Chicago-KentCollege ofLaw


Vol. No. XXXI, No. 6
February 17, 1997

Posting Notices in The Record


Diplomas for January 1997 Graduates

January 1997 graduates may pick up their diplomas in the Registrar's office Wednesday, February 19, through Friday, February 21; you must present a photo ID to obtain your diploma. Diplomas not picked up by February 21 will be mailed to your home.

Change of Division

Students who want to change division for the fall semester must submit a Request to Change Divisions form to the Registrar's office by Friday, February 28. Division changes will be permitted on a space-available basis. Students who change division will have the lowest registration priority within their starting group for summer and fall, 1997 registrations.


Orientation Feedback Focus Group

1Ls -- Think back to that August day when you first stepped into this building. What was Orientation like for you? How do you wish your experience had gone? Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we begin to plan next year's orientation program. We would like to hear about your experience and find out what suggestions you have for Orientation 1997. If you would like to participate in an upcoming Orientation focus group, please contact Ellen Berger (EBERGER, room 546). If written communication is more your style, please send your Orientation comments & suggestions via e-mail to EBERGER.

Teaching Assistant Office Hours

The office hour schedule for this semester is posted on the Student Services Bulletin Board across from room 544. If you have any questions about the schedule, please e-mail Ellen Berger at EBERGER. Remember, it is never too early in the semester to go see your TA!

Internet Sites of the Week

Unfortunately, the cold and flu season seems to have begun a second wave of terror. When you are feeling under the weather, take a moment to check out one of the many health related sites on the Internet. A good starting point is This comprehensive directory of health care sites may lead you to the cure for what ails you. At the very least, the many interesting sites in the directory will keep you entertained while you recuperate. For extensive consumer health information, visit where you will find information on health care, nutrition and fitness as well as a list of links to health and medical web sites. This site also features a Health Care Locator to assist you in finding the right physician, hospital or HMO for your needs. You should also check out for the latest in health care news and a terrific list of health related links.


Class of 1997 Graduation Information!!!

The Class of 1997 Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 25, 1997, at 2:30 p.m. at Navy Pier. If you have not already received information at the time your class composite was taken, a packet containing all pertinent graduation information is available now in Suite 310. As well, ticket request forms and cap and gown forms are available. All ticket request forms must be completed by February 28, 1997. Each graduate is allotted 10 tickets. Any extra tickets will be distributed in early May on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any further questions about Commencement, please don't hesitate to ask Lauren Lockwood or John Fogarty in Suite 310.

Class Pictures

For the Class of 1997 graduates who sat for pictures in late January, your proofs are available now in Suite 310. Wyckoff Portraits will be back at Chicago-Kent on February 25 and 26 for retakes, as well as to accommodate anyone who was not able to schedule an appointment for a picture in January. If you would like to sign up to have a picture taken on February 25 or 26, a sign up sheet is available in Suite 310.

Chicago-Kent Alum Organizing Forum on the Death Penalty

Joe Tobias, ‘38, has helped organize a forum on the death penalty that may be of interest to Chicago-Kent students. The panelists are well-known advocates and opponents of the death penalty. The advocates will be William J. Kunkle, prosecutor of John Wayne Gacy and co-prosecutor of US House Speaker Jim Wright, and Judge Terrence Madsen, who was the Chief of Criminal and Death Penalty Appeals for the Illinois Attorney General from 1987 to 1994. The opponents will be Justice Seymour Simon, who is a former Illinois Supreme Court Justice, and Theodore Gottfried, who is the Chief of Criminal and Death Penalty Appeals for the Illinois Public Defender's Office. The moderator will be Leon Despres, who is a former Chicago alderman and Parliamentarian of the Chicago City Council.

The forum will be held on Sunday, February 23, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Congregation Solel, 1301 Clavey Road, in Highland Park. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call (847) 433-3555. If you are interested in attending this forum please e-mail JFOGARTY.


Upcoming Programs

1L Interview Skills to Get You Started

How does a legal interview differ from other interviews? How do you prepare for an interview? What are hiring attorneys looking for in new hires? How do you sell yourself effectively?

On Tuesday, February 18, in Room 570 at noon and 5:00pm, the Career Services Office staff will discuss the basics of a legal interview, answer strategy questions and provide resource suggestions to help you prepare for legal interviews

Job Searching on the Internet

"What is the Internet?" "What can I find on the Internet that would assist me in my job search?" "Why should I use the Internet during my job search?"

If you've asked the following questions, and are eager to find out the answers, join Charis Runnels, Resource Manager of the Career Services Office, and Jeff Harrison, Manager of Electronic Publishing & Computer Resources on Tuesday, February 25, at noon and 5:00pm in room 570, as they discuss job searching on the Internet. Space is limited, so interested students should register early in the Career Services Office.

Special Career Planning Concerns for 1L Evening Students

Evening students are faced with the question of how to develop practical legal experience while working full time. Come join Assistant Dean Lisa Abrams on Wednesday, February 26, in room 570 at 5:00pm, as she addresses the special challenges faced by evening students and shares practical strategies for gaining legal experience and suggestions for devising a career transition strategy that will work for you.

Please sign up in the Career Services Office if you plan to attend.

The Young Lawyers Section/Chicago Bar Association Program

On Wednesday, March 19, from 12:00-2:00pm, the Young Lawyer Section of the Chicago Bar Association Career Assistance Committee presents The Ninth Annual Seminar on Being a Lawyer, Is It Your Only Choice? A look at Alternative Careers. The program will be held at the CBA, 321 S. Plymouth Ct., 8th floor. To attend, interested students should complete handout #65 and return it to the CBA.

Other Special Opportunities: Handouts Available in Career Services


KJF Summer ‘97 Fellowship Application

KFJ has released their summer 1997 fellowship application packet which includes guidelines and lists of recipients from past years. Students interested in applying for fellowships this year should see Handout #64. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 11, at 6:00pm in the KJF mailbox on the 2nd floor.

National Lawyers Guild Summer Projects 1997:

If you are interested in summer positions in a variety of public interest or legal services organizations, see Handout # 68 for a packet of information regarding public interest summer opportunities across the country. The handout also includes application instructions. Applications are due March 1, 1997


Americans United for Life 1Ls, 2Ls:

Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law firm and educational organization committed to the principle of the civil right to life from conception until natural death. AUL works on litigation, legislation and education in the areas of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide on the state and national levels. AUL seeks summer interns, who will receive a $7,500 salary for 12 weeks of work. Interested students should see Handout #66 for further information and application instructions.


United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana seeks applications for a temporary part-time Pro-Se law Clerk. This position is located in South Bend, Indiana. A law degree is required. Please see Handout #67 for further information. The application deadline is February 28.



Do you want to find information about some product, some company, or a business executive? Then, you should come to the tutorial on PRO-QUEST. This is the large screen database next to the Shepard's Citators on the 9th floor of the Information Center. The database indexes over 1,000 management, marketing, and business journals, including over 350 international journals--

which constitutes pretty good global coverage of the marketplace.

The Reference Staff of the Info Center will be demonstrating the PRO-QUEST database. Each tutorial will last about 20 minutes, or less. The schedule is posted on the 9th floor Bulletin Board, and you don't have to sign up for these tutorials. Just show up by the Reference Desk at the scheduled times.

If you have any comments about the times or the topics for the tutorials, please let us know by contacting Lenore Glanz (e-mail LGLANZ).

Tax Forms

1996 Federal Tax Forms are available on eLOISe now. Tax Forms are searchable by form number and date. Ask Reference Librarian for assistance.

Partner Down the Hall

In law practice, often the most efficient and effective place to start a project is with an experienced attorney who can proffer advice and background information.

At Chicago- Kent, the attorneys on the Information Center Reference Staff offer the "Partner Down the Hall" Program. The purpose of this program is to provide individual assistance to 2nd and 3rd year students in the context of actual written assignments. The staff will be available to assist in analyzing the problem and discussing research strategies.

To make an appointment, e-mail PARTNER. Briefly describe the problem you are working on and provide times most convenient for you to meet. Confirmation of your appointment will be made that day.

ExTEND Students

On Monday, February 10, eight students from the Information Center's ExTend Program met with representatives of the library and the Black Law Students Association ("BLSA"). The students, most of whom are juniors or seniors from Chicago's Crane High school, have been employed part-time by the Information Center since September 1996 to assist in scanning documents into the library's image collection. Monday's meeting provided them with an opportunity to gather in one place at one time (instead of two at a time for three-hour shifts), meet members of the library staff and the student body, and learn more about the image collection that they have been helping to build.

The students participated in a hands-on demonstration of eLOISe, and were able to retrieve documents themselves that might be useful to them in their high school classes. Simeon Davis of BLSA discussed the possibilities of law students' assisting them with tutoring or mentoring. Further meetings are planned with the view of involving the students more closely with the law school and the Information Center.

For more information about the Information Center, visit our web page at


The Cook County Public Guardian's Office is currently seeking 2L and 3L students to volunteer at Juvenile Court. The students would assist the attorneys in preparing for trial, researching and writing briefs and memos. Additionally, any 711 eligible student could also assist in the court trial procedures. If you are interested please stop by the SOS office or contact either Ann Celine or Steve McKenzie.

OFFICE HOURS in room 686.

Monday 10:30 - 12:30

Tuesday 3:00 - 5:00

Wednesday 10:45 - 11:45

Thursday 3:30 - 5:30

If you are unable to visit SOS during these times please e-mail either Steve (SMCKENZI) or Ann Celine (AOHALLAR) to schedule an appointment.


Professor Richardson's Torts Class -- Exam Review Session

Professor Michele Baker Richardson will hold an exam review session on Tuesday, February 18, at 11:45am in room 510. You must attend the review session before scheduling an individual meeting to discuss your examination. Professor Michele Baker Richardson can be reached at x6-5381.

Exam Review for Professor Sherman's Fall 1996 Exam

Students interested in reviewing their performance on last fall's final examination in Professor Sherman's Estates and Trusts course should promptly consult the sign-up sheet on the door of his office (room 741).

Professor Wright Exam Review

Professor Richard Wright will hold a group exam review session for students in his Fall 1996 Torts class in room 520 at 11:45am Tuesday, Feburary 18. Anyone who wants to go over his or her exam individually must attend this group exam review session.


New on InnerKent: Chicago-Kent's Daily Calendar
Chicago-Kent's internal web server (http://ck) now features detailed listings of the College's calendar. Go to Chicago-Kent Academic Calendar, then Chicago-Kent Day At A Glance to see what's going on this week.

Virus Detection Update
The CLC has updated Chicago-Kent's McAfee Scan software in the last week. Pick up a copy for your home computer under Kentnet Network Services on the KENTNET DOS menu. Please check your disks every time you log onto KENTNET.



Monday 8am-2pm Karin Kiyabu
Tuesday 8am-10am Karin Kiyabu
Wednesday 3pm-6pm Pauline Afuso
Thursday 3pm-6pm Pauline Afuso
Friday 10am-11am Pauline Afuso

* During office hours, the LEXIS Reps. will be in room 700 (the large 7th floor computer lab inside the Information Center) or at the tables directly outside the lab.

THIS WEEK's LEXIS QUICK TIP: Better formatting with LEXIS

Try the following: LEXFORM

If you download a file from LEXIS and then import it into your word processor, you may think, "Yuck! The formatting is horrible!" The solution to this problem is to use a LEXFORM, a program that will strip out the extra pages and headers, change the word wrapping options, and help you produce a more useful product. LEXFORM is available free to everyone who has LEXIS version 4.06. Here is how LEXFORM works:

Open LEXIS. From the FILE menu at the top of the window, select LEXFORM.

This will open a box and ask you to fill in two lines: the name of the file you want transformed and a name for the new file you will create. Once that is filled in, click on the LEXFORM. Settings button to make sure you have the correct options selected. Selecting the "Auto line wrapping by word processor" option will let your word processor control the line length, font size, and page numbering.

After your options are selected, click on the OK button to return to the previous LEXFORM box, and then click OK to begin LEXFORMing your document.

Remember, if you have any LEXIS/NEXIS questions, e-mail LEXISQ or call 1-800-45-LEXIS, or visit us in the lab. LEXIS rep hours will be posted on the lan 700 bulletin board.



Westlaw Representative lab hours for the week of February 17 are as follows:

Monday: 8:00 - 10:30 Christine Brown Tuesday: 8:00 - 10:30 Christine Brown
12:00 - 5:00 Michael Ambroziak
Wednesday: 8:00 - 10:30 Christine Brown Thursday: 1:00 - 4:00 Michael Ambroziak
4:00 - 6:00 Christine Brown
7:30 - 10:30 Christine Brown
Friday: 1:00 - 5:00 Michael Ambroziak

During lab hours, Westlaw Student Reps. can be found in lab 700 or at the tables just outside of lab 700. Please feel free to e-mail us at Mambrozi, Cbrown, or WESTQ if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. Remember, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can reach a WESTLAW Reference Attorney at 1-800-850-WEST.


TP-CANADA featuring Canadian Law Journals

VIETNMOG the Vietnam Official Gazette

INOG featuring full text of a quarterly business and trade periodical International Organization providing news and information highlighting foreign politics and history.


As commmerce spreads internationally over the Internet, so do legal problems involving incompatible foreign laws. Access the Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management database (FOLIO) to read what advertisers and their lawyers should know about the international aspects of advertising on the Internet.

foreign /s jurisdiction /s advertis!


You can clerk for Rambo without knowing a thing about automatic weapons. You will, however, need strong research skills and a sense of humor. To learn about clerkship opportunities with United States Chief District Judge Sylvia H. Rambo, access the West's Legal Directory--Judicial Clerkships database (WLD- CLERK). In the Last Name blank, type: rambo


To read President Clinton's State of the Union address and the Republican response by Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts, access the U.S. Political Transcripts database (USPOLTRANS). Restrict your search to the title field (ti) and add a date restriction to retrieve this year's address.

ti(state /3 union) & da(1997)


The brief era of the "cybersquatter" appears to be over. A federal district judge in California has ruled against a man who registered dozens of Internet domain names based on the names of well-known corporations. Access FIND and type the following citation to retrieve a case in which this cybersquatter demanded $13,000 from Panavision, the famous maker of movie cameras, to stop using ""

945 F.Supp. 1296


Professor James Dwyer was recently selected for the Young Scholars Program at Cornell University, the highest distinction awarded to non-tenured academics writing in political theory or moral philosophy. Professor Dwyer will be invited to Cornell in Spring 1998, along with eminent scholars in his field, for a weekend devoted to discussing his writings.


For more information on essays and/or writing contests, stop by the Office of the Associate Dean, room 320D.



To commemorate its 100th anniversary in 1987, the firm of Cabaniss, Johnston, Gardner, Dumas & O'Neal of Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, created with the Alabama Law Foundation, Inc. a scholarship in memory of its founding partners, Edward Harmon Cabaniss and Forney Johnston. The first scholarship was awarded in 1987.

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. must be a resident of Alabama;

2. must be in the second year of law school during the 1997-98 academic year.

The scholarship will cover tuition and books for the second year of law school to a maximum of $5,000. A second place scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded at the committee's discretion.

While academic achievement is the key factor in determining eligibility for the scholarship, consideration will be given to other factors such as conscientiousness, dependability, civic involvement, financial need and dedication to the highest ethical standards.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship should pick up the application form in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. The deadline for submitting completed applications and all supporting documents to the Cabaniss, Johnston Scholarship Committee is June 6, 1997.


The DuPage County Chapter of the Justinian Society of Lawyers is awarding a minimum of one $1,000 scholarship to a law student who meets the following criteria:

  1. must have completed at least one semester of law school;
  2. must be of Italian extraction.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship should pick up the application form in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. The scholarship application process includes the scholarship application form, a brief personal statement, a copy of your federal income tax return for the previous calendar year, and a letter of recommendation by a law school faculty member.

All materials should be mailed to Marsha H. Cellucci, c/o Cellucci & Yacobellis, 1155 S. Washington Street, Suite 100, Naperville, IL 60540, and must be received no later than April 1, 1997.


The Illinois Real Estate Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to aid and promote the work of real estate education throughout Illinois. The Foundation is supported by voluntary contributions from organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of furthering academic experience and training in the real estate industry in Illinois. Scholarship awards have become a prominent activity of the Foundation. Many students in real estate-related curricula at colleges and universities have benefitted from the Foundation's scholarship grants.

The selection of scholarship recipients will be determined by the Foundation, taking into consideration the following criteria:

  1. the applicant's indication of interest in pursuing a career in real estate or an allied field (i.e., construction, land use planning, mortgage banking, property management, real estate appraising, real estate assessing, real estate brokerage, real estate development, real estate investment counseling, real estate law, real estate syndication);
  2. the applicant's record of scholastic achievement, including academic grade point average;
  3. the applicant's economic need or situation;
  4. the applicant's references and recommendations by instructors, employers, realtors and other prominent individuals.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship should pick up the application form in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. The scholarship application process includes the scholarship application form, a letter of application, a record of military service (if any), a description of the proposed program of study, a typed statement from a real estate instructor recommending you as an applicant, an official law school transcript and two letters of recommendation.

All materials must be received by May 1, 1997, and should be mailed to The Real Estate Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 19451, Springfield, IL 62794-9451, (217) 529-2600.


The Polish Women's Civic Club, Inc. is a philanthropic organization of American women of Polish descent interested in discovering the richness of their Polish heritage and sharing it with others.

Realizing that education is the main tool for deepening an appreciation of culture and advancing a people, the Club supports educational activities and the personal efforts of Polish American students, male and female, through financial scholarships.

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. must be a United States citizen;
  2. must have one parent of some Polish heritage;
  3. must be a Chicago area resident enrolled as a full-time student;
  4. must exhibit definite financial need;
  5. must have acceptable grades.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship may obtain an application by enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope and writing to: Therese Brzezinski, Chairman, Education Committee - PWCC, P.O. Box 31967, Chicago, Illinois 60631-0967. The scholarship application must be postmarked by June 30, 1997.


Applications are now available for the 1997 Public Employees Roundtable (PER) Scholarship Program which awards scholarships to students who plan to pursue careers in government. Since 1985, the Roundtable has awarded more than $100,000 in merit-based scholarships to students throughout the United States.

Applicants must be enrolled either full- or part-time and must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Preference will be given to applicants with prior government work experience or community service experience. Applicants will be asked to write a two-page essay on the topic: "Through my chosen career as a government employee, I will contribute to a more positive image of public service by..."

To request an application, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Scholarships, P.O. Box 14270, Washington, DC 20044-4270 or visit the PER website at The application deadline is May 14, 1997. For more information, you may contact the Public Employees Roundtable at (202) 927-5000.


Professor Jennifer Levi is looking for a student (preferably one with a 7-11 license) who is interested in working on a pro bono child support enforcement matter. Anyone interested should submit a resume and writing sample or e-mail JLEVI2 for more information.

Professor Joan Steinman is looking for a research assistant to work on matters related to appellate jurisdiction (for an article in progress and others in contemplation) and possibly other procedural questions. If you are interested and have an excellent law school record, please let me know. You can leave a resume and description of your grades in my mailbox, with me, or with my secretary, Greg Kelson, on the eighth floor. The law school will pay at its customary rate.



The Moot Court Honor Society is proud to announce yet another wonderful result in an interscholastic competition.

Jennifer Harpold and Caterina Tassone, third-year students and Moot Court Honor Society Board members, represented Chicago-Kent in the 47th Annual National Moot Court Competition Championships held in New York City from January 27 to January 30.

In New York, the team was up against 27 other teams from around the country, each of whom had finished first or second in their regional competitions.

Arguing with great skill on Monday night and great bravery on Tuesday (despite a panel of judges on Tuesday who seemed to have little familiarity with the law, the facts or the rudiments of appellate advocacy) the team made the "cut" and advanced to the "Sweet Sixteen," single-elimination round on Wednesday.

In that Wednesday evening round, Jen and Cathy, appearing before an extremely lively bench and competing against a very fine team from Texas Tech, argued brilliantly. So much so that when the panel of judges announced their decision they took the remarkable step of prefacing their decision with the statement, in open "court," that their true judgement was being "overruled" by the Competition's administrators. They went on to explain that the Chicago-Kent team had clearly won the oral argument from Texas Tech but, because the Competition's rules required that the scores of the teams' briefs had to be included in the final evaluation, Texas Tech would advance and Chicago-Kent would be eliminated. The judges went on to praise Cathy and Jen for their command of the law, the facts and their oral advocacy skills. As a footnote, Texas Tech went on to finish second over all.

Ms. Harpold and Ms. Tassone are to be congratulated for advancing so far in this extremely competitive and prestigious national competition. They are due even greater congratulations for upholding so well the goals and ideals of the Moot Court Honor Society and for demonstrating to the nation the quality and professionalism of the students of Chicago-Kent. They would also like to thank Professor Howard Eglit and all of the other Chicago-Kent Faculty who gave of their time to help the team prepare.


Northern District of Illinois

Prospective Third Year Students Only

All prospective third year students (those who will be in their last two semesters of law school as of fall 1997) who are interested in externing with the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois for the Fall 1997 Semester, should pick up their applications from Professor Gross in room 617. The primary goals of this externship are to provide the student with the greatest possible exposure to and participation in federal trial and appellate practice and to assist the office in handling its multitude of important cases. Completed applications must be received at the Office of the U.S. Attorney by Thursday, February 26, 1997.

Should you be selected by the U.S. Attorney's office to receive law school credit for this externship, you must be enrolled in the law school's Advanced Externship 4 credit hour program. Those applications will be available in late February. Professor Gross will answer any questions you might have, when you pick up your application.


For All Perspective Second and Third Year Students with a Minimum 3.3 Grade Point Average

Informational Meeting

On Tuesday, February 18, 1997, at 12:00pm in room 270, there will be a meeting for all students who are interested in externing for a federal appellate, district, bankruptcy or magistrate judge for the Summer or Fall 1997 Semesters. Professor Vivien Gross will describe the kinds of experiences a judicial extern will have in the course of a semester, as well as how to apply. If you are interested in a judicial externship but are unable to attend the meeting, please see Professor Gross in room 617.

A judicial externship enables a student to become involved in particular legal problems through research and writing, and to contribute to the resolution of those legal problems. Depending upon the judge, an extern may have the opportunity to observe the day-to-day routine of a judge and discuss with the judge and the judge's law clerk those legal problems which attorneys face in their profession, and the specific problems which attorneys confront in their courtroom. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Application Process

The applications for the Summer and Fall Judicial Externships will be available in room 601, Law Offices, as of Friday, February 14.

Completed applications for Summer Externships should be submitted to Ms. Carole Ross, Secretary to Professor Gross, room 612 of Law Offices, by Wednesday, March 5, at 5:00pm.

Completed applications for Fall Externships should be submitted to Ms. Carole Ross, Secretary to Professor Gross, room 612 of Law Offices, by Friday, March 14, at 12:00pm.



My commitment to the Chicago-Kent student community has always centered around the idea of representing your concerns and harnessing the student voice. To fulfill these goals, it is necessary for us to periodically administer short, yet focused, polls that pertain to issues that affect us. We will unfold the next two polls during the first week of March. We are giving you the opportunity to play an important part in the decisionmaking process of this and future SBA administrations. Please take a few minutes and complete the requested information.

  1. Budget Amendments: The next Board of Governors meeting is this Wednesday, February 19. During the meeting, we will discuss the Finance Committee's proposal on the Budget Amendments that were timely filed. We will contact each organization that filed an amendment with the results. The March Budget Amendment deadline is Thursday, March 6 (for the March 13 BOG meeting). Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Kim Jessum, Treasurer, or Elayna Pham, Assistant Treasurer.

  2. Spring Poll #1 - Faculty Evaluations: At the end of each semester we are asked to complete faculty evaluations. We do not see the results of the evaluations. We are not aware of any follow-through that occurs. How important are these evaluations to you? On Tuesday, March 4, and Wednesday, March 5, we are going to give you the opportunity to comment on the evaluation process. If you would like to participate on the committee organizing the poll or if you have suggestions, please e-mail Adam Weiss, Chair.

  3. Spring Poll #2 - Student Organization Formation and Funding: Currently there are forty (40) student organizations that request funding from the SBA. Funding requests over the last year ranged from $150 to $13,000 per organization per semester. Organizations requested funding for a variety of ideas including the following types of items: alumnae/i receptions, cultural events, international travel, religious events, and awards. On March 4 and 5, we are going to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think. We would also like to hear your thoughts as to whether there should be a higher level of scrutiny given to the formation of an organization. If you would like to participate on the committee organizing the poll, please e-mail Adam Weiss, Chair.

  4. Outstanding Student Organization Award: The Student Organization Committee is finalizing the applicable rules governing the "Outstanding Student Organization Award." Please take the time to forward your suggestions or questions to Ivy Israel, Chair.

  5. Bar and Gavel Society Nominations: The Bar and Gavel Society Committee is currently accepting nominations for the award. Please nominate graduating students who distinguished themselves by outstanding service to their fellow students, their school, and their community. Nominations must consist of a letter to the committee chair stating the reasons for the nomination, specifically referring to the candidate's law school activities, outside legal activities, and other services. Please address inquiries to Elayna Pham, Chair.

  6. Spring 1997 Election: The Election will take place on April 9-10. Petitions will be distributed on Monday, March 3. Petitions must be returned no later than Wednesday, March 12. Candidate meetings will be on Wednesday, March 12. Campaigning begins on Wednesday, March 19. Please direct all inquiries to the Election Committee Chair, Gregory Casagrande.

  7. February Social: The SBA February Social will be held on Thursday, February 27, 1997. The Social will begin at 7:00pm and will end at 11:00pm. We have not determined the location; however, please plan on attending this exciting event. Many of the SBA officers and representatives will be at the social. The social provides a great opportunity for you to meet the members of the student government. If you know of a downtown location that is large enough to handle one of our monthly socials, please e-mail Jonathan Gelperin, Chair.


AI will host a speaking engagement with Jeff Ballinger, founder and director of Press for Change. Press for Change is a non-profit organization which exposes the exploitation of workers by transnational corporations. The organization has campaigned against Nike's labor practices in Indonesia, as well as other corporate giants around the world. Before founding PC, Jeff was an advosor to the AFL-CIO's Free Trade Union Institute. The event will be held on Thursday, February 20, in room 520 at 5:00pm. Refreshments will be served.


Many people choose to give pets as Valentine's Day gifts, and while given with the best intentions, these gifts often prove too difficult to handle. Within weeks, shelters are flooded with cats and dogs (many pure-breeds) that need loving homes. This is a great way to get a pet at a low cost and save a life at the same time. Please consider this if you are thinking of getting a pet in the next few months, and check-out your local shelter!

Upcoming events:

  1. March 19 - Bake Sale (We need people to bake and sit!)
  2. March 26 - Speaker- Steve Hindi (He flies his plane in the way of hunters to save birds' lives)
  3. April 16 - Movie Night (Any suggestions?)
  4. April 23 - Speaker (Undetermined topic)

Please e-mail YKATO to help with any of these events or to offer any suggestions.

Also, we are planning to go to one of the many Animal Rights conferences this semester. Our choices include:

  1. Land-Air-Water Conference at Univ. of Oregon on March 14-16;
  2. "Speaking for the Earth" at Cornell on April 4-10;
  3. International Wildlife Conference at Georgetown Univ. on April 8; and
  4. Pace Law School Animal Rights Law Conference in New York on April 12.

Please e-mail RVANDERV if you want to attend one of these great conferences or need more information.


Irish Movie Night

Don't miss Irish Movie Night this Wednesday, February 19th. We are showing In the Name of the Father with Daniel Day Lewis at 6:00pm in the Auditorium. We'll have food and drinks. All are welcome.

Speaker Event: Judge Andy Sommer

We are very excited and fortunate to welcome Judge Andy Sommer to speak at Chicago-Kent on Tuesday, February 25 at 5:00pm. The room number will be announced in next week's Record. Judge Sommer is the Human Rights Chair of the Irish American Unity Conference and has been heavily involved in the struggle for human rights in Northern Ireland. He will speak about a series of inquiries into criminal cases which he has personally observed in Northern Ireland. This event will be co-sponsored by Amnesty International and the International Law Society.

St. Patrick's Day Bake Sale

The Brehon Society will have a bake sale on St. Patrick's Day in the Spak. Sign up now to bring goodies or to sit for half an hour in the Spak. Proceeds will be donated to one of the many charities served by St. Patrick's Church. If you are interested in more Brehon Society information, e-mail JFOGARTY.


Blood Drive This Wednesday!:

The Chicago-Kent blood drive is set for this Wednesday, February 19, from 10:00am - 4:00 pm in room 570. This blood drive is sponsored by the Law Student Committee of the Young Lawyer's Section, and will be a competition between Chicago area law schools. During the drive, representatives from United Blood Service will be here at Chicago-Kent to take blood donations from any willing student, alumna/us, faculty, staff, or administration member. The school that donates the most pints wins the honor of a display plaque and a FREE PIZZA PARTY for all those who participated. Please remember to bring your I.D. with you. The process should take no more than 45 minutes. Give blood today to save a life tomorrow!

February is Career Month at the Young Lawyer's Section of the CBA!

Confused about Careers? What area of law you should pursue? What jobs are out there? How you can find a job in your area of interest? Come to the Young Lawyer's Section's (YLS) Law Career Days! The following YLS committees will hold special meetings in February featuring career-related issues in a variety of practices (please RSVP for these meetings by calling the YLS Hotline at 312/554-2034):

CREATIVE ARTS: Planning a career in creative arts law? Join us at 12:15pm on Tuesday, February 18 at DePaul University.

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & ENERGY: A Roundtable discussion on the employment outlook of environmental law. 12:15pm on Tuesday, February 18 at the CBA headquarters.

TAX LAW: Planning a career in tax law? Join us at 12:15pm on Friday, February 21 at John Marshall Law School.

LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: Planning a career in labor & employment law? Join us at 12:15pm on Friday, February 21 at the CBA headquarters.

YLS/CBA CAREER ASSISTANCE: Assists lawyers of all levels of expertise with career planning. Monday, February 24 at 12:15pm at the CBA headquarters.

COLLECTION LAW: Robert Markoff will discuss the future of collection law, how to target a job search and network within the area. Tuesday, February 24 at 12:15pm at the CBA headquarters.

HEALTH & HOSPITAL LAW: L. Edward Bryant, Jr. and John D. Blum will discuss careers in health law, as well as provide a 3-5 year employment outlook. Thursday, February 27 at 12:15pm at the CBA headquarters.


It's not to late to send in your YLS/Law Student Membership form today to start reaping the many benefits of being a CBA member for only $8.00/year! Membership applications are available on the concourse level, or stop by the Career Services Office to pick one up from me.

If you have any questions about the above events or membership information, just e-mail me @ CRUNNELS. Thanks! ---Charis Runnels, Chicago-Kent CBA Representative


The Chicago-Kent Tax Society (CKTS) is a professional organization open to all students, alumni, and faculty interested in tax. Please join us for an informal social gathering in the first floor lobby at Chicago-Kent between 5:30, and 8:30pm on February 17.

If you would like more information about CKTS, please leave a message on our voice-mail at 906-5373 or e-mail Amanda Read at AREAD.


Thank you to those of you who expressed an interest in the Assistant State's Attorney speaking event. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, we have been unable to set a date for the event. It will be coming up though, so keep your eyes on the Record. We will also e-mail the CJS mailing list as soon as we have confirmation of a date. The date for the Public Defender's speaking event has yet to be determined as well. Watch this space for these and other exciting announcements!


ELS will be holding a bake sale on Tuesday, February 18, in the 3rd floor Spak from 9am-6pm. Stop by for a snack! Tell a friend! Proceeds help support the NAELS conference preparations and other future projects. Contact AFITZ if you are able to sit at the sale or drop off a baked good.

In addition, ELS is still in need of outlines for Land Use and Energy Law. If you are willing to donate an outline or if you are an ELS member who would like outlines for the Program courses please e-mail RVANDERV.

Finally, watch next week's Record for the next meeting announcement. Thanks!


Campaign Finance Reform

This Wednesday, February 19, the Federalist Society, the National Lawyers Guild and Phi Alpha Delta invite you to join Professor Brad Smith of Capitol University Law School and Chicago-Kent's own Professor Rick Hasen for a debate/discussion of campaign finance reform. The event will be from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in room C20. Both professors will take ten minutes each to present their views on the issue and five minutes for rebuttal. After that the floor will be opened for questions. Take a break from your studies and consider a current issue other than the amount of the O.J. verdict! Pizza and soda will be served.


GAYLAW's new e-mail address is "". Please use that address if you want more information about the organization or an upcoming event.

Also, don't forget that GAYLAW maintains an anonymous mailing list which can keep you current on news from around the world. E-mail GAYLAW or FBARNHAR for more information about joining it.




February 27, 5:00 pm, room to be announced.

"Out at Work" Panel Discussion & Reception

February 19, 5:00pm, room 590

Worried that your boss and colleagues might find out you're Gay? Tired of worrying? Legal professionals who are "out in the workplace" will discuss their experiences and field questions. A reception will follow. E-mail GAYLAW, FBARNHAR or DKURTZ for more details.


Night Out at the Baton Lounge

Drag your friends and colleagues out to see Chicago's greatest female impersonators.

E-mail GAYLAW or THOPPE for more details.


ATTENTION MEMBERS: In conjunction with BLSA's speaker event on Tuesday, February 25, HLSA will host a food fair outside of the auditorium all day (9:00am - 8:00pm). Please contact Marcie (CVANEGAS) if you are able to donate food or time. We encourage everyone to participate and support both organizations. Thank you.



Regionals for the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition (Trademark law) will be held Saturday, February 22, 1997, at the US Dist. Court for the ND Illinois, 219 S. Dearborn Street. Chicago-Kent will argue at 9:00am as appellee (off-brief) and at 1:30pm as appellant (on-brief).

The problem addresses the issues on dilution under the Lanham Act, deceptive marks, and false advertising. The two parties are an organic broccoli distributer and a manufacturer of a broccoli substitute made with meat and seaweed, owner of the "Aqua-cow" mark. Students interested in attending should contact Debra Quentel (DQUENTEL).


Please join IPLS at the Spring 1997 Student/Alumni Reception on Thursday, March 6, 5:00pm-8:00pm, in the 10th floor reception room. Those interested in helping out with the reception, please contact Karin Kiyabu (KKIYABU).


We are currently putting together the next edition of the IPLS Newsletter and invite and encourage article submissions relating to IP topics. For further information, please contact Alison Baldwin (ABALDWIN).


It's not too late! You can still register for the International Law Society Career Day! This is your best opportunity to meet with the International Law Community. Find out about career possibilities, current issues and much more. February 21 kicks off with a keynote speech by Seventh Circuit Judge Diane Wood. She's followed by Consuls from Canada, Indonesia and Austria. Choose from panels on APEC, the EU, NAFTA, Human Rights or Banks and Corporations. The afternoon is spent touring local international law firms and meeting with partners and associates in your field. It's a one of a kind opportunity to find out what it takes to become an international lawyer and is a great way to build contacts. You'll have the opportunity to have one on-one conversations with practicing attorneys during the luncheon and the evening reception as well as meet students from other schools who share your interests. Registration forms are attached to the last page of the previous Record and on the ILS bulletin board on the concourse. For more information contact JMALONE or LBABICH.


JLSA will be hosting a discussion on Tuesday, February 25, at 12:15pm. The issue will be the Jewish view of abortion and assisted suicide. Rabbi Phil Lefkowitz will be the guest speaker. Rabbi Lefkowitz has written position papers for the Chicago Rabbinical Council on moral and ethical issues of the day. Rabbi Lefkowitz recently received the Chicago Human Relations Award from Mayor Daley. Pizza and drinks will be served. Room TBA.


The Journal of Intellectual Property would like to thank all those students who participated in the Journal of Intellectual Property's Spring Writing Candidacy Program. At this time, the Journal of Intellectual Property is proud to congratulate the following students on their successful completion of the program:

John Murray Mark Wadrzyk

Mike Newman Clint Wilkinson


The members of KATLA would like to wish our 2 trial teams good luck on their competition in Detroit, Michigan, this weekend! The members of this year's teams are:

Mark Cumba Karen Lynch
Curtis Durik Tonya McCarty
Terry Glavin Ernie Nycz
Scot Hinshaw Sheri Tarr
Jen Hodel

To help out the teams, we are asking for volunteers to assist in selling and to help spread the word. KATLA is selling hats with a Chicago-Kent logo on them in the cafeteria. We have dozens on hand, and an order sheet for those who would like to individualize their hats more. If you would like to help, please e-mail LSMITH3, or sign up on the sheet on KATLA's office door for a time. Thank you!

***The prices for the hats are $15/KATLA MEMBERS and $18/Non-members***


Spring Auction Countdown!!!

Only about 5 WEEKS and Counting ‘til MARCH 26!!!!

Auction Committees: Please remember to update your committee chair with any feedback on auction contacts. Auction Contact is Chair Ann-Celine O'Hallaren at AOHALLAR.

BAKESALES: Wednesday, February 19; please remember to bake or sit if you signed up for the Feb. 19 bakesale at the General Meeting or e-mail Doug Harvath at DHARVATH. Next bakesale is on St. Patrick's Day -- Monday, March 17. Don't forget that bakesales also support the annual KJF Fellowship!

FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS: Now available in the Career Services Office -- Handout #64. Please note the deadline of Friday, April 11, at 6pm. Start looking for summer (volunteer) opportunities now!

NEXT GENERAL MEETING: Wednesday, February 26, at 3pm in room 170.


Thanks to everyone who was able to come to the meeting on Tuesday last week. We covered a lot of ground and we've got lots of event in the works.

The most important news is that we are planning a midwest or Chicago-wide women's conference for next year. What we need to do right away is form a core committee to get things started and head up the workings of the conference. It will be quite a commitment for those involved at that level, but it should also be rewarding. If you have any ideas about what you think such a conference should focus on, or if you think you might want to be on the core committee, please e-mail EPARKS.

We are further planning a children's rights forum for later in the semester. More information on that will be in future Record issues.

If you have any ideas for fundraising, please e-mail CRUNNELS, who is chair of that committee.

We have a video tape of our recent Partial Birth Abortion Ban forum. We are planning to view it together some time soon. Keep an eye out for time, date and place.

Watch this space for upcoming committee meetings and other events.




10th Floor Reception Room

5:00pm - 8:00pm

** Refreshments will be served **