Chicago-Kent College of Law
The Record

Vol. No. XXX, No. 2 August 19, 1996


Welcome back, everybody!

For those of you who are returning after summer jobs, clerkships, and vacations, we're delighted to see you again. And for those of you who spent all or part of the summer working here, whether in summer classes or otherwise, as I did, it's great to see you, too. I hope everyone's feeling excited and enthusiastic about the beginning of this new school, because there's a lot going on, even by typically lively Chicago-Kent standards.

First of all, you might have noticed a new name at the heading of this column. Many of you know me by some of the other titles I've worn at the law school--co-director of the Program in Environmental and Energy law, Professor of Law, and Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Programs. There also are a couple of others, like Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and head of the planning process for the building we now occupy, that are in my past. And now, I'm Interim Dean of the law school for this year, while we conduct a national search for a new, permanent dean. This new job's a little overwhelming from time to time, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

Most of you know that Dean Rick Matasar has moved to the dean's office at the University of Florida College of Law. We've been fortunate at Chicago-Kent to have a history of deans with unusually long tenures. The national average for the term of a law school is about three-and-one-half years. Rick Matasar was here for five years, Lew Collens was dean here for 16 years, and, in the first half of this century, Webster Burke occupied the dean's office for 31 years. So, we've been a bit spoiled by having deans who stay around a lot longer than most of their counterparts at other schools. (It must be something magnetic about this place.) While it's always a little upsetting when the leader of an organization moves on to another position, we've always thrived on change at Chicago-Kent, and I'm confident that we will find an excellent new dean who will bring even more new and innovative ideas to the law school when she or he arrives.

While we are working on the dean search, the faculty also will be conducting a self-study of Chicago-Kent, as part of the American Bar Association/Association of American Law Schools' seven-year accreditation cycle. This is a great opportunity for us to take a good, long look at where we've been, where we are, and where we are headed. We know what should be at the core of legal education, but we want to explore how best to teach it. We want to define the best ways to train students in substantive law, legal practice, ethics, professionalism, and public service, and then examine what we do at Chicago-Kent and how it measures up to those standards.

Otherwise, a lot of us have been doing some extraordinary things since May:

And, we have some new faces among the full-time faculty and senior administration:

* * * * * *

On a very sad note, many of you already know that Marc A. Grinker, Professor of Legal Research and Writing and Chicago-Kent's 1996 Professor of the Year, died July 22 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital after a lengthy illness. Marc had been a member of the faculty since 1990, teaching courses in business organizations, law and sexual orientation, securities regulation, and, most notably, directing our Appellate Advocacy program, which he established. Marc was justifiably proud that, in its first year, the Ilana Diamond Rovner Program participants won awards in 14 interscholastic competitions. In recognition of his efforts with the Rovner Program, Marc received the Henrietta and Adolf Nudelman Award for Outstanding Faculty Support. He was also a recipient of the 1992-93 Dean's Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Prior to joining the Chicago-Kent faculty, Marc taught at Hofstra University School of Law. He served as special counsel for the National Coalition for the Homeless and general counsel for CEL Communications, and he practiced with the New York law firm of Davis, Polk and Wardwell. Marc received his bachelor's degree from Emory University and his law degree from Hofstra University School of Law, where he served as managing editor of the Hofstra Law Review.

We will be hosting a memorial service for Marc on Wednesday, August 28, at 5:00 p.m., in the Ogilvie Auditorium. We are pleased that we can share this service with Marc's parents, Charles and Audrey, and his sister, Lori, who will participate in remembering Marc. Marc made an enormous impression on the law school community, and I hope many of you will join us to remember him and to celebrate his life.

For those of you who would like to make a charitable contribution in Marc's memory, his family has requested that donations be made to the American Foundation for AIDS Research, c/o The Marc Grinker Memorial Fund, 733 Third Ave., 12th floor, New York, NY 10017, or to Chicago-Kent College of Law's Marc A. Grinker Outstanding Student Commitment Award Fund, Office of Development, 565 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60661-3691.

* * * * *

Well, as I said, there's been quite a lot going on, mostly good and some bad. Just as the faculty will be doing for the law school during the coming months, I hope that you will define your personal standards and measure yourself against them. Of course, I and the faculty and staff hope you will enjoy this year, and the rest of your career at Chicago-Kent. You will work hard, and undoubtedly there will be frustrations and disappointments, but, as we often say, an experience is only as meaningful as the effort you put into it. That is where true education begins.

And, again, welcome back to another exciting year.


Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the summer and have a successful and rewarding year.

Class Assignments

I mailed a letter to all continuing students on July 31 with assignments for the first week of class for most courses. Assignments received after the letter was mailed are posted on the second floor bulletin board. If you did not receive the letter, you may obtain one in the Registrar's office and while you're there, make sure your mailing address is correct on our records.

1996-1997 Student Handbook

The 1996-1997 Handbook is available on the concourse level. Following are the major changes from the 1995-1996 Handbook:

Section 1.9 was revised to include the questions the dean must answer on the bar exam graduation certificate for each student pertaining to the student's honesty, integrity, reputation, character and general conduct.

Sections 1.3 and 3.7 were clarified to state that only one hour of Independent Research may be earned per semester and it is graded on a pass/fail basis, even if it is in lieu of a seminar.

Section 1.19 was added to describe the new Certificate in Labor and Employment Law.

Section 1.25 was added describing the new joint J.D./M.S. in Environmental Management degree program.

Section 1.26 was revised to state that students must pay a program fee in addition to tuition to attend the London Law Consortium.

Section 2.4 was amended to permit students to revoke the pass/fail election up to the last day of class for the semester. The deadlines to make the pass/fail election remain unchanged (by the end of the second week of class for the Fall semester).

Section 6.1 was amended to add the grades of B-, C-, and D+ and to change the grade point valuations of all "plus" and "minus" grades.

Section 6.6 was revised to explain the LP (Low Pass) grade.

Section 6.8 sets forth the new mandatory curve which applies to all required courses (except legal writing courses and seminars), including Constitutional Law and Professional Responsibility.

Section 7.6 includes the new exam rule that students may not leave the exam room during the last ten minutes of a final exam.

Section 8.1 was amended to clarify the academic status of an Evening Division student who transfers to the Day Division after the student's first semester.

Section 8.5(i) was added to limit a student's ability to take an Incomplete in a course during a probationary semester.

Section 18.2(b) was amended to clarify the rules for reporting grade point averages on resumes to prospective employers.

Code of Conduct Article II was amended to include nonacademic misconduct in Section 2.2.

Code of Conduct Section 9-3(b) was amended to permit plea bargaining between an Alleged Violator and the Prosecutor, in consultation with the Associate Dean.

Section XX was revised to notify students that the Lawyers Assistance Program ("LAP") is available to law students to provide confidential counseling regarding substance abuse problems.

Academic Achievement Award Winners

Congratulations to the students who earned the highest grade in each class during the Spring, 1996 semester; their names are attached to this Record. These students, and the students who earned the highest grades in the Fall, 1995 semester and the 1996 Summer session (not yet announced) will be presented with Academic Achievement Award certificates at the annual Student Awards Luncheon on October 1, 1996. Please e-mail Alice Curry in my office if your name doesn't appear on the list the way you want it printed on your certificate.

Writing Competition Winner

Congratulations to Kym R. Jessum who won $500 in the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers writing contest for her paper entitled "Lotus v. Borland: The Undecided Case." Kym's paper is being considered for one of the grand prizes up to $3,000. Information about writing competitions appears in the Record each week; it can pay to enter them!


Program Changes

To add or drop a course you must complete a Registration Change form, sign it, and submit it to the Registrar's office. You may add an open course until Friday, August 30, at 5:00 p.m. You may drop a course (other than a required or a clinical course) anytime before the final exam or the final paper due date. If you drop a course and reduce your credit hours, you will be charged tuition according to the following schedule:

        during the first week    no charge
        during the second week   50% of tuition
        during the third week    75% of tuition
        after the third week     100% of tuition

Closed Classes

You may not register for a closed class, even with the instructor's permission, unless Dean Chapman has approved it and has signed your Registration Change form.

Student Health Insurance

All students who are registered for 12 or more credit hours (whether registered in the Day or Evening Division) will automatically be billed the annual student insurance fee of $442 in the Fall semester. If you have other health care coverage, you may waive the student insurance by completing the waiver form and returning it to the Counseling & Health Service office at the main campus. The deadline to waive coverage for the Fall semester is Monday, August 26. Waiver forms and brochures describing the insurance are available in the Registrar's office.

Students registered for 11 credit hours or less (regardless of which division you are registered in) are not covered by student health insurance. If you want coverage, you must apply for it. You may obtain an application in the Registrar's office or call the insurance line at (312) 808-7101. January, 1997 graduates and students who withdraw before the second week of the Spring semester who paid for the full year may request a refund for the remainder of the policy by submitting a letter to Terry Shapiro, the Director of IIT Counseling Center.

Pass/Fail Election

Students in good academic standing may elect to take up to six credit hours of elective courses on a pass/fail basis. The deadline for making a pass/fail election is Friday, August 30, at 5:00 p.m. Submit two copies of the form to the Registrar and retain one of the copies signed by the Registrar's office until you receive your course grade. You may revoke a pass/fail election at any time until the last day of classes for the semester. Please review 2.4 of the Student Handbook and the Pass/Fail Election Form for additional information and restrictions regarding the pass/fail election.

Class Rank

Class ranks are available in the Career Services office, Room 360.

January, 1997 Graduates

If you plan to graduate at the end of the Fall, 1996 semester, please complete the Graduation Requirement Analysis form and submit it to the Registrar by Friday, August 30, 1996. The forms are available in the Registrar's office. The Registrar's office will review your Analysis form and your transcript and will notify you if it appears that you are missing a requirement or will not have sufficient hours to graduate. Important: if you change your schedule and reduce the number of hours you are taking after you submit the form, you must notify the Registrar. It is your responsibility, not the Registrar's, to make sure that all graduation requirements will be fulfilled by the end of your final semester. Please read 1.8 of the Handbook.

First-year Students - Undergraduate Transcripts

Please contact your undergraduate college and request that your final official transcript be mailed to the law school Registrar's office. We must have an official copy of your undergraduate transcript in your law school file; you will not be permitted to register for the Spring semester without one.

Student Directory and Privacy Form

The law school publishes a Student Directory containing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all the students enrolled in the law school. If you do not wish to have your name, address, and telephone number published in the Chicago-Kent Student Directory, you must submit a Privacy Form available in the Registrar's office by Friday, September 6.


Welcome Back! The Fall 1996 Federal Perkins Loan promissory note signing has been scheduled for the week of August 19, 1996. It is mandatory for all students who have accepted a Perkins loan on their 1996-97 award letter to sign a promissory note. Proceeds for the Perkins cannot be posted in student accounts without a completed financial aid file and a signed promissory note. There will be a financial aid administrator present to answer any questions; it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the promissory note. Please attend one of the following dates at your convenience.

DAY                         TIME          ROOM

Monday, Aug. 19                           10am-12 noon       570
Tuesday, Aug. 20                            4pm-6pm              570     
Wednesday, Aug. 21                       9am-11am            570     
Thursday, Aug. 22                           4pm-6pm             570
Friday, Aug. 23                               10am-12 noon      570

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office via e-mail, finaid, telephone 312-906-5180 or stop by Suite 230.


The new hours for the Fall semester will begin on SATURDAY, AUGUST 17. The building and library hours are as follow:


                         Sunday                              9:45 am - 11:15 pm
                         Monday-Thursday                     7:15 am - 11:15 pm
                         Friday                              7:15 am -  9:30 pm                         Saturday                            8:15 am -  8:15 pm


                         Sunday                             10:00 am - 11:00 pm
                         Monday-Thursday                     7:45 am - 11:00 pm
                         Friday                              7:45 am -  7:00 pm
                         Saturday                            9:00 am -  8:00 pm

Special Hours for the Labor Day Holiday (Aug. 31, Sept. 1 and 2):

    Saturday (August 31)
                         Building Hours                      8:30 am -  6:00 pm
                         Library                             CLOSED**

    Sunday (September 1)
                         Building Hour                       CLOSED
                         Library                             CLOSED**
    Monday (September 2)
                         Building Hours                      9:45 am - 9:30 pm
                         Library Hours                      10:00 am - 9:00 pm
                         (Administrative Offices will be CLOSED)

* Library hours will be extended in early December to accommodate students during final exams (times to-be-announced).

** On Saturday 8/31, Computer Lab 700 will be open and accessible from the 7th floor hallway.


Welcome Back! Meet Our New Staff Members!

We hope you enjoyed your summer break! When you visit our office next, you'll notice two familiar faces in new positions and one new face.

Our former Resource Manager, Dan Walsh, graduated and moved to Cleveland to work for Key Corp. Bank--read all about it in the Happy Endings column in the first issue of Careerline now available outside the Career Services Office! Charis Runnels, our former Resource Coordinator, is now the Resource Manager.

Ann Rainhart, our former Administrative Manager, has been promoted to Assistant Director. You'll see more of her in this new role!

We also welcomed part-time career strategist Kim Reynolds on board this summer. Her masters degree in counseling and experience with the legal field will surely make her a highly sought after source of information for students and alumnae/i! Kim will be in the office on Tuesdays from 8:30 until 2:30 and one Saturday each month during the semester.

We're in the process of hiring a new Resource Coordinator and a new Administrative Manager. Stay posted for news!

Office Hours for Fall Semester

We will be open during the fall semester as follows:

Monday 8:30 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday 8:30 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:30 a.m. -- 7:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:30 a.m. -- 7:00 p.m.
Friday 8:30 a.m. -- 5:00 p.m.

On the following Saturdays during the fall semester, a career strategist will be available in the office for walk-in appointments from 8:30 a.m. until noon:

August 24
October 19
September 7
November 2
September 21
November 16
October 5
December 14

Counseling Appointments

Second, third, and fourth year students who need resume or job search counseling can make an appointment by visiting our office or calling 906-5200.

If you need resume counseling to prepare for the fall on-campus interview program, be sure to schedule an appointment right away. The last day of resume counseling for the fall on-campus interview program is Friday, August 23rd.

Our counseling staff this year includes Stephanie Rever Chu, Director of Career Services; Lisa Abrams, Assistant Dean for Career Services; and part-time career strategists Debbi Gutman and Kim Reynolds. Each of these staff members has a strong career counseling background. Our receptionist will assist you in making an appointment with the person who best suits your needs.

Please note: evening counseling appointments are available! Students can see Debbi Gutman on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Mock Interviews: Polish Your Interviewing Skills

One of the best ways to prepare for interviews is to participate in a mock interview session. Career strategist Deborah Gutman will be visiting several Chicago law schools, including Chicago-Kent, to conduct mock interviews in August and September.

The half-hour sessions in the Career Services Office will include a videotaped mock interview, playback of the videotape, and a critique of the interview. We encourage you to bring your own videotape so that you can review your interview again on your own.

Dates for mock interviews are: Thursday, August 29th; Friday, August 30th; and Tuesday through Friday, September 3rd through 6th.

There are a limited number of mock interviews available; sign up soon! You must leave a resume in the Career Services Office prior to the date of the interview. Please give 24-hour notice of any cancellation.

I.D.s Requested!

Due to the explosive growth of traffic in the Career Services Office and because our services sometimes attract students from competing law schools, we ask that you please show your student I.D. to the staff member at the front desk upon entering the office. We're enforcing our policy to protect our resources! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Computer Policy Reminder

Laser printing resumes and cover letters is free in our office, but you must bring your own paper, including paper for drafts. We ask that you use other computers in the building for composing resumes and cover letters so that we may efficiently accommodate everyone who needs to print.

Please remember that students' use of the computers will be limited to 20 minutes when other people are waiting. Be sure to sign in on the sheet by the computers indicating the time you arrived. If you wait more than twenty minutes, please let Charis Runnels or the receptionist know. If you must relinquish the use of the computer to another person, please sign the list again to put yourself back in line.

Alumnae/i have priority because they do not have access to other computers in the building at which to compose; upon showing an alumnae/i I.D., alums may use the next available computer.

Fall On-Campus Interview Program

Important dates for the FOCI Program:

     August 20            Fall On-Campus Mandatory Workshops:
                               12:00 - 12:30 or 5:00 - 5:15 for those having participated in the past
                               12:30 - 1:15 or 5:15 to 6:00 for 2Ls, 3Ls, and LL.Ms participating in the program for the first time

     August 23            Direct Contact List available in the Career Services Office

     August 23            Last day of resume counseling for FOCI

     August 27            All registration materials due in the Career Services Office by 6:00 p.m.!!  Registration materials will not be accepted after this

     September 4          Interview schedules available in Career Services Office after 12:00 noon.

A Reminder to Fall On-Campus Interview Program Participants -- Stay in Touch!

Information concerning changes and additions to the interview program will be posted on the bulletin board outside the Career Services Office.

If we need to communicate directly with you, we will do so through e-mail. We will not phone you--please read your e-mail daily.

Interview Tips for Large Law Firm Employment from the Employer and Student Perspective

On Tuesday, September 3rd, we'll present a program to help you prepare for fall interviews. Attorneys involved in on-campus recruiting for law firms and students who have participated in previous fall on-campus interviewing will share their perspectives and hints for making the most of your interviews.

The program will be at noon and 5:00 p.m.; watch the Record for room numbers. Sign up by August 29th in the Career Services Office to attend!

Beyond Fall Interviewing -- There Are Other Ways to Find a Job!!

It's hard to do, but keep the fall interview program in perspective! Keep in mind that these fall recruiters represent a very small part of the total employment market.

You may find these statistics reassuring: the class of 1995 had a 94% employment rate when measured six months after graduation. This employment rate was higher than the national law school average of 86.7%. Only 7.5% of the Chicago-Kent class of '95 ultimately found jobs through the on-campus interview program. The rest of the class found positions through networking, clerking for firms, making direct contact with firms, following job listings in the Career Services Office, and a variety of other methods.

The Career Services Office is anxious to work with you to determine the job search methods that will help you reach your career goals. We encourage those of you who are not participating in fall recruiting to meet with one of our career strategists this fall to design a job search plan that will work for you. We're committed to working with every Chicago-Kent student. Come get to know us -- we're here to help!

Upcoming Programs

The Big Picture: Job Search Strategies Beyond Fall On-Campus Interviewing

Keep your schedule free on Tuesdays, September 10th and 17th at noon or 5:00 p.m. for our special series: "The Big Picture: Job Search Strategies Beyond Fall On-Campus Interviewing." See upcoming Record issues for more details!

Job Fairs

2Ls: Seventh Annual Allegheny County Bar Association Invitational Minority Student Job Fair

The Allegheny County Bar Association's Committee on Opportunities for Minorities in the Legal Profession will be holding an invitational job fair on October 16th and 17th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2L participants are selected through an application process. All travel and lodging expenses for invited students will be paid by the interview program.

2Ls interested in applying for an invitation must send resumes and copies of their law school transcripts to ACBA Headquarters no later than Thursday, September 12, 1996. Application instructions are available in the Career Services Office. Please sign the list in the Career Services Office indicating your intention to apply so that we may contact you if we receive additional information.

Intellectual Property Job Fair in Washington, D.C. October 24-26

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is holding its annual meeting at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C. from October 24-26, 1996. Each year, the meeting includes a job fair for student members. Information about the job fair will be mailed directly to student members. Students interested in intellectual property law who are not members can pick up Handout #3 for membership information and an application. We encourage you to join soon if you'd like information about the job fair!

Special Opportunities: Handouts Available in Career Services

Reminder: Deadline for Massachusetts Superior Court 1997-1998 Judicial Clerkships: September 13th

The Massachusetts Superior Court currently accepting applications for 1997-1998 judicial clerk positions. Applications must be received 5:00 p.m. on September 13th. Interviews begin early in September so apply immediately! Pick up Handout #1 for a position prospectus and the application instructions.

1997 Skadden Fellowships

The Skadden Fellowship Foundation provides one year grants for 1997 graduates to work in the public interest for a sponsoring organization. The sponsor must be a 501(c)(3) organization which provides civil legal services to the poor, including the homeless, the elderly, the disabled or those deprived of their civil or human rights.

Applicants must have a commitment letter from a potential sponsoring agency and describe the proposed project. Applications must be received by October 7th, 1996. Fellows will be notified by December 13th. Applications are available as Handout #2 in the Career Services Office.



This week the Information Center's Reference Librarians will be offering tutorials to assist first year Legal Research and Writing students in completing the LEXIS/WESTLAW Orientation Exercise.

A member of the Reference Staff will be available at the Reference Desk to help students who are working on the assignment. The schedule for these tutorials is posted on the 9th floor Library Bulletin Board. It is not mandatory that you sign up; just stop by the Reference Desk at the scheduled times.


Reference Librarian, Lenore Glanz has compiled an Appendix, "Resources About South African Law in the United States", and contributed to another, "Selected Business, Trade and Legal Associations and Government Agencies" for a recently published book by the American Bar Association titled: A LAWYER'S GUIDE TO DOING BUSINESS IN SOUTH AFRICA.


Monday-Thursday 8am-9:30pm

Friday 8am-6pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Sunday 11am-9:30pm


Lexis and Westlaw software is available at the 9th floor Library Service Desk. If you would like to use Lexis and Westlaw from home, stop by and pick up a copy -- Windows, Dos, and MAC versions are available. If you haven't received your passwords yet, ask at the Reference Desk for assistance.


New Equipment

Over the summer, the CLC installed new equipment to make the system more stable and powerful than it has ever been.

Print Accounting

The Student Print Accounting system has been upgraded, and the procedure for releasing print jobs has changed slightly.

  1. Send your print job from your application as you normally would.
  2. Press F1 on the queue computer to get to the job selection screen.
  3. Use the arrow keys to select the job you want to release (or delete).
  4. Press H to release the job, or Delete to delete it.
  5. Press Esc to return to the status screen . Your job will print on the adjacent printer.

This semester, students will have 400 pages of free printing. After 400 pages, you will be charged 5› per page. The page charges will be added to your student account. You may pay for pages used at the Bursar's office on the Second Floor. You will have two weeks into the next semester to pay off your balance; after that, you will not be able to print until your account is paid in full.

Virus Attack!

On Thursday, August 15, a virus called Burgular.1150 infected both Profnet and Kentnet. We don't know where the virus came from and at this point we can't really speculate, but we are researching the issue.

Will Sadler and Michael Bentkover stayed late that night and finally succeeded in removing the virus from the system. The procedure took longer than it should have because the virus that infected us was evidently a variant previously unknown to McAfee, the company who makes our virus prevention software.

Virus detection software is available both for use on your local computer and on your home computer. You can access this software from the Main Menu under the Kentnet Network Services, Virus detection software menu.

Please scan your diskettes on a regular basis for viruses. This really helps prevent the spread of viruses and will hopefully prevent another network infection like the one experienced yesterday. Always scan any diskettes before you use them in any computer. You should also scan any program you download from the Internet before you use it. If you connect to Kentnet inside the building with your laptop, please install virus prevention software on it. Contact Melissa Mooney (MMOONEY) in Lab 700 for more information on protecting your laptop.


When you have a question about using a program, or a problem with a workstation or printer, send an Email message to HELPDESK. HELPDESK is monitored throughout the day by members of the Computer Law Association and CLC Staff Members. If you need immediate assistance, see Melissa Mooney in Lab 700 or stop by the Center's offices on the Seventh Floor.

CLC Welcomes New Staff

Will Sadler (WSADLER), the new Executive Director of the Center. Will was formerly Director of Internet Development at CALI, and served as the CLC's Director of Computing Services in 1994-95. He was Director of Computing at the Indiana University School of Law for four years, and is the author of several books on computing, including Using Internet Email from Que.

Michael Bentkover (MBENTKOV), the Director of Network Services, returns to the CLC after working for US Robotics. Michael will continue the excellent work he did as Network Administrator to keep Chicago-Kent's systems in top condition.

Jeffrey Harrison (JHARRISO) joins the CLC as Manager of Electronic Publishing. A 1996 graduate of Chicago-Kent, Jeff worked extensively with our electronic publishing effort while he was in law school. Jeff will be working primarily with faculty on various publishing projects, as well as supporting students in the E-Learn project.

Melissa Mooney (MMOONEY) is our new Computer Lab Manager. Melissa will be the person you should see if you have a computing question or problem. You can find Melissa in Lab 700.



An Annual Conference for Second Year Students
Mark Your Calendars for February 5, 1997

While you were busy working, clerking or studying this summer, Dean Deutsch, the Dean of Students Office and the Career Services Office started planning this academic year's Professionalism Day for second year students. Professionalism Day will be held in the spring semester this year so that we may attract a greater range of speakers and have more students participate in planning the day's events.

The concept of Professionalism Day arose from talking with employers inside and outside the legal field about ways in which we can give our students an advantage in their post-law school careers. Employers told us that many law school graduates are unfamiliar with the expectations employers hold, the economic issues unique to legal organizations and the interpersonal challenges faced by lawyers no matter what their previous work experience. In response, we created Professionalism Day and modeled it on a professional conference. Students will have the opportunity to hear about the business of practicing law from legal practitioners themselves. Legal employers support the program wholeheartedly; they believe it gives our students an edge in their legal education. Professionalism Day is the first program of its kind in the country. In fact, we have received numerous inquiries from law schools that hope to implement similar programs.

Full time students graduating in 1998 will attend the Professionalism Day conference in place of regularly scheduled day classes. Evening students graduating in 1998 may attend the conference in February 1997 or may attend the conference during the 1997-1998 academic year. 1997 graduates who were not able to attend Professionalism Day last August must attend this February. No day or evening classes are scheduled for February 5, 1997. Please note that Professionalism Day is a required part of the curriculum; all students must attend before graduating.

Watch the Record for additional information about Professionalism Day 1997. In the meantime, we welcome your assistance in planning the programming. If you would like to help, contact Ann Rainhart, Assistant Director of Career Services at LRAINHAR.


Over the summer, Professor Mickie Voges presented an all-day seminar in San Diego for the Amercan Society for Information Science continuing education program. The seminar covered issues of intellectual property in the electronic world. New technologies, electronic publishing, and the international issues were all presented. She also presented at the Universtiy of California at San Diego on the copyright issues associated with electronic publishing on the internet.

Prof. Voges also appeared on Chicago Tonight in June discussing the court dicision which declared prtions of the Communications Decency Act unconstitutional.

Prof. Voges has also been elected the first Chair of the University Faculty Council, the new university-wide governing body that works with the administration of IIT


The 1995-96 academic year ended with a great victory for the Immigration Clinic when, on May 17, 1996, immigration judge Craig M. Zerbe granted the political asylum application of Jose S., from El Salvador. Law student Manijeh Nan Kargahi mooted the client before the hearing, and handled the direct examination, evidentiary objections, and closing statement during the two-hour hearing itself. This victory was particularly significant taking into account the low number of Salvadorans granted political asylum in the United States over the years.

The Law Offices wishes to thank Rosa Flores and Pablo Almaguer for their interpretation assistance.



Discounted parking rates are available to students that purchase and display a Chicago-Kent parking sticker in the upper left-hand windshield of their car. Stickers for the Fall, 1996 semester (green sticker) are available in the Center for Law and Business Bookstore (Concourse level) for $15.


Monroe, Jefferson and Madison Streets

(Enter on Jefferson)

                       Chicago-Kent Discount Rate                 Normal Rate

DAILY RATE $6.25 Day (up to 12 hours) $11.25 Day

MONTHLY PASS $110 Month $145 Month

(security deposit and $50 keycard deposit is required)

Hours: Open 24 hours; all days


Jackson, Clinton and Canal Streets

(Enter Clinton-Southbound; Canal-Northbound; Jackson-Eastbound)

                       Chicago-Kent Discount Rate                 Current Normal Rate

DAILY RATES Monday-Friday $7.50 Day (before 3:00 pm) $9.25 Day or $7.00 Day if coupons are purchased in packages of 10 each* (see below)

$5.25 Day (after 3:00 pm) $5.75 Day or $4.75 Day if coupons are purchased in packages of 10 each* (see below)

Saturday-Sunday $5.25 Day $5.75 Day or $4.75 Day if coupons are purchased in packages of 10 each* (see below)

MONTHLY PASS $130 Month $170 Month

Hours: Open 24 hours; all days

* Validation coupons for parkers who choose the daily rate PACKAGE must be purchased in blocks of ten coupons ($70 for a book of 10 for the before 3:00 pm rate and $47.50 for a book of 10 for the after 3:00 pm and weekend rates). Coupons may be purchased from the manager's office of the Union Station garage; be sure to have your Chicago-Kent parking sticker with you along with your Chicago-Kent ID or valid drivers license each time you purchase your discount coupons.


Monroe, Jefferson and Adams Streets

     (Enter on Monroe)

Chicago-Kent Discount Rate ** Current Normal Rate

DAILY RATES Monday-Friday $1 discount off daily rate $8.25 Day $1 discount (enter after 2:00 pm) $4.25 Day

Saturday-Sunday $1 discount $3.75 Day

MONTHLY PASS (daily rate less $1 discount X 20 days - currently $145) $165 Month


Mon-Fri 6 am - 7 pm
Sat 6 am - 3 pm ***
Sun 10 am - 3 pm (Enter on Clinton Street)

NOTE: The lot is equipped with after hours departure areas.

** Peoples prices are subject to change and the current rate can increase or decrease during the semester.

** As is customary, a monthly pass allows unlimited entry and exit privileges from the parking facilities. The Peoples discounted rate for "daily" parkers does not include unlimited entry and exit privileges

*** The Monroe Street lot may close at noon on some Saturdays; the Clinton Street lot should be used Saturday afternoons if the Monroe Street lot is closed.


Pro Bono Advocates is an organization dedicated to providing legal services to economically disadvantaged victims of domestic violence, through the efforts of staff and volunteer attorneys, assisted by law students and others. PBA/LAW also undertakes advocacy to improve and increase free legal services to battered women and the poor.

HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN: PBA is looking for law students to participate in its work. You can conduct detailed interviews of prospective clients, help to determine their eligibility for a protective order under the pertinent statute, prepare the initial pleadings for an emergency order of protection, fill out other necessary judicial forms, and otherwise assist in helping these domestic violence victims get legal redress and move on with their lives. If you have a 7-11 license, you can represent clients in court, under the supervision of a licensed attorney. In short, you can help persons in need of help from the legal system while honing your own professional skills.

If you are interested in undertaking this pro bono activity, contact Prof. Joan Steinman (a member of the governing Board of PBA) (e-mail: jsteinma) and give her a copy of your resume. She will forward your resume to Swati Avasthi at PBA, who will arrange an interview with you. PBA will provide training. Thanks!


The first assignment for Prof. McAdams' Criminal Law class: read pp. 106-16, pp. 123-31, and pp. 136-46, of Kadish & Schulhofer, CRIMINAL LAW AND ITS PREOCESSES (6th ed.)


Any student or member of the faculty or staff who wishes a discounted subsacription to the Wall Street Journal may sign up on the sheet posted on the door of office 829 (Prof. Hablutzel's office). The Journal will bill you directly.

The discount rates are: 1 year = $82; 1/2 year = $43; 15 weeks = $28


The Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be held in Chicago from August 26-29, 1996, at the United Center. More than 25,000 people will attend the DNC, including the President and Vice President of the United States, Senators, Congressmen, delegates and members of the press. DNC attendees will stay at fifty hotels, primarily located in the Central Area of downtown. Sixteen thousand rooms have been reserved.

Transportation between the hotels and the United Center will be provided by the CTA; a fleet of 65 to 100 fully accessible buses will be used. Taxis and limos are also expected to be a significant part of the transportation system. Three primary corridors will be used to accommodate convention attendees traveling between the hotels and the United Center. The corridors are:

A. Grand Avenue to Ogden Avenue to Washington Boulevard to the United Center.

B. Randolph Street to Ogden Avenue to Washington Boulevard to the United Center

C. Roosevelt Road to Jefferson Street to Harrison Street to Ashland Avenue to Washington Boulevard to the United Center.

The return corridor for the Randolph Street and Roosevelt Road shuttles will be Warren Boulevard and Washington Boulevard. The Grand Avenue shuttles will return to the Central Area via Ogden Avenue and Grand Avenue.

Although the main corridors do not include Adams, Jefferson and Quincy Streets (our location), secondary corridors have been designated for use by taxis, limousines, and as alternates for shuttle buses. These are: