans and the law.

Prof. James Lindgren was quoted in the January/February issue of Lingua Franca. The article, "Look Who's Editing," focused on student-edited law reviews.

Several Chicago-Kent faculty members helped the news media understand the legal issues involved in the U.S. Attorney's "Operation Silver Shovel." Prof. Stuart Deutsch appeared on WTTW-TV's "Chicago Tonight." Prof. Patrick Cotter was interviewed by CLTV and WFBT-TV about the federal probe and the use of "moles" in such investigations. Prof. Terrance Norton was interviewed on WBBM Radio and the Washington Post. Norton's interview with the Associated Press ran in newspapers throughout the country, including:
  • Los Angeles
  • Times Pasadena Star News
  • Milwaukee Journal
  • Mansfield (OH) News Journal
  • Atlanta Journal
  • Huntsville (AL) Times
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Brockton (MA) Enterprise
  • Seattle Post Intelligencer
  • Willoughby (OH) Herald
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Williamsport (PA) Sun-Gazette
  • Kansas City Star
  • Redding (CA) Record Searchlight
  • Detroit Free Press

In a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article, "Law class dumps hypotheticals for real life," that focused on unique law school courses taught during the spring semester, Prof. Mickie Voges discussed her "Emerging Technologies" class.

Prof. Dan Tarlock was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune for an article on zoning.

Prof. Rick Hasen was interviewed by WVON-AM about Federal Election Commission regulations that might prohibit a pact between Minister Louis Farrakhan and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to influence U.S. elections.

Asst. Dean for Career Services Lisa Abrams was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article on finding a balance between personal life and career. She said many of today's law students have expectations that differ from those of previous generations.

Prof. Richard Kling was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article on defense strategies in the trial of Daniel Green, the man charged with the 1993 murder of James Jordan.

Adjunct Prof. Rosemary Shiels was quoted in an article in the Nashville Tennessean on the impact of new technology on how legal research is done. Said Shiels: "In the law school business, we are sending out to the poor unwashed masses of law firms students who are very comfortable doing electronic research. I'm graduating a few hundred students every year who can hold their own against any of these others out there." The article was distributed nationally by the Gannet wires.

The scheduled execution of Guinevere Garcia for the murder of her husband, and Gov. Jim Edgar's last-minute commutation of her sentence, attracted a great deal of media attention. Chicago-Kent faculty members commented on developments as they occurred. Prof. Richard Kling appeared on panel discussions on WBEZ, WVON and National Public Radio. He was also interviewed by the Daily Herald and the Associated Press. Prof. Patrick Cotter appeared on CLTV, WGN-TV, WBBM Radio, Fox-32 and WFBT-TV. He was also quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Herald and the Los Angeles Times.

February 1996
Prof. Marc Kadish appeared in a Fox-32 news segment on the reliability of eyewitness testimony.

Prof. Stephanie Altman was quoted in a Chicago Sun-Times article about a comatose patient whose Medicaid benefits have been denied. The patient, who is being represented by the health law clinic, is an "undocumented non-citizen." The article was part of a lengthy series on Chicago immigrants.

Prof. Richard Kling was interviewed about his representation of John Wayne Gacy for a forthcoming installment of "American Justice."

Prof. Linda R. Hirshman was quoted in a Washington Post article about a new law school ranking system. The ratings, created by former Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Brennan, was released at the American Bar Association's midyear meeting.

Prof. Mickie Voges was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article about copyright infringement on the Internet. Voges warned against a rush to rewrite copyright laws to address the problem. She said, "Until we see where it's going, it would be unfortunate to leap too quickly into regulation, because if we do so, we may be basing it on assumptions that might not be valid after a shakedown period." She also discussed copyright problems caused by other technological advances such as photocopy machines and VCRs.

March 1996
"Demystifying the 7th Circuit," an article in the March issue of Chicago Lawyer, pointed out that 7th Circuit decisions can be found on Chicago-Kent's Website.

Professor James Lindgren was quoted in a National Jurist article about the faculty scholarship survey recently published in the Chicago-Kent Law Review. Also quoted was student Colleen Cullen, co-author of the survey.

Prof. Fred Abbott and law students Rasha Elganzouri, Carrie Cabell, Aasma Khan and Matt Clanton were pictured on the front page of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin after the students won the Midwest Regional of the Jessup International Moot Court Competition in Omaha.

Prof. Joan Steinman's selection as one of the 1996 recipients of the Julia Beveridge Award was noted in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

Dean Richard Matasar was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article about the U.S. News & World Report law school rankings. Dean Matasar said, "It's really a shame that some people rely on information that's so deeply flawed. Schools shouldn't move 10, 15 places when absolutely nothing has changed in a year."

Students Ian Warren and Amanda Howland were pictured on the front page of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin after being judged the "Best Oralist Team in the Region" in the area of trademark law in the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Regional Competition. They placed second overall in the competition.

Asst. Dean for Career Services Lisa Abrams was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article on the job market for new graduates. Abrams said, "The legal marketplace is reflecting the work marketplace generally. Clients are taking a close look at bills and guarding their pockets. It only makes sense that legal employers are going to pay attorneys what they're worth and not hire as many." The article said that 94 percent of Chicago-Kent's 1995 class found jobs within six months of graduation.

Prof. Marc Kadish appeared on WBBM-AM regarding the jury's verdict in the James Jordan murder case.

National Health Law Moot Court Competition winners Jennie Schutter, Julie Gerber and Kathleen Holper were pictured holding their championship trophy on the front page of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

Prof. Martin H. Malin's appointment as director of the new Institute for Law and the Workplace was published in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

Law students Jill Webb, Deborah Brown and Ellina Khotimylansky were pictured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin prior to their departure to compete in the National Mock Trial Competition in Houston. The team won the Midwest Regionals.

Prof. Martin Malin was interviewed by CBS Radio News, Voice of America, the Akron-Beacon Journal and the Toronto Globe and Mail regarding the UAW's strategy in its limited strike at General Motors, which shut down the nation's largest automaker.

Consul General of Ireland Frank Sheridan was pictured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin with Brehon Society of Irish-American Law Students' officers Dan Kirk and Eileen Gallagher. Sheridan spoke at the law school February 29 on the struggle for peace in Northern Ireland.

Prof. Harold Krent was interviewed by CBS Radio News regarding the Liggett Group's settlement of a class action suit claiming cigarette makers manipulated nicotine levels to keep smokers addicted. Krent discussed the possible legal impact of the settlement.

Prof. Stuart Deutsch was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article about the evolution of environmental law as a practice specialty. He said many students who majored in ecology or environmental studies in college are disappointed to discover that environmental law entails drier subject matter than they had anticipated." But Deutsch added, "I find environmental law fascinating. But you really have to love long complicated statues, and you really have to love federal regulations, and you have to love federal-state regulations and the question of the authority of the states." The article also mentioned Chicago-Kent's environmental law program as one of the nation's top ten in U.S. News & World Report and described the program components.

Adjunct Professor Rosemary Shiels was quoted in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in a story about the 1995 Large Law Firm survey. The survey found that while computer equipment is available in most law firms, questions remain about how the firms are using it.

Prof. Marc Kadish appeared in a special segment report on WLS-TV regarding the Illinois stalking law.


[Unavailable Outside of Chicago-Kent]


1996 Graduates:
Graduation tickets will be available for pickup starting on Friday, April 19, in the Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations, Suite 310, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.. If you are unable to pick up your tickets during those hours, please call Lauren Lockwood at 906-5245, or e-mail LLOCKWOO. You will be given the amount of tickets you requested on your ticket request form, as well as an invitation to go with each ticket. Extra tickets will be distributed at a later date when it has been determined how many tickets there will be available.


On April, 19, the Honorable Gary Filmon, Premier of the Province of Manitoba, will visit the Information Center to present unique Manitoba documents to the LIR. Premier Filmon is being honored the same day along with Governor Jim Edgar at a luncheon sponsored by the Consul General of Canada, Allan Lever, and co-sponsored by Mr. Stanley Christianson of the International House of Chicago and Mr. Hokken Seki, President of the Library of International Relations.

A registered professional engineer, Mr. Filmon was first elected to the Manitoba Legislature in 1979 and was sworn in as Manitoba's 19th Premier in 1988.

To help you find annotations in A.L.R. for legal issues and cases, the Reference Staff of the Information Center is offering a tutorial on USING A.L.R.'s.

The schedule for this week's tutorials will be posted on the 9th floor bulletin board. You don't have to sign up, just stop by the Reference Desk at the scheduled times.

If you have any suggestions regarding future topics or times offered, please e-mail Lenore Glanz (e-mail: LGLANZ). We will be happy to hear from you.

For those of us who don't have time to watch TV, NBC has provided a internet site to keep us current on daily events. The address is:
This site offers coverage of 1996 Olympic Games, television shows, News, and the NBC station information.

The Information Center has IRS tax forms available on LOIS. Tax forms are in the LOIS database; use "student" as your ID and password or ask for assistance at the Reference Desk.

NEWS FROM THE CLC (Center for Law and Computers)

Final exams are almost upon us again, so please review these guidelines:

Exams are discussed in detail in the Student Handbook and the Technology Guide.

Back Up Your Files
Please save your work often, and on two different floppies. Power can go out, programs can freeze, and disks can even go bad. Protect yourself and make that extra copy of your paper. If you are not sure how to do this, please email HELPDESK or see Leah Moral in room 703 for assistance.

Virus Checks
If you are using a floppy disk in the lab, do not bypass the opportunity to check your disk for viruses. Some viruses will delete files, possibly every file on your hard drive at home! If you have a virus and can't remove it using the virus cleaning stations in each lab, see Leah Moral in room 703 or Jim Judge in 713 for additional assistance.


Summer is fast approaching!
If you are interested in a public interest placement this summer, SOS encourages you to start looking now or in the near future, and to contact us if you'd like some help.

Congrats to KJF
SOS congratulates the Kent Justice Foundation on last Thursday's exciting and successful Spring Auction. Special congratulations to Kathy, Susan, Patti, Kristi, Jason, Megan, Amanda, Ann Celine, Doug, Julie and all the others who volunteered their time and effort to make the auction a success.

Monday 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
If you are unable to visit us during these times, please e-mail either SDOHERTY or SMCKENZI to schedule an appointment.


[Unavailable Outside of Chicago-Kent]


Professor David Gerber gave a talk in late March at the annual meeting of the Midwest Economics Association in Chicago. his talk was entitled "Law, Values and Economic Thought."

Professor Marc Kadish will welcome Attorney Jeff Steinback, a former partner in Genson, Steinback and Gillespie, as guest speaker at Professor Kadish's April 15, 1996 Clinic Section Meeting in Room 590 at 4:00 p.m. Jeff recently gave up the practice of Criminal Law. He is one of the finest federal plea negotiators and sentencing experts in the city. This section meeting will be open to all Criminal Division and any other students in the school.


[Unavailable Outside of Chicago-Kent]


Criminal Trial Film Series
"Judgment at Nuremberg" is a great movie about what truly was the crime of the century. During the late stages of the Nazi war crime trials, four judges are prosecuted for their role in enforcing Nazi laws on sterilization and racial "pollution." The first major Hollywood film about the holocaust, the issues it explores are still very much with us today, as evidenced by a much-discussed new book asserting the complicity of average German citizens in the holocaust (Goldhagen, "Hitler's Willing Executioner's") and the work of the existing war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The cast for the movie is outstanding: Maximilian Schell won the 1961 Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the defense lawyer; Spencer Tracy is one of the presiding judges; Burt Lancaster is one of the Nazi judges on trial; also starring are Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Montgomery Clift, Judy Garland and William Shatner.

Show time is THURSDAY at 3:30 p.m. in the auditorium. Professor Cotter, who worked on a UN committee investigating war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, will be available afterwards to answer questions.

Date Day Time Movie
Apr. 18 Thursday 3:30 p.m. Judgment at Nuremberg
Apr. 23 Tuesday 4:00 p.m. Witness for the Prosecution
Apr. 30 Tuesday 4:00 p.m. My Cousin Vinny

Lexis Representative Lab Hours for the week of April 15 are as follows:
Monday: 7:45 - 8:45 David Stone Tuesday: 7:45 - 8:45 David Stone
12:00 - 6:00 Karin Kiyabu 10:00 - 12:00 David Stone
Wednesday: 7:45 - 8:45 David Stone Thursday: 10:45 - 12:45 Kevin Csink
9:00 - 10:30 Karin Kiyabu 7:00 - 9:15 David Stone
Friday: 8:00 - 9:00 David Stone
10:45 - 12:45 Kevin Csink*

During assigned lab hours, Lexis Student Reps can be found in the large 7th floor computer lab in the library, or at the tables just outside of the computer lab. As always, please feel free to e-mail your questions to LEXISQ or call the 24 hour Hot Line at 1-800-45-LEXIS.
*Denotes office hours in the Career Services Office.

SPECIAL NOTE: As research and seminar papers come due, your LEXIS Reps are scheduling themselves for extended office hours to accommodate students as they hit the home stretch. Additionally, for those of you beginning your job search, please take note of the special office hours held in the Career Services Office. LEXIS/NEXIS is an incredibly valuable tool to use when conducting your job search. Be sure to stop by Career Services during these special times to pick up additional research tips. And, of course, if you cannot make it into Career Services at those times, feel free to contact your LEXIS Student Reps during their regular office hours in the library, or by e-mail at LEXISQ on Kentnet.

ATTENTION 1996 GRADS: Buy yourself an incredible graduation present including the Law Student Office and FOUR months unlimited access to the state Lexis Library of your choice! For more information, call 1-800-528-1891.

NEW EMANUELS ARE HERE!!! Be sure to pick up your 1995-1996 edition of the LEXIS EMANUELS! This new edition contains information on the new LEXIS LAW STUDENT OFFICE and other exciting new LEXIS/NEXIS features! Pick up your copy at the reference desk or in the 7th floor computer labs in the information center today!

GET CONNECTED! Pick up your copy of the LEXIS ON LINE CONNECTION TODAY! The Lexis On Line Connection is free and is available inside the Lexis Home Access Software Packets. This exciting program enables you to run LEXIS and your word processing program at the same time! Install your copy today and find out what all of the excitement is about!

DON'T FORGET: It's not too late to get that 4.0 this semester! Stop by the reference desk in the Information Center and ask for your own copy of LEXIS version 4.0 for windows!

As you know, you can type the command ".SE" to display the list of segment searches available for the library that you are in. However, what you may not know, is how SEGMENT searching can benefit your research, and how to combine several segments into one. This Week's Quick Tip will cover this area, specifically, we will be discussing GROUP segments and the use of SEGMENT searching in combination with CONNECTORS.

GROUP SEGMENTS combine several SEGMENTS into one. For example, if you search with the group segment WRITTENBY, you will incorporate in your search the OPINIONBY, CONCURBY, and DISSENTBY segments into that one SEGMENT search. Therefore, if you ran the search WRITTENBY(scalia) you would retrieve EVERY opinion by Scalia, including all majority, concurrence, and dissent opinions. If you only wanted Scalia's dissenting opinions, you would run the search DISSENTBY(scalia).

COURT SEARCHES: If you are looking for decisions in certain court districts, you can use SEGMENTS to help your search. For example, if you are in the GENFED/DIST library and want to find cases from the Federal District Courts for the northern District of Illinois, you can run the SEGMENTS search COURT(northern and illinois).

Note how the last search had a CONNECTOR in the SEGMENTS request. You can use the normal LEXIS connectors (like AND or NOT or OR) to assist you in your search. For example, you could run the search COURT(new york AND appellate division AND first OR second). This will give you the cases in the New York Appellate Division in both the First and Second Division.

Finally, take note that SEGMENTS can be included in your normal search requests. Simply incorporate the SEGMENT request into your regular search with a CONNECTOR like AND, or OR. (Example: nuisance and graffiti and COURT(northern and illinois)).

Join us again next week for another LEXIS QUICK TIP, and until then, best of luck on your research!

Westlaw Representative Lab Hours for the Week of April 15 are as follows:
Monday: 7:45 - 8:45 Steve Edmonson Tuesday: 7:45 - 8:45 Steve Edmonson
9:30 - 2:30 Christine Brown
5:00 - 7:30 Steve Edmonson
9:30 - 11:00 Christine Brown
Wednesday: 7:45 - 8:45 Steve Edmonson Thursday: 10:00 - 12:00 Steve Edmonson
1:30 - 2:30 Christine Brown 12:00 - 6:00 Christine Brown
9:30 - 11:00 Christine Brown
Sunday: 12:00 - 6:00 Christine Brown
During lab hours, Westlaw Student Reps, can be found in lab 700 or at the tables just outside of lab 700. Please feel free to e-mail us at CBROWN, SEDMONSO, or WESTQ if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. Remember, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can reach a WESTLAW Reference Attorney at 1-800-850-WEST. The new e-mail address for West Customer Support for questions or comments is:

Summer Associate Training - April 22 - 27
Keep your eyes posted for our Summer Associate Training! This is the perfect time for you to enhance your Westlaw skills and impress your employer. In addition to advanced training, Westlaw's fee structure will be discussed. (A must if you want your employer to offer you a full-time job.) Sign up sheets are in lab 700 and in Career Services!

Summer Access
If you will be enrolled in summer school, law review, moot court or a research assistant you may get your WESTLAW password extended for summer access via the Internet. Access (You may also send in one of the Westlaw postcards available in the library.

Politics Anyone?
Have you had enough of national political news lately? There is a new WESTLAW database that brings you state-based political and legislative news. One of today's controversial hot topics is the issue of same-sex marriages. To find out how some states are dealing with this issue try a search in STCAP-REP (State Net Capitols Report) like: same-sex.

Supreme Court Briefs - Updated to include Amicus Briefs
Amicus Briefs are now in the SCT-BRIEF database. To retrieve amicus briefs, access SCT-BRIEF and use a search that includes the following: pr(amicus)

Federal Evidence
Did you know that WESTLAW has access to the Handbook of Federal Evidence? FEDEVID database includes all the Federal Rules of Evidence and is annotated with case citations.


Student Bar Association

Due to allegations of possible campaign violations, the Elections Committee voted unanimously to postpone elections until April 29 and 30. Campaigning will begin "fresh" as per the Election Committee rules. The SBA has reserved the auditorium on April 25. Each candidate will be allotted time to speak. Voting will take place in the SPAK from 10 to 2 and 3:30 to 7:45. The committee apologizes to all for any inconvenience, however, this was the most fair method of resolving the issues before it. THE OFFICIAL ELECTION/CAMPAIGNING RULES ARE AVAILABLE OUTSIDE C88 FOR ALL INTERESTED PARTIES.

Voting for these two SBA awards is scheduled for Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16 in the SPAK from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Come and vote for your choice. The nominees are all great assets to the Legal community at Chicago-Kent. Awards will be given on Wednesday after Attorney Jeffrey Feiger speaks.

LAW WEEK: Is Here!!!
If you missed the play, Sheer Madness, last night you missed a great time! Here are the activities for the rest of the week:

MONDAY: Cubs game. If you didn't purchase a ticket, contact Karen Lynch for info.

TUESDAY: Blood Drive 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in room 580. Sign up with Jen Spooner, Karen Lynch, Lisa Yee, Jeanette Sanniola, or Amanda Howland. Walk-ins are welcome. There is a significant blood shortage, so please give! Sister Prejean, author of "Dead Man Walking" will speak in the Auditorium at 3:00 p.m. She does not receive payment for speaking, however, she does accept donations to a charity organization for Death Row inmates. Those interested in donating to this should contact Prof. Cotter ASAP.

WEDNESDAY: Faculty Jeopardy - come see the Professors compete for the annual title and award! The contest will be in C20 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Feel free to bring your lunch. Come root for your favorite team.
Speaker - Jeffrey Feiger, counsel to Dr. Jack Kevorkian, will speak from 4:30 to 6:00 in the auditorium. Come hear Mr. Feiger speak! We'd like a big turnout. There will be a reception immediately following for those who attend.

THURSDAY: Potential guest speaker. Watch the broadcast messages for information.
Free popcorn in the SPAK all day.


SATURDAY: Barrister's Bash!! 7:00 - 11:00 p.m. at the Museum of Science and Industry. Guided tours of the first and second floors, Coal Mine, etc. Also, a performance of the Omnimax movie "Destiny in Space". We have a buffet, open bar, coffee and dessert. A DJ will provide dance music all evening. Tickets are on sale in the Bookstore. $30 each, $50 for two (please indicate if you wish to see the Omnimax movie as we need a head count). Tickets at the door of the Bash will sell from 7:00 to 9:30 for FULL PRICE ($65) so please plan ahead. The front doors will lock at 9:30. Only those with pre-purchased tickets will be admitted after 9:30. (this is to prevent students from spending their evening as "door monitors and ticket takers. Security guards will take over at 9:30) We have two buses running shuttles from Chicago-Kent to the museum (every 15 min.) from 6:15 till 8. Later, the buses will run from the museum to C-Kent beginning at 10:30 pm. In addition, cabs will be available. This event is always lots of get your friends together and join us!!

Watch the concourse level, the SPAK and the 5th floor lounge for pertinent information this week.

Animal Rights Law Society
ARLS will be having a meeting on Monday, April 15 at 5:30 p.m. in room 270. All members are encouraged to attend. We will be discussing plans for our bake sale, the trip to Washington D.C., Earth Day and our speaking event. If you would like to help out with one of these events and cannot attend, please e-mail RVANDERV, YKATO, LWORTMAN or CBURKE.

As a preview, Colleen Burke will be speaking on various animal rights issues at Chicago-Kent on April 23 at 3:30 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend. The room number for the event will be announced in next week's Record.

Black Law Student Association
Election Results:
Congratulations to the newly-elected 1996-97 BLSA Executive Board. We wish you much success for the next school year. The election results are as follows:
President - Symeon Davis
1st Vice-President - Donna Grant
2nd Vice-President - Jenni Henley
Secretary - Yoland Forney
Community Service Co-chairs - Cynthia Cooper and Toya Davis
Academic Support Chair - Tyra Taylor

Brehon Society of Irish-American Law Students
We will be holding an organizational meeting on Tuesday, April 16 at 5:00 p.m. in room 590. Please be sure to attend this meeting because we will be electing next year's officers. Anyone is eligible to run for office. Please submit your nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer to Dan Kirk (DKIRK) or Eileen Gallagher (EGALLAGH) as soon as possible.

Corporate Law Society
Our next speaker event will be a joint effort with the Deutsch Klub and the International Law Society. Dr. Gerhard Kelter will be speaking the week of April 22 on his experience in international transactions and mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Kelter has a JD equivalent from Sweden (University of Stockholm, 1968) and speaks German, French, Swedish, and Norwegian. Watch the Record for further details.

ELECTIONS for next year's officers will take place on April 17 and 18 between the hours of 12 - 2 pm and 4 - 6 pm. If you are a member of CLS and are interested in running for an office (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), please e-mail Linda Chen (LCHEN). We encourage all members to consider running for an office!

If you have any questions or comments about the organization, please e-mail Marie Quinn (MQUINN), Linda Chen (LCHEN) or Tad Huntington (HHUNTING).

Deutsch Klub
Deutsch Klub will present Patrick Kronnenwetter of Gehard Kelter Law Offices in an informal discussion of the practice of international law on Wednesday, April 24 at 3:00 p.m. (room to be announced). There will be plenty of food for all, so plan to be there! Watch this space for details.

Environmental Law Society
WEDNESDAY APRIL 17 AT 3:00 P.M. ROOM TBA - please attend this meeting so we can get your ideas for the summer and the fall semesters.
*Earth Day in coming!!! GET PSYCHED AND JOIN IN...
4/20 - Clean Up Grant Park with the EPA from 9:00 - 12:00 p.m.
4/21 - Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo
4/22 - Rally at the federal Building at 12:00 p.m. and a movie at 7:30 p.m.
For information on Earth Day events or to sign up and help out, email DWILLIAM
*Planning for the upcoming NAELS Conference is well under way, if you want to help out, email kpohn.

Have a great week!
Questions? Comments? E-mail RSAINES, YPOLYCAR, or KPOHN

Family Law Society
The Family Law Society will be co-sponsoring a speaker event on same-sex marriages this Wednesday, April 17 at 3:00 p.m. in room 570. Pat Logue from Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund will be speaking about this important issue. All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Illinois State Bar Association
To All Graduates:
The annual ISBA "Meet an Illinois Bar Examiner" program will be held on April 16 at 2:00 p.m. This program is co-sponsored with the ISBA of John Marshall. Bar examiner Stuart Duhl will be available to meet and answer questions from students about the bar exam. Room to be announced. Please contact Lisa Yee (LYEE), Susan Walter (SWALTER@), Brian Rosenblatt (BROSENBL) or Babak Kusha (BKUSHA) for more information.

Helpful Hints on the Bar Exam
The annual ISBA "Helpful Hints on the Bar Exam" will be held on Tuesday, April 16 at 2:00 p.m. in room C40. Bar examiner Stuart Duhl will be available to meet and answer questions from students about the bar exam. Pleaes contact Susan Walter (SWALTER2), Babak Kusha (BKUSHA), Brian Rosenblatt (BROSENBL), or Lisa Yee (LYEE) for more information.

Immigration Law Club (ILC)
There will be a brief meeting for the Immigration Law Club on Wednesday, April 17 at 5 p.m. in Room 345. We will have elections for next year's officers. For more information, please e-mail Jacqueline Lentini (JLENTINI).

Intellectual Property Law Society

    On Thursday, April 25, Room 580, 4:45, IPLS will have instructors from one of the Patent Bar review courses speak on what you can expect on the patent bar. They will give a presentation and answer all questions about how the current changes in international law as well as any other change in patent law will translate to questions on the patent bar exam. This event is for all Chicago-Kent students interested in taking the patent bar. Food and drinks will be served.
    If you are interested in running for a position on next years Intellectual Property Law Society, please attend a meeting on April 16. Members of the current Executive Board will talk about the requirements for the executive board positions of the I.P.L.S. Also, board members will be present to answer questions concerning IPLS elections, I.P. moot court & the Journal of Intellectual Property: A Journal of Intellectual Property Students. The room and time for this meeting will be announced shortly, so check your e-mails.
    On April 23 IPLS will be holding elections for the following positions: President, vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, I.P. Moot Court Coordinator, and 6 event coordinators for: an "I.P. & legal organization intro" event, a non-patent speaker event, a resume workshop, the faculty reception, and a patent bar speaker event. The requirements for each position will be stated on a following e-mail and repeated at the April 16 meeting.
    If you already decided to run for a position(s) (you can do more than one), you may submit a (single spaced one side MAX) page to the IPLS mailbox AND an attached e-mail to either Scott Smilie or Joel Bootzin explaining your qualifications for the position. A one time e-mail will be sent to all members on the evening of April 16 with all the candidate's position statements.
    The following are the requirements to participate in the Intellectual Property Moot Court. The candidate:
  5. 1. Must be member of the IP Certificate program
  6. 2. Must have participated in at least one summer write­on Moot Court competition or be a "grade on" member of Moot Court.
  7. 3. Must have taken or currently be enrolled in one of the core IP classes (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, or the new Unfair Competition)
  8. 4. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  9. 5. Cannot be a December graduate for the year in which you wish to compete. (most oral competitions are in March & April)
  1. Completion of IP Advanced Research is also helpful.
    Students are selected from this list of students based on their interest in Intellectual Property and their relative scores from the summer write­on competition or the Charles Evans Hughes moot court competition. Note, that brief writing is more important in these competitions than oral arguments. The faculty advisors also reserve the right to give priority to students who are not working a lot of hours.
  2. Ultimately, the final decision of who represents Chicago­Kent in these competitions rests on the shoulders of the faculty advisors. Also remember, that this is an Honor society which earns academic credit. If you have any further questions concerning IP moot court, feel free to e­mail me (SSMILIE) or Amanda Howland (AHOWLAND)

International Law Society
The International Law Society plans to conduct a book drive during Law Week, April 15 - 20. ILS is working in conjunction with the Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) to acquire books that will be forwarded to the Sarejevo Law School Library.

Please help with this project by donating one or more of the books on the Library Book List which is posted in the ILS Bulletin Board on the concourse level. If you are unable to donate a book on the list, we will accept checks made out to the International Law Society, pool the resources, and purchase and forward the books.

In addition, the Sarejevo Law School will benefit from donated subscriptions to law reviews, international law journals and other contemporary legal scholarship. We will also accept commercial outlines (nutshells), treatises, hornbooks, legal dictionaries and legal encyclopedias.

We hope that you share our interest in this project and welcome any and all book and monetary donations.

Please contact Christine Brown (CBROWN) with any further questions.

International Moot Court Honor Society
The Chicago-Kent International Moot Court Honor Society invites all interested students to an informational meeting on Friday, April 19 at 12:00 p.m. in room C40. At the meeting, we will describe the activities of the Society, the fall candidacy competition for Society membership and give you an overview of international law research, writing and advocacy. Members of the Jessup, Niagara, Space Law and Vienna Competition teams and faculty advisors will all be on hand to answer your questions. If you have any questions, please e-mail Brian Magnusson, Chief Justice of the Society (BMAGNUSS), or Professor Molly Lien (MLIEN). All are welcome!

Jewish Law Students Association
With final exams lurking just around the corner, we are announcing two fun and exciting events! Mark April 18 on your calendars now!

The first event, sponsored by the Decalogue Society of Lawyers, features Professor Nahum Rakover, Deputy Attorney General and Advisor on Jewish Law to the Israel Ministry of Justice. Prof. Rakover, a founding members of the Jewish Legal Heritage Society, also teaches at Bar Illan University, where he is Distinguished Professor of Criminology. You will be able to feast during the (free) reception and see the presentation titled "Human Rights Versus Human Values: Jewish Law in Action in Israel". The reception and presentation start at 5:00 p.m. and lasts until 6:30 and will be held at Mayer, Brown & Platt, 190 S. LaSalle Street, 39th Floor. E-mail Helen Block (HBLOCH) or call Decalogue at (312) 263-6493 to make reservations.

After the reception, we will be going directly to ... the world famous Party For Peace! The Party is taking place at Lakeview Links, 3206 N. Wilton (1/2 block east of Sheffield & 1/2 block north of Belmont). A donation of $10 in advance or $15 at the door includes two hours of free beer, wine, pop and one raffle ticket. Raffle prizes will include airline tickets, hotel certificates, health club passes, tickets to sporting events and a whole lot more! Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for only $2 each. In addition, the Party For Peace will be featuring a live performance by The Professionals between 9 and 10:30 p.m. Enjoy free pool and ping-pong while watching the Bulls trounce the Pistons on big screen TV's (game time at 7:00 p.m.) Tickets are available from Helen Bloch (HBLOCH) and Debbie Gassman (DGASSMAN). All proceeds go to the JEWISH UNITED FUND - ISRAEL EMERGENCY FUND! For more information, e-mail Helen Bloch (HBLOCH) or contact Amy Schiffman at the Jewish Federation at (312) 444-2832.

Since both events are being held on the same day, April 18, we will go directly to the Party For Peace after the reception. Meet us at Lakeview Links at 7:00 p.m. if you feel it absolutely necessary to miss the reception - Professor Rakover will certainly be fascinating! We look forward to seeing you all!

Kent Association of Trial Lawyers of America (KATLA)
KATLA will be electing new officers on April 23, 1996. If you or someone you know is interested in running. Send a brief statement to CDEUTSCH by April 19, 1996 stating why you are interested in the position. All offices are vacant and any year can run. We will be electing the following offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian.

If you have any questions about the positions, e-mail MREYNOL2.

Chicago-Kent Law Review
The Chicago-Kent Law Review will hold three informational meetings to discuss the requirements for the Summer Writing Candidacy Program. All interested students should make every effort to attend. The dates and times of the meetings are as follows:
Tuesday, April 23, 1996 12:00 - 1:00 - Room C20
Tuesday, April 23, 1996 5:15 - 6:00 - Room C40
Wednesday, April 24, 1996 3:00 - 4:00 - Room C20

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Surrette (RSURRETT).

National Lawyer's Guild
April 16 - at 3:00 p.m. Sister Helen Prejean is coming to speak at Chicago-Kent in the auditorium. She is the author of the book "Dead Man Walking" and it promises to be an exciting visit. Donations may be taken at the event to go towards an honorarium for the Illinois Coalition against the Death Penalty.

April 17 - Gaylaw is sponsoring an event in same sex marriage. The event will focus on the laws for and against being proposed across the country and so far a speaker from Lambda Legal Defense and Education fund has agreed to join us. Look for more information and please come join us for this event.

April 25 - There will be a general informational meeting at 4:00 p.m. The room will be announced in the next Record.

Last, but certainly not least; the Guild is looking for volunteers. This summer, the guild is hosting three projects for which it needs volunteer lawyers, law students and legal workers. The project includes the California Freedom Summer 1996 to help promote affirmative action and immigrant rights; Guantanamo Haitian Asylum Project in Miami to help prepare Asylum Applications; and, the Mississippi Prison Project which involves the investigation into the death of 57 inmates in the last four years in Mississippi Prisons.

Fliers describing the events will be placed outside the Career Services Office. For more information, e-mail AKULWIEC. Thanks.

Native American Law Society (NALS)
NALS will meet in room C15 on Tuesday, April 17 at 2:30 p.m. to discuss the National Indian Law Conference which was held on April 11 - 12 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Two of our members attended this conference and will be ready to answer any questions you might have. Topics covered by the conference include:

We will be doing our best to network with law firms which practice Indian law, tribal courts, gaming operations and other possible employers. So, if your interested in finding out what's happening in Indian law on a national level, and what the employment market looks like, we'll see you there.