Chicago-Kent College of Law


Vol. No. XXX, No. 12
October 28, 1996

Posting Notices in The Record


Spring Semester Schedule of Classes

The preliminary class schedule for the spring semester is available outside the third floor cafeteria. I will meet with students to discuss the preliminary schedule on Tuesday, October 29 at 2pm in room 590 and at 5pm in room 210. The Registration Bulletin with registration instructions and other information will be distributed next week.

Additional Schedule Information

You may not make a pass/fail election for Prof. Nahmod's Section 1983/Constitutional Torts course.

Commercial Law 1 is not a prerequisite for Commercial Law 2.

There will be no final exam for Legislative Advocacy. A description of this new course is posted on the second floor bulletin board and will appear in the Registration Bulletin.

Patent Law will meet on Monday and Wednesday, from 7:35 to 9pm, not 9:25pm, as incorrectly stated on the evening division schedule.

Professor Wright's Jurisprudence seminar will be held on Thursday from 6 to 7:50pm, not Tuesday.

There will be no final exam in Business Entity Formation or in Business Planning.

International Aspects of Intellectual Property is a 3-hour course, not 2-hours as listed on the schedule.


Undergraduate Transcript Required

If your final undergraduate transcript is not on file in the Registrar's office, you will not be permitted to register for the Spring semester. You must contact the school from which you received your undergraduate degree and request that your final official transcript be mailed to the Registrar's office. Advanced students will lose registration priority if their transcript is received after their priority group registers.


The university is preparing to update the student directory on our World Wide Web site. Any and all of the information listed below may be provided for all students. However, only your name, major, class, e-mail address and Web page address (Web page upon specific student request) will be available to non-university users.

Date and place of birth
Dates of attendance at IIT
Degrees earned; special awards and recognition given
Local address, phone number and e-mail address
Permanent address and phone number
Major and class
Positions held, place of employment and extension of students employed at IIT
Membership in officially recognized campus organizations and/or teams; offices held in such organizations

If you do not want some or all of this information published about yourself, you must notify David Elsen, Assistant Registrar of the IIT main campus, by 5pm on Friday, November 8, 1996. Mr. Elsen's address is: IIT Main Campus, 100 Main Building, Chicago, IL 60616-3793. You may drop your letter without postage in the Campus Mail slot at the law school College Service Center on the second floor. You may e-mail Mr. Elsen at: You may remove your personal information from the directory at any time.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! - Exam Preparation and Performance Program

Wednesday, November 13, 3-4pm, room 210

and Thursday, November 14, 5-6pm, room C50 (program date change)

Come to the Exam Preparation and Performance Program and learn how to reduce exam anxiety and prepare effectively for your upcoming finals. The Student Services staff, Associate Dean Howard Chapman and special guests will lead a discussion on the mechanics of successful exam-taking. The first program will be held on Wednesday, November 13 from 3-4pm in room 210. The evening program has been rescheduled to Thursday, November 14 from 5-6pm in room C50.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day Event: Looking for enthusiastic volunteers!!

The second annual Martin Luther King Day cultural presentation will be held on Tuesday, January 21, 1997, to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We want to hear your input as we plan this upcoming event. Volunteer to be a part of the Student Planning Committee and help to make the program a success and a celebration! Stop by room 546 or e-mail EBERGER to get more details.

Internet Site of the Week:

Wonder what ever happened to that nice kid you knew in fourth grade? Want to find an E-mail address for a college buddy? Curious about information on your hometown? Well, this week's site can answer many of those questions. has world-wide search engines for E-mail addresses, white and yellow pages, blue pages (government) as well as information about cities and towns around the country. When you run out of people to look up, head over to and run your own phone number through the ringer. When you enter a phone number, the computer spits out a list showing every word that can be spelled from the digits in the number. Just a few study break distractions for you to check out!

Obiter Dictum /ó(w)b t r díkt m/. Lat. A remark in passing. See Dicta; Dictum.

"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials."
- Chinese Proverb


Reminder to 1Ls: Attend an Orientation Session This Week!

Come meet the Career Services staff and learn about ways we work with students to help them plan their careers. Students who plan to use the Career Services Office must attend one of these introductory sessions.

Day Division
Tuesday, October 29 at noon in room 570
Wednesday, October 30 at 3:00 pm in room 580
Thursday, October 31 at noon in room 580

Evening Division
Tuesday, October 29 at 5:00 pm in room 570
Wednesday, October 30 at 5:00 pm in room 570

Next week: 1L Resume Workshops for the Legal Market!

Legal Resume Development for Recent College Graduates

Tuesday, November 5 at noon in room 570
Wednesday, November 6 at 3:00 pm in room 570
Thursday, November 7 at noon in room 580

The Career Services staff will discuss writing strategies for students who recently finished their undergraduate degrees. Learn about what employers look for in a legal resume and how to make your college experiences work for you.

Legal Resume Development for Students with Professional Experience

Tuesday, November 5 at 5:00 pm in room 570
Wednesday, November 7 at 5:00 pm in room 570

The Career Services staff will discuss how to use your experience to your best advantage in your legal resume. They will address questions and concerns about formats, structure and content, and share information about what legal employers look for in a resume.

Individualized Career Counseling

Our office works with over 1,200 students and several hundred alumnae/i. That's why we rely on you to take the time to attend the fall programs before you meet with our counseling staff. After the fall introductory programs, we encourage you to set up an appointment to meet with one of our career strategists to talk about your career planning concerns.

Counseling appointments are available with Stephanie Rever Chu and Lisa Abrams as well as with our career strategists, Debbi Gutman and Kim Reynolds. Evening appointments are available. To schedule an appointment, contact the Career Services reception desk at 906-5200.

We look forward to working with you!

Fall On-Campus Interviewing

The National Association for Law Placement has set forth the following standards for the maximum number of offers students can hold open from the fall on-campus interview program:

October 15:Hold no more than 4 offers
November 1:Hold no more than 3 offers
December 1:Hold no more than one offer

Negotiation to extend decision deadline must occur with an employer before original deadline date.

Judicial Clerkships

1997 & 1998 Graduates Seeking Judicial Clerkships

All 1997 & 1998 graduates who seek counseling on judicial clerkship opportunities by a member of the Faculty Judicial Clerkship Advisory Committee should pick up the committee's materials in the Career Services Office. It is the purpose of the Faculty Judicial Clerkship Advisory Committee to assist Chicago-Kent students in obtaining clerkships by counseling on strategies for seeking a clerkship. Students wishing to receive faculty counseling must submit the information packet by Monday, November 4 at 5pm in the Career Services Office.

PILI Internships

The Public Interest Law (PILI) recruits and funds law students to work in summer public interest positions which would otherwise not exist. Forty local public interest organizations hire interns through the PILI program. PILI acts as a clearinghouse for resumes and funds the internships.

A list of participating organizations and applications instructions is available in Handout #33 in the Career Services Office. 2Ls should apply as soon as possible; 1Ls should apply as soon as possible after December 1. Applications will not be accepted after January 13, 1997.

Special Opportunities: Handouts Available in Career Services

Public Interest Internships

Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund - Mid Pacific Office: 2Ls

The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund in Honolulu, HI seeks applications for their summer 1997 internship program. The summer allows students the opportunity to conduct legal research and writing, participate in client consultation and strategic planning as well as case investigation. The salary is $300/week. Interested students should submit a writing sample, transcript from law school and undergraduate, and 3 references (one should be from a law school professor) to the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund - Mid Pacific Office, 223 South King Street, 4th Floor, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813.

Students should have a demonstrated commitment to public interest work and/or the environment. Applications are due by December 31, 1996.

Summer Clerkships

Alaska Public Defender Agency: 2Ls:

The Alaska Public Defender seeks applications for their summer 1997 clerkships. The Alaska Public Defender's Office represents indigent person accused of crimes. Law clerks are assigned to various offices in the agency and will gain exposure to the court room, work directly with clients, write pleadings, and assist in discovery. Funding for law clerk salaries is very limited, and students are encouraged to obtain alternative funding for the summer. Please see Handout #34 for further information and application instructions. The application deadline is December 1, 1996.

Judicial Clerkships

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan: 2Ls/3Ls/4Ls:

The United States District Court and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan announce their judicial clerkship opportunities. Students interested in applying for judicial clerkships in Michigan must submit their applications directly to the appropriate judicial officer. See Handout #35 for application instructions and a list of judicial officers and their addresses. Each judge has specific application instructions and application deadlines.

Employment Opportunities

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of the Solicitor: 3Ls/4Ls:

The Department of the Interior is seeking 3Ls/4Ls with a strong interest in public service and the work of their department for their fall 1997 program and spring 1997 program. To apply to the Department's Solicitor's Honors Program for employment beginning in the spring or fall of 1997, students should write as soon as possible to the Solicitor's Honors Program. The Department is the Nation's principal natural resources conservation and management agency. See Handout #36 for application instructions. Applications must be postmarked by October 30, 1996.

Defense Logistics Agency, Attorney Advisor Position: 3Ls/4Ls

The Defense Logistics Agency of Columbus Ohio is seeking applications for an Attorney Advisor. The Attorney Advisor will serve in the DLA Office of Counsel and will perform a variety of assignments requiring knowledge of Government contracting, personnel, labor, and equal employment law, fiscal law, ethics advice, installation law and litigation. Please see Handout #37 for application instructions. Applications must be postmarked by November 1, 1996.



The tutorial for the current week is FINDING U.N. DOCUMENTS. The tutorials are being presented by the Reference Staff of the Information Center, and the schedule is posted on the 9th floor bulletin board. You don't have to sign up; just show up at the Reference Desk at the scheduled times. If you have any suggestions regarding future topics or the times when they are offered, we'd like to have them. Send them to Lenore Glanz (e-mail: LGLANZ).


After an intense campaign, the United Nations has filled five rotating seats on the Security Council. Under the UN charter, this is the UN organ responsible for maintaining international peace and security, and member states agree to carry out its decisions.

In addition to the five permanent members, who were victorious allies at the end of World War II--China, France, the UK, the US. and the Russian Federation, there are 10 non-permanent memberships rotated among the remaining countries by world region. Five of them were open for the 1997-1998 term, and the five countries which won these seats by secret ballot were: Costa Rica (Latin America), Japan (Asia), Kenya (Africa) Portugal (Western Europe), and Sweden (Western Europe).

The Resolutions, Decisions, Proceedings, Agenda, and other records of the Security Council are received by the Library of International Relations, which is a depository library for United Nations documents and publications.


The United States Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear a case that may define Congress's power to legislate constitutional requirements. The case, Flores v. City of Boerne, 73 F. 3d 1352 (5th Cir. 1996) concerns denial of a construction permit for a Catholic church seeking to expand into a historic district. The church sued under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the City argued that the law was unconstitutional. Several federal appeals courts have upheld the Act. Other interested parties include state and local officials, including prison officials who have had to allow unusual religious activities among inmates and a coalition of religious groups seeking to bolster the Act. City of Boerne v. Flores, No. 95-2074.


Please stop by and see us. We can counsel you generally about legal and non-legal interest opportunities, and specifically help you locate a volunteer experience in a public interest area. Here is a sample of one of our many new and interesting listings:

Poverty Law Center of the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services

This is a newly created public policy and litigation center focusing on various welfare, economic development and housing laws that impact the poor. The Center is in need of volunteers who are interested in assisting attorneys by researching issues for litigation and legislative or administrative regulation advocacy. Legislative advocacy is especially important over the next year as Illinois creates and implements various new welfare plans due to the shift of welfare programs from federal entitlements to state block grants.

If you are interested in the Poverty Law Center or in any other volunteer opportunity, please stop by the SOS office in room 686.


Monday2:45pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday1:30pm - 3:00pm and 4:15pm - 6:00pm
Thursday4:15pm - 6:00pm

If you are unable to visit SOS during these times, please e-mail either Steve (SMCKENZI) or Ann Celine (AOHALLAR) to schedule an appointment.


On Tuesday, November 5, at 12 noon in the Auditorium, Professor JC Smith, who is Director of the Faculty of Law Artificial Intelligence Research Project at the University of British Columbia, will deliver the annual Charles Green Lecture in Law and Technology. He will speak on "Machine Intelligence and Legal Reasoning." The central focus of Professor Smith's research and writing has been the nature and structure of legal discourse, which has led him to pursue research of a broad interdisciplinary nature, including substantial research in the area of artificial intelligence and law. His lecture will focus on the problems of simulating legal reasoning in the computer. He will explain and demonstrate some of the innovative ways by which some of these problems can be solved, and how these solutions lead to a better understanding of our own mental processes. His thesis is that the future of legal practice will lie not so much in the direction of machines taking over the functions of lawyers, but rather in a union between the lawyer and the machine made possible by the capacity of the computer to represent and manipulate legal knowledge in patterns similar to the way humans think.

Professor Smith is a graduate of the UBC Faculty of Law and received his LL.M. from Yale, where he was awarded the Felix Cohen Prize in Legal Philosophy. He is the author of numerous academic articles and books. He has lectured around the world and has received many honors and prizes. A reception for Professor Smith will be held in the event room on the 10th floor immediately following the lecture.


CLC Computer Training Series: Navigating The Internet.

This week's sessions (repeating last week's) discover the meanings behind the Internet's alphabet soup (http, ftp, telnet, www, gopher, etc.). We will concentrate on the best methods for using the various Windows and DOS-based Internet utilities available at Chicago-Kent, including Netscape Navigator (it does more than just surf the web) and Trumpet, our USENET news reader. Sign up in room 703 for these sessions.

Navigating the Internet:
Thursday, October 31, at 12:50pm and Friday, October 1 at 3:00pm. The locations will be posted by e-mail.

1996 Student Directory Now In Electronic Format

The Center for Law and Computers has converted the 1996-1997 Student Directory into a Folio VIEWS Infobase. You can access a VIEWS infobase using the Folio VIEWS software that came with your LEXIS-NEXIS Millenium package this fall. Use the electronic directory to search for people by their first name, where they live, phone number, or almost any other combination you can think of. Instructions are in the electronic directory. To use the electronic directory, login to Kentnet, select Exit to Windows, and look for the 1996 Student Directory in the Class Materials menu. This version is the same as the printed directory published recently.


Monday10/284:30pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday10/298:00am - 10:00am
Thursday10/3011:00am - 2:00pm

* During office hours, the LEXIS Rep., Karin Kiyabu, will be in room 700 (the large 7th floor computer lab inside the Information Center) or at the tables directly outside the lab. If you have any LEXIS/NEXIS questions, e-mail LEXISQ or call 1-800-45-LEXIS.

THIS WEEK's LEXIS QUICK TIP: Finding a Public Law

Try the following:

  1. Select the CODES library
  2. Select the PUBLAW file
  3. Enter your search terms using SEGMENTS
    (e.g. heading(pub-law number) or search term)


Westlaw representative lab hours for the week of October 14th are as follows:

Monday:3:00-5:30Michael AmbroziakThursday:4:00-7:00Michael Ambroziak
Tuesday:6:00-9:00Michael Ambroziak
Wednesday:3:00-5:30Michael Ambroziak Sunday: 4:00-7:00Michael Ambroziak

During lab hours, Westlaw Student Representatives can be found in lab 700 or at the tables just outside of lab 700. Please feel free to e-mail us at CBROWN, MAMBROZI or WESTQ if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. Remember, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can reach a WESTLAW Reference Attorney at 1-800-850-WEST.

Paper Research - Name that Database

So let's pretend that you're writing a paper. Let's also pretend you have no idea where to find materials on your idiosyncratic choice of topic. Let's pretend that there's this database called IDEN which contains all the scope information on every Westlaw database and that your topic has something to do with foreign direct investment in Latin America. Using a terms and connectors search, type: (INVESTMENT BUSINESS) /S "LATIN AMERICA" and about 20 or so databases will be identified that bear some relation to your topic. You can then read the scope sections on these and further narrow your search for relevant databases.

On a similar note, any time you are in the Westlaw directory, there is a "Search for DB" button on the bottom of the screen which will automatically open a Natural Language search screen in the IDEN database.

Updating Your Research

Once you've identified the databases and searches that are proper for your paper topic, you can save yourself alot of time by using WESTCLIP. You can access Westclip via the button with the paperclip on the toolbar or via the menus. You tell Westclip what database to search, how often and with what query. It then runs your search on a periodic basis and whenever you want to be notified (say, at log-on) it will inform you if anything that corresponds to your search criteria has been added to the Westlaw databases since the last time your search was run. If you get a hit, you automatically access the new information with one button click. Yeehaw, life is good. Remember, Westlaw is your friend. Be nice.


On October 17 and 18, Professor Evelyn Brody participated in an invitational conference on "Conversion Transactions" at the New York University School of Law's National Center on Philanthropy and the Law. The attending practioners, academics, and federal and state government officials discussed the legal issues arising from the recent trend of nonprofit hospitals and HMOs to convert to the for-profit form.


For more information on essays and/or writing contests, stop by the office of the Associate Dean, room 320D.



The Black Women Lawyers' Association of Greater Chicago (BWLA) is offering scholarships to second- and third-year black women law students in the extended Chicago area for 1997. The BWLA is a community service organization which wants to promote and reward a similar interest in community service among future black women lawyers attending law school in the extended Chicago area.

The following criteria will be considered in awarding scholarships: academic record (which may include, but is not limited to, grades, participation on a law review, moot court or working as a teaching fellow), extracurricular activities (with particular emphasis given to service-oriented extracurricular activities), letters of recommendation, financial need, the applicant's essay, and an interview with the BWLA Scholarship Committee.

Two scholarships will be awarded by the BWLA, one for $2,500 and the other for $1,500. The scholarships are intended to help defray the costs of tuition for promising future black women lawyers. Scholarship applications and additional information are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230. The scholarship application and supporting documentation must be postmarked and mailed to the BWLA no later than November 18, 1996.


The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF) is pleased to announce their 1996-97 Scholarship Program. Two scholarship opportunities are currently available to Puerto Rican and other Latino students who are presently enrolled in law school:

Father Joseph P. Fitzpatrick Scholarship Fund

All Latino students attending law school in the United States are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Students must demonstrate financial need as well as a commitment to the Latino community. Award amounts range from $1,000 to $2,000.

Puerto Rican Bar Association (PRBA) Scholarship Award

All Latino students attending law school in the United States are eligible to apply. PRBA selects recipients based on financial need and academic promise.

All applicants must be candidates for a J.D. degree. LL.M. students are not eligible to apply for these awards.

Scholarship applications are available in the Office of Admissions, Suite 230. The same application is used for both awards. The application process includes the scholarship application; law school transcript; one-page resume; a copy of your financial aid award letter; a copy of your most recent tax form (as well as your spouse's, if applicable); a personal statement describing your career goals, school and community activities, and any activities demonstrating your commitment to public interest work; and two letters of recommendation. Scholarship applications and supporting documentation must be postmarked and mailed to PRLDEF no later than Friday, January 31, 1997.



Registration for the Spring semester will begin on November 7, 1996. Except as set forth below, students will not be permitted to register if there is any outstanding tuition balance.

Please note that the Registration Policy will not be waived in order to allow a student to meet a registration deadline. Therefore, we urge you to allow yourself sufficient time in which to complete the necessary paperwork (it usually takes 2-3 days to process Petition requests for approval).

Procedure for Registering with an Outstanding Tuition Balance

A student will be allowed to register with an outstanding tuition balance only if he/she has been approved to receive one or more of the following loans for the Fall semester to pay the balance:

  1. Stafford Loan
  2. Perkins Loan
  3. Law Access Loan (LAL) or Law Student Loan (LSL), GradAssist, EXCEL, and/or
  4. other institutional loan/s (bank, etc.)

Students will not be allowed permission to register for any reason other than those listed above.

Students should complete the Petition to Register with an Unpaid Balance form in order to be considered for registration with a past balance. Petition forms may be picked up at the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, Suite 220, the BURSAR'S OFFICE, room 290, or from the rack outside of the ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE and CLE OFFICE, Suite 265. Please submit application forms to the Office of the Assistant Dean of Administration, Finance and CLE, Suite 265.

The following information must be completed on the Petition form:

  1. Bursar's confirmation of the current outstanding tuition balance amount (inserted and initialed by the Bursar, Tabitha Clark, on the petition form).

  2. Financial Aid's verification of the loan amounts which are forthcoming (inserted and initialed by a Financial Aid staff member on the petition form).


We are having a drawing on Halloween. Starting Monday through Thursday come in a place your guess for the amount of candy in the jar. Winner will receive a 25% discount (maximum $20.00 off), on study aids, clothing, or gift items.


: What Is LADR???

This is a program in which first-year students may apply and is different from anything at any other law school! The first-year students who are accepted will begin the program during their second year of law school.

Becoming a lawyer takes more than sitting through three years of law school lectures. It involves more than learning how to cross-examine hostile witnesses, write persuasive briefs, and talk to clients. Reading about subjects such as legal ethics or law practice management is not the same as learning about them from experience.

Throughout the LADR program, you will learn legal doctrine, lawyering skills, and professional values, and work in Chicago-Kent's teaching law firm, supervised by clinical professors who are expert practitioners and mentors. You will learn the art of lawyering through two years of intensive skills and clinical training. Your experience will teach you how to become a competent, ethical, socially responsible lawyer.

There will be informational meetings and brochures available soon. WATCH THE RECORD FOR FUTURE ANNOUNCEMENTS!


Each nominee must qualify under the following criteria: The candidate shall be a woman currently enrolled in an accredited American law school on a full or part-time basis who through her law school academic and clinical work and other related activities demonstrates her aptitude for and a long-term commitment to a legal career of advocacy on behalf of the health care needs of children, women, the elderly or the disabled. First place receives $2,000; second place receives $1,000. Nominations must be received by January 17, 1997.

For more information, stop by the office of the Associate Dean, room 320D.



We have started hearing a number of concerns about the Spring semester schedule of classes. Should you wish to express an issue, you have a number of options available:

  1. Send an e-mail to Dean Chapman before October 29.
  2. Attend the meeting with Dean Chapman at 2pm on October 29, room 590.
  3. Attend the meeting with Dean Chapman at 5pm on October 29, room 210.
  4. Send an e-mail to SBAQ no later than October 29. {any messages sent to SBAQ will be forwarded to Dean Chapman as part of a packet of comments}

Student organization leaders should be aware of the SBA's major speaking event, the Fall Lecture Series. Please take the November 4-7 events into consideration when scheduling organizational meetings and events.

Old Business:

  1. Fall Lecture Series: The theme for the lecture series is "Emerging Legal Issues for the 21st Century." The SBA will host several speakers that will discuss a wide variety of interesting issues. A pamphlet detailing the speakers and topics will be available before the beginning of the events. The following speakers have confirmed:

    Monday, November 4 - 11:30am - Auditorium
    Emerging Medical IssuesLori Andrews, Professor of Law
    Emerging Civil Rights IssuesStandish Willis, Attorney

    Monday, November 5 - 4:30pm - Auditorium

    Emerging Ethical/Professionalism IssuesDan Webb, Attorney and former United States Attorney

    Wednesday, November 6 - 2pm - Auditorium

    Emerging Human Rights IssuesDr. Robert Kirschner, Director of the International Forensic Program for the Physicians for Human Rights and former Cook County Medical Examiner
    Emerging International Trial IssuesBartram Brown, Assistant Professor of Law

    Thursday, November 7 - 4:30pm - Auditorium

    Emerging Technology/Cyberlaw IssuesTo be determined.

  2. November Nitecap: The SBA's November social is scheduled for Thursday, November 7. The event will be held from 7pm to 11pm. Please mark your schedule accordingly. Please direct inquiries to Jonathan Gelperin, Chair of the Social Committee.

New Business:

  1. Spring 1997 Budget Packets: Please be advised that the SBA will distribute the Spring 1997 Budget Packets no later than Monday, November 11. Student organization leaders will need to return all packets no later than Friday, November 22.

  2. Fundraising Seed Money: Please be advised that the SBA is willing to offer limited financial assistance to student organizations in regards to their fundraising. Within reasonable means, we will help your organization acquire the necessary product by offering a small, short term loan. The SBA will receive first option to your fundraising proceeds {and product, if necessary} until the loan is repaid. Please direct inquiries to SBAQ or Kim Jessum.

  3. Let's Take the Chill Off: We would like to encourage the Chicago-Kent community to participate in BLSA's Coat and Winter Clothing Drive. This very worthwhile effort provides Chicago-Kent with a great opportunity in the community outreach initiatives. Remember that all proceeds will be donated to area homeless shelters.

Thank you.


Congratualtions to the newly elected Amnesty International board:

Hillarie Boettger: Secretary
Eric Gallagher: Treasurer
Angela Salse: Vice-President
Jennifer Spooner: President

Amnesty International will have a Human Rights Halloween Party! Stop by to watch the movie "Halloween" and snack on Halloween munchies. While there, don't forget to sign the Amnesty International petitions for the Chinese Human Rights campaign! The movie wil be held in room 570 from 3-5pm on Halloween, Thursday, October 31.

Are you interested in working in the human rights area? To help you start out, Amnesty International will host a luncheon entitled "Careers In Human Rights". The luncheon will feature practicioners who are working in the human rights arena. Please contact Hillarie Boettger (HBOETTGE) to reserve a spot at the event. The luncheon will be held from 12-1:30pm on Wednesday, November 20.

Finally, watch the Record for details about our upcoming roundtable on Human Rights in China!


Jacquie Lewis from Illinois Animal Action and SPEAK (Supplementing and Promoting Ethics in the Animal Kingdom) will be speaking here at Chicago-Kent on October 29 from 5:30-6:30pm in room 590. Ms. Lewis will be speaking on "Living Without Cruelty: The First Step Towards Legal Rights for Animals." There will be both a slide and video presentation and food and beverages will be served. Everyone is invited to attend!!!!

In addition, in November we will be co-sponsoring a speaking event with ELS on Factory Farming. If you can help out with planning the event (making flyers, scheduling the room...) please e-mail RVANDERV or YKATO.


AALS would like to congratulate two new members of our Board:

Michael Curry -- Vice President
Jennifer Hodel -- Secretary

We would also like to announce that Matthew Knorr has been appointed as "IIT Liaison." Students interested in joining AALS should send an e-mail to Jason (JDEVORE) or ATHLETEQ. Basketball and volleyball are right around the corner; now is the time to join.


The Brehon Society will host a bake sale this Wednesday, October 30 in the Spak to celebrate Halloween, a holiday of Celtic origin. Come by to sample the tasty treats and learn how the Irish tradition of Halloween has evolved in America.

The hit musical "Riverdance" from London will be in Chicago from October 24 through November 10 at the Rosemont Theatre. "Riverdance" features traditional Irish music, dance and song. The cast was recently featured on The Late Show With David Letterman. The Brehon Society is organizing a trip to see "Riverdance" on November 6 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $24.50. If you are interested in coming out to see "Riverdance" on November 6, e-mail JFOGARTY.



All Students Are Invited to the Week's Activities:

Monday10/28Roundtable Discussion: "Bridging the Gap: Addressing Racial Stereotypes." ROOM 210 at 11:45am
Tuesday10/29Movie Night: "Higher Learning" $1 admission/FREE POPCORN
Wednesday10/30Club Night: Come Party at the BUDDHA BAR. 728 W. Grand at 8pm
Friday11/1"SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO" in the Auditorium at 5pm. Come showcase your talent. Prizes will be awarded for the best act.
Those interested in performing, please contact JHENLEY, GRECORD, or SDAVIS.
Saturday11/2B-Ball, B-Ball, B-Ball: Come cheer on your classmates, faculty, and staff in a hoop game at the MAIN CAMPUS GYM at 1pm
COMEDY NIGHT: Come for a night of laughs at All Jokes Aside. 1000 S. Wabash Street.


We would like to thank everyone that stopped by for our social event on Monday evening - it was quite successful! We signed up some new committee chairs; you'll be hearing from them in future Record announcements. Our next event will be held Monday, November 11, during the lunch hour (noon) in room C25. Our guest speaker will be Mark Luscombe, JD, LLM, CPA, who is a principal analyst for the federal tax team at CCH Incorporated. He will speak to CKTS members and guests, including faculty, about current federal tax legislation. If you need further information, you may e-mail Margareth Smid at MSMID.


CLS gladly announces the addition of a second Bible Study session. Please Join CLS members in a time of fellowship and discovery on Mondays, 6:15-7pm, in the CLS Office on the Concourse (room C72). Any suggestions for material or questions may be directed to CCOOPER.


We are cosponsoring a speaker event with the IPLS on Tuesday.

Who: Mr. Marty Delano
What: Topic: "ProCD v. Ziedenberg" (shrinkwrap licensing)
When: Tuesday 10/29, 4:30pm - 5:45pm
Where: Room 170

Mr. Delano would like for everyone attending to read the case (86 F.3d 1447) so that the event will be interactive rather than just a pure presentation.


The next ELS meeting is on November 13, from 3-4pm, for day students and from 5-5:30pm for evening students. The room number will be announced in next week's Record. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please e-mail RVANDERV, and I will get back to you with what you missed.

If you are interested in attending some up and coming environmental conferences check out the ELS bulletin board for details!! In addition, if you would like to help with an ELS speaking event

co-sponsored with ARLS (on Factory Farming and its effects on the environment), please e-mail RVANDERV. Thanks!


Mr. Roger Pilon of the CATO Institute will be speaking about "Federalism, Unfunded Mandates, and the 104th Congress", among other things, on November 7 in room 580 from 4-5:30pm. We intend to have a reception afterwards. The event should prove especially interesting to 2Ls in Constitutional Law, as we hope to engage at least one of your professors in the discussion. We will be posting some information about Mr. Pilon and CATO on our bulletin board.

We are co-sponsoring an event on the benefits of legal immigration on November 12 in room 170 at noon. A video by the American Immigration Lawyers' Association will be shown, and a member of that association, Peggy McCormick, will be present to discuss the video, immigration law in general, and answer any questions. FOOD will be served.

Professor Paul Cassell of the University of Utah will be discussing the 30th Anniversary of the Miranda decision with famous defense attorney and esteemed Professor Richard Kling. This event will take place on November 18 from 4-6pm in room 570. Prof. Cassell is a former law clerk of then-Judge Scalia and Chief Justice Warren Burger, and has written extensively about Miranda and other law enforcement topics. Prof. Kling is a excellent criminal defense attorney with the Chicago-Kent Law Offices and has been involved in several high-profile cases. Recently, Prof. Kling successfully defended Helmut Hofer, accused of murdering Dean Olds' wife. If you haven't heard anything about that, you truly are living in a box.

We are still waiting on the room and date for the panel we intend to host on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. Please watch the Federalist Society bulletin board and your e-mail for breaking news. Also, we have added many new handouts and other free articles to our bulletin board. Please help yourself to our propaganda.

Questions, donations, insults, or a desire to be included on our mailing list? E-mail CHAGE, CBENTLEY, CPOULSON, or JMRAZ.

The Constitution is the rock of our political salvation; it is the palladium of our rights; . . . [but] when the [government] pursues a favorite object with passionate enthusiasm, men are too apt, in their eager embrace of it, to overlook the means by which it is attained. These are the melancholy occasions when the barriers of the government are broken down and the boundaries of the Constitution defaced.
Junius Americanus [pseud.]
letter in the New York Daily Advertiser
July 13, 1790

Note: Last week in this space two quotes (one by Thomas Jefferson and the other by Adolph Hitler) were run that might imply that the Federalist Society was anti-gun control. The Federalist Society is a group of libertarian and conservative individuals who are committed to encourage full and free debate of issues, with full participation from all viewpoints. We do not presume to advocate a position on the issues. In addition, the second quote, intended by the author to illustrate possible dangers in limiting the citizens' right to bear arms, was in no way intended to endorse Hitler or his views.


MARCH FOR JUSTICE AND DIGNITY: We would like to recognize the five Chicago-Kent law students who attended the "March for Justice and Dignity" in Washington D.C. on October 12. The March was a culmination of a nationwide mobilization initially organized in 1994 by some of the most astute Latino thinkers and community activists, whose purpose for gathering was in response to the recent "Hispanic hysteria" that has been sweeping our country. There is a video on reserve in the library for anyone who may be interested in viewing this historical event.


IPLS's first speaker event of the year, held in conjunction with CLASS, will take place on Tuesday, October 29 from 4:30-5:45pm in room 170. Mr. Marty Delano, a member of the contracts group with Andersen Consulting, will discuss the ProCD v. Zeidenberg case involving shrinkwrap licensing. Mr. Delano asks that those who plan to attend read the case, located at 86 F.3d 1447, beforehand so that the discussion can be interactive. Refreshments will be provided. A few days later, IPLS is having its Halloween bake sale on Thursday, October 31 in the 3rd floor Spak. Volunteers are still needed to sit at the table as well as bake goodies. Please e-mail TMCCARTY if you are interested in helping out. Additionally, IPLS is selling Entertainment coupon books for $35.00. (a great value for all the excellent entertainment opportunities included in the book!) Pick up your copy at our Halloween bake sale.

Finally, mark your schedules for our Resume Workshop on Tuesday, November 19 from 4-6pm in room 570. If you're interested in a career in intellectual property and want a practicing IP attorney to review your resume, sign up for a fifteen minute time-slot on the sheet posted on the IPLS bulletin board located on the concourse. Please note: this special event is only open to dues-paying members so if you're interested and haven't yet paid your dues, you still can participate by placing $5.00 in the IPLS mailbox on the 2nd floor (checks payable to Tonya McCarty).

IPLS looks forward to seeing many of you at our exciting upcoming events!


The next ILS general meeting for all current members, as well as all those interested in ILS, is scheduled for Wednesday, November 6 from 3-4pm in room C50. As always, refreshments will be served.

ILS and The Asian Law Society will co-sponsor a speaker event on Tuesday, November 12 at 5pm in room C50. The speakers will include Dawn Haghighi, and attorneys O'Connor, Schiff and Meyers. They will be discussing joint venture agreements and dispute resolution. All are welcome to attend. Dinner will be served.

And, once again, all those interested in fundraising this semester are asked to contact RRODRIGU.


KATLA is hosting a speaker event on October 29 at noon. Our speaker will be Dick Devine, a candidate for State's Attorney in November's elections. We will provide food (PIZZA) and drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend, so don't miss out on this great opportunity!

KATLA is also hosting a workshop for its Trial Team in early November. This year, we will have 2 teams for competition. Keep watching the Record for more info!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to become a KATLA member, please e-mail Lisa (LSMITH3).


GENERAL MEETING: Day Students -- October 30 at 3pm in room 170. Evening Students -- October 31 at 5:15pm in room 170. Auction Committee members MUST attend to find out individual duties and deadlines. If you still need to join an Auction Committee, e-mail Ann-Celine at AOHALLAR. P.S. Flannel boxers are the official KJF Fall Fundraiser; sales are set for early November.

HALLOWEEN BAKE SALE: Sign up at the meeting on Wednesday to bake or sit for the October 31 Bake Sale. Or e-mail Beverly at BMCCLELL with your preferred 1-hour time slot between 10am and 6pm. All that baking and sitting -- don't forget to EAT something too!

PILI APPLICATIONS: Applications for the Public Interest Law Initiative are available in the Career Services Office. PILI provides limited stipends to students securing jobs with organizations participating in PILI. See the handout for details. (1Ls must wait until after December 1, of course.)


Thank you to all who attended last week's speaker event, and a special thanks to Professor Katharine Baker and Adjunct Professor Belle Gordon for volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge of family law issues with us.

Our next event is the JUVENILE COURT TOUR, which Adjunct Professor and Hearing Officer Stan Mondala has been kind enough to arrange for us and anyone else who is interested. The tour will take place on Thursday, November 7. We will meet here at Chicago-Kent at 8:15 am and carpool to the Juvenile Court facility. We expect to return to school during the lunch hour.

There are only 20 spaces and a number of people are already on the list, so if you are interested please e-mail me (LGOTTSCH) as soon as possible.



If you were supposed to get an outline but didn't, contact Melissa (MSMEJKAL). She'll help you out. Also, to all those 2Ls and 3Ls, Melissa has some outlines available for your classes, too. Instead of sending her a barrage of e-mails, though, I think I'll just e-mail a list of the classes for which she has outlines for. Stay tuned...

Upcoming events:

Oct. 29 (Tues.) - BAKE SALE -- We are having a Bake Sale, for fundraising purposes, of course. Anyone who is interested in bringing baked goods or sitting at the fundraising table should contact Pegg (MZILLIGE).

Oct. 31 (Thurs.) - HALLOWEEN PARTY -- There is a district-wide Halloween Party at Jack Sullivans. There is no cover and there will be $400 worth of FREE food and $400 worth of FREE drinks. After that, there will be drink specials all night.

Oct. 31 (Thurs.) - SCHOLARSHIPS -- Applications for $500 scholarships are due. The winners are chosen by PAD Nationals.

Nov. 6 (Wed.) - GENERAL MEETING -- We will discuss upcoming events and elections for the executive board.

Nov. 13 (Wed.) - PARTY -- We're not sure where, but be prepared...

Dec. 12 (Tues.) at 5:30pm - FORMAL DINNER -- This is a PAD formal at LaRosetta (3 First National Plaza). It is black tie optional and will cost between $35 and $40.

Contact Josh (JGUBKIN), Adam (AWEISS) or (PADQ) with any questions.


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend our meetings last week. We covered a lot of upcoming business.

We are in the midst of planning our Fall Reception at which we will pair up mentors and mentees. The tentative dates are November 7 and November 14.

Movie Night: We want to host a showing of the recent HBO movie "If These Walls Could Talk." The time and date is still up in the air, but we'll keep you posted.

Professor JC Smith of the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, who will deliver the Green Lecture in Law and Technology at noon on Tuesday, November 5, is also the co-author, with Carla J. Ferstman, of a book recently published by New York University Press, entitled the Castration of Oedipus; Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Will to Power. The book draws from the work of Nietzsche, Freud, Lacan and Derrida, and ends up with a challenging reversal-of-power thesis. Professor Smith would be very interested in discussing the book with interested faculty

and students on Monday, November 5, at either noon or afternoon (time TBA). This is a great opportunity to meet a scholar of feminism in a relaxed informal forum. Please contact TPETRUSO if you would like to attend and to voice a preference for the time of the talk.

Look for an upcoming forum on Late-term/ Partial Birth Abortion that WIL is co-sponsoring with The Federalist Society. The emphasis in the forum will be on the legal implications of the bill prohibiting partial birth abortion that was recently vetoed by President Clinton. Particular emphasis will be on the impact such a law would have on previous abortion decisions. The forum will take place in early November.

Committees are still forming. If you signed up to be on a committee, expect to be contacted by the chair of that committee soon. The committees are: Speaker Series, Fundraising, Special Events, Community Service, and Public Relations.

The Intellectual Property Law Society & C.L.A.S.S.

invite the Chicago-Kent College of Law community
to discuss the issue of Shrinkwrap Licensing

Mr. Marty Delano, contracts group member, Andersen Consulting
will discuss the case ProCD v. Zeidenberg
Tuesday, October 29, 1996
Room 170

Refreshments will be provided

Please Note: Mr. Delano asks that those planning to attend read the case, located at 86 F.3d 1447, in preparation for a lively discussion.