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November 10, 1997
Vol. No. XXXI, No. 13
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Registration Bulletin for Spring Semester
The Registration Bulletin containing the final course schedule, registration instructions, and other information will be available outside the third floor cafeteria later this week. Registration for the spring semester begins Monday, November 17, for Evening Division students and Wednesday, November 19 for Day Division students.

Additional Schedule Information
Listed below are changes made to the preliminary schedule through last Thursday morning. Additional additions and changes will appear in the Registration Bulletin.

Additional Courses and Sections:
Trademarks: The Trademarks seminar listed for Thursdays evenings at 6:00 has been changed to a three-credit course. Priority for the course will be given to students in the Intellectual Property certificate program. There will be no final exam for the course; all students will be required to write a paper. Students will be permitted to use the course to satisfy their seminar requirement. The course will meet once a week, on Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Entertainment Law will be taught by Professor Strand on Wednesdays, 7:35 - 9:25 p.m. The exam will be given on Thursday, May 14, at 6:00 p.m.

Courses -- Changes in Days and Times:
Environmental Law & Policy 2 will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:25 p.m. (not Tues. and Thurs., 6:00 - 7:25 p.m.).

Personal Income Tax will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:25 - 5:50 p.m. (not Mon. and Wed., 1:00 - 2:25 p.m.).

Exams -- Changes in Dates and Times:
There will be no final exams for Business Entity Formation or Business Planning.

The Constitutional Law exam will be on Tuesday, May 19, 6:00 p.m. (not Thurs., May 14, 6:00 p.m.).

The Insurance exam will be on Saturday, May 9, 8:30 a.m. (not Fri., May 15, 6:00 p.m.).

The Trademarks exam (Malkan) will be Saturday, May 9, 8:30 a.m. (not Tues., May 12, 8:30 a.m.).

The Personal Income Tax exam will be Friday, May 15, 6:00 p.m. (not Mon., May 11, 1:15 p.m.).

Other Schedule Information:
The name of the seminar taught by Professors Gerber and Harding has been changed to The Common Law: Decisions and Decision-Makers.

Registration for Courses in Another Division
I inadvertently provided incorrect information at the meeting I had for Evening Division students on November 5 to discuss the spring schedule. Courses offered in the 4:00 time slot are considered Evening Division courses (as well as Day Division courses) for purposes of the rule that students must take at least one-half of their credit hours in the Division in which they are enrolled each semester. (See section 3.9 of the Student Handbook.) The only exception is for courses offered both at 4:00 and at 6:00 or later; in those cases, the 4:00 section counts as a Day Division course. My apologies for the error.

Courses with Exams Scheduled at the Same Time
Please note that you are permitted to register for courses even if their exams are scheduled at the same time; one of your exams will be rescheduled in accordance with the rules stated in section 7.2 of the Student Handbook.

Intensive Trial Advocacy
Students enrolled in the January 1998 Intensive Trial Advocacy course should read section 3.8 of the Student Handbook, which requires Intensive Trial Advocacy students to enroll in Trial Advocacy 2 in the Spring 1998 semester. If you do not take Trial Advocacy 2, you risk losing credit for the Intensive course. If you are enrolled in Intensive Trial Advocacy and do not intend to take Trial Advocacy 2, you should drop the Intensive course as soon as possible.

A Note from Professor Sherman: Consider Estate Planning as a Professional Specialty
Think estate planning is only for the rich? Think again. People in all sorts of circumstances need help in planning for the distribution of their property to their loved ones at death. Often, the first legal matter that takes a person to an attorney is the need for a will, and an attorney's ignorance of the fundamentals of estate planning may send that client elsewhere. Estate planning offers the attorney both the intellectual satisfaction of dealing with engrossing legal issues and the personal satisfaction of being there for people when they are most in need of counsel and support. Solo practitioners and small-firm attorneys can succeed as estate planners just as large-firm attorneys can. But to succeed as an estate planner, you must know the fundamentals of estate and gift taxation and the income taxation of trusts and estates, which are the topics covered in the Gift and Estate Tax course. Almost every property transfer has federal tax implications. Even a client of only moderate wealth who requires only a simple will presents planning opportunities. A practitioner who wishes to give sound advice must be aware of the pitfalls which, unless avoided, may thwart the client's wishes, frustrate the family's plans, or deprive intended beneficiaries of needed income. I urge you to think seriously about taking the Gift and Estate Tax course.


Spring Registration
The registration priority lists are posted on the second floor bulletin board. Please check the lists to verify that you are properly classified. If your name does not appear on any of the lists of you are classified incorrectly, please notify the Registrar immediately. First-year students do not have priority numbers.

Registration forms for the spring semester will be available in the Registrar's Office beginning Tuesday, November 11. The Bursar must stamp your registration form before you can submit it to the Registrar's Office. If you have an outstanding balance, the Bursar will not stamp your form. If you believe there are circumstances justifying your registration despite an outstanding balance, contact the Bursar's Office for the procedures you must follow to petition for a waiver of this requirement. Please be advised that such waivers are granted only in unusual circumstances.

Submit your stamped registration form with your course selections to the Registrar's office according to the following schedule:

	Priority Code
	  A1 - C4	by Monday, November 17, at 6:00 p.m.
	  E1 - F4	by Wednesday, November 19, at 11:00 a.m.
	  G1 - G4	by Thursday, November 20 at noon	
	First Year Students 
	  Tuesday, November 18, through Thursday, November 20,
	  9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Final Undergraduate Transcript Required
If your final undergraduate transcript is not on file in the Registrar's Office, you will not be permitted to register for the spring semester. You must contact the school from which you received your undergraduate degree and request that your final official transcript be sent to the Registrar's Office. Advanced students will lose registration priority if their transcript is received after their priority group registers.

Important Message for Students Taking Exams on Computers
If you will be taking a final exam on a computer, you must obtain a copy of the Rules Governing the Use of Computers for Final Exams in the Registrar's Office and read it thoroughly before the exam. It is essential for you to fully understand the procedures for taking exams on computers. Please note: There were some recent revisions to the list of approved word processors.

Class Ranks
Class ranks are calculated after each fall and spring semester; ranks are not calculated for students after their first semester of study. The graduating class with which you will be ranked is listed on the second floor bulletin board. Please verify that you are listed with the correct class.

January 1998 Graduates
Please make sure that your financial account with the university is current. You will not be certified to take the bar exam nor will you receive your diploma if you have an outstanding balance. You may check the status of your account on the computer terminal in the Registrar's office. If there are any errors or problems, report them to the Bursar in room 290 immediately.


Law as a Profession: Professionalism Day 1998
A Program for Second Year Students

Whether you're on your second career and likely to keep the job you have now, a recent college graduate seeking a job in a law firm, a mid-life career changer hoping to break into public interest law, or an M.B.A. seeking a non-traditional legal job, it's important to manage your own career. Professionalism Day 1998 will arm you with first-hand knowledge about employer expectations and detailed information about law as a profession to assist you in maximizing your career success. The program features practitioners who've volunteered to share their time and expertise with you, providing tips on how to hit the ground running as a new law school graduate and how to enhance the skills you've already acquired in the workplace.

Law as a Profession: Professionalism Day 1998 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4, 1998. Second year students will attend Professionalism Day programming in lieu of regular classes on February 4. Regularly scheduled classes for all students will be canceled on that date.

Please Note: Attendance at Professionalism Day is a graduation requirement. 3L day and 4L evening students who have not yet attended Professionalism Day are required to attend this year's program.

Important Program Information:

Day students:
Your day will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. The day program includes plenary programs and two interactive breakout sessions on law as a profession (see below). Lunch will be provided and your day will conclude with a dessert reception.

Evening students:
Your evening will begin with dinner and registration at 5:30 p.m. and end with a dessert reception at 9:00 p.m. The evening program includes plenary programs and one breakout session on law as a profession (see below). Please note: evening students are welcome to attend the day program if they so desire.

Breakout Session Information:
Most breakout sessions are organized according to practice sector (such as small and mid-sized firms, government, or public interest) and not intended to address particular practice areas such as entertainment law or patent law. The "Law as a Second Career" session is an option for day students ONLY: all evening sessions will address these issues. The "Structural Changes in the Practice of Law" session will cover the changing face of the legal profession and its impact on future practitioners. (See the registration form for a complete listing of breakout sessions.)

Registration Procedures:
You may register for Professionalism Day 1998 in two ways: Click here to access the on-line Registration Form or stop by the Career Services Office to fill out a registration form in person. You must register by Friday, November 21. If you have questions about the registration form or about Professionalism Day 1998, please send an e-mail message to PROFDAY. Watch this space in the Record for additional details.


This week and next week!!! Now only forty minutes!

Exam Preparation and Performance Program

   Wednesday, November 12, 3:00-3:40 p.m. in room C50
   Wednesday, November 12, 5:00-5:40 p.m. in room 590
   Tuesday, November 18, 5:00-5:40 p.m., room TBA

For your convenience, sessions have been shortened to forty minutes and a third Exam Preparation session has been added to the schedule!
Attend any one of the three sessions to learn how to reduce exam anxiety and prepare effectively for your upcoming finals. Student Services staff will lead a discussion on the mechanics of successful exam-taking. The program will take place on Wednesday, November 12, from 3:00-3:40 p.m. and will be repeated that evening from 5:00-5:40 p.m. and the following Tuesday, November 18, from 5:00-5:40 p.m. The program will be videotaped for overnight check-out.

The Weekly Link
I know that you have been working up an appetite with Thanksgiving on the way. This week's sites cater to that craving for a big meal.

    Inquisitive Cook
    Veggie's Unite
    Food TV online
    Ben & Jerry's


The Class of 1998 Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 24, 1998, at 2:30 p.m. at Navy Pier!! Chicago-Kent has blocks of rooms reserved at local hotels for that weekend. Stop in to Suite 310 for a list of locations and prices.

Class Speaker Competition
In addition to having your valedictorian speak at graduation, the winner of the Class of 1998 class speaker competition will have the opportunity to address graduates and guests for 5 minutes at the commencement ceremony. To participate in the competition, submit a brief essay (2-3 pages) outlining the topic on which you would speak. Plan on the speech lasting 5 minutes. Essays are due in the Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 5. The essays will be graded anonymously by the Class of 1998 Graduation Committee, and the winner will be announced early next semester.

If you have any questions regarding graduation, please e-mail John Fogarty at JFOGARTY or stop in to Suite 310.


A Note to 1Ls from Stephanie Rever Chu, Executive Director of Career Services
Thank you for taking time to attend the first two workshops in our series of 1L orientation programs. We know that when you're facing your first round of finals, it's hard to think about what you plan to do next summer, or how, as an evening student, you can find time to develop legal experience, much less what you plan to do with the rest of your life.

In our zeal to answer your questions and address your concerns, we cover a great deal of ground in our 1L programs. Don't be overwhelmed! The best investment you can make in your career at this point is to spend ample time preparing for exams. There's plenty of time to develop a plan for next summer and a career plan for the rest of your life.

We're looking forward to working with you as partners in your job search. We know, based on our experience, that good things are in store for students who invest time and effort in career planning. Though we can't promise you a job, we can promise that we are here for you as you plan your career, and we will be here every step of the way!

Upcoming Programs

Summer Jobs for 1Ls in Large Law Firms and Intellectual Property Firms
Most employers who hire 1Ls for the summer begin their searches during the spring semester. The Career Services Office will be offering programs in January on strategies for your summer search. However, there are a limited number of employers, mostly the very large law firms and intellectual property law firms, that start looking at 1Ls in December. Each firm may only hire one 1L, so the competition for these positions is fierce.

If you are interested in applying to these employers, plan on attending the program on Tuesday, November 11, at noon or 5:00 p.m. You'll find out about the process and the resources you'll need so that you'll be ready to send out your resumes and cover letters on December 1. Sign up in the Career Services Office to attend.

Summer Study Abroad Program of Santa Clara University
On Friday, November 21, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Professor Philip Jiminez from Santa Clara University will be in the conference room of the Career Services Office to discuss his school's summer study abroad programs for law students. Destinations offered for 1998 include Hong Kong, Geneva, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul, Budapest, Oxford, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, and Germany. If you would like to attend this informal meeting to learn more about this wonderful opportunity, please register in the Program Sign-Up binder in the Career Services Office.

Office News

Career Services Office Tours
The Career Services Office tours are continuing this week through Friday, November 14. They are being held daily at noon and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Tours last approximately 15 minutes. Space is limited so please sign-up for a time in the Career Services Office.

Stop by the Career Services Office or head to the racks in Spak to pick up issue #2 of Careerline. Don't miss it!

Thanksgiving Office Closing
The Career Services Office will close for the Thanksgiving holiday at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26. We will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, December 1.

Fall On-Campus Interviewing (FOCI) Program
The National Association for Law Placement has set forth the following standards for the maximum number of offers students can hold open from the fall on-campus interviewing program:

    October 15:   Hold no more than 4 offers
    November 1:   Hold no more than 3 offers
    December 1:   Hold no more than 1 offer

Negotiation to extend the decision deadline must occur with an employer before the original deadline date. If you have any questions about this, please see one of the Career Services Office staff members.

Special Opportunities: Handouts Available in Career Services

Judicial Clerkships
3Ls: United States District Court, District of Minnesota
The U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, is now accepting applications for the position of Law Clerk (Magistrate Courtroom Deputy), to begin November 1998. Primary responsibilities of this position are researching various case information, and writing orders and other legal documents. See Handout #39 for more information and application instructions. You should also see Professor Vivien Gross for assistance in selecting clerkship opportunities and navigating the application procedures.

1Ls and 2Ls: Resources for the Future (RFF)'s Summer Internship Program
RFF, located in Washington, D.C. is an independent non-profit organization specializing in research, policy analysis and public education on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues. Several summer internships are available which provide interns with the opportunity to work with one or more RFF researchers in one of three research divisions. See Handout #44 for more information. Application materials must be postmarked or faxed no later than March 16, 1998.

1Ls and 2Ls: The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)'s Summer Internship Program
The IDB in Washington, D.C., is an international financial institution created in 1959 to help accelerate the economic and social development of its member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank will be hiring up to 35 students who are enrolled in graduate programs in disciplines related to its activities for a two-month period in the summer of 1998. Handout #41 provides information and application instructions. Completed application materials must be received by January 31, 1998. Interested 1Ls should apply as soon as possible after December 1, 1997.

1Ls and 2Ls: Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI)'s 1998 Summer Internship Program

PILI recruits and funds law students to work in summer public interest positions which would otherwise not exist. Forty-five local public interest organizations are hiring through the PILI program. PILI acts as a clearinghouse for resumes and funds the internships. A list of participating organizations and application instructions are available. See Handout #40. Applications will not be accepted after January 19, 1998. Interested 2Ls should apply as soon as possible. Interested 1Ls should apply as soon as possible after December 1, 1997.

3Ls and 4Ls: The Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship for Law Teaching and The Charles Hamilton Houston Fellowship for Law Teaching
The Harvard Law School is offering for the academic years 1998-1999 two fellowships designed to bring to the School law graduates interested in preparing for careers in law teaching. Handout #43 provides more information and application instructions for these two fellowships. The deadline for receipt of all materials is February 15, 1998.

3Ls and 4Ls: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) Sponsoring Applicants for The Bart Gordon Fellowship
GBLS, located in Boston, is the oldest and largest legal services program in New England. GBLS is seeking candidates committed to empowering low-income clients and providing civil legal services. Handout #42 provides more information. The application deadline is November 20, 1997.


[Information Center Home Page]

This week's tutorial will be on accessing ILLINET. ILLINET is the online catalog of the collections of over 2,000 Illinois Libraries. The Reference Librarians will show you how to access ILLINET on Kentnet and how to find other materials that may be useful in the future. The tutorials will last about 20 minutes; the schedule is posted on the 9th floor bulletin board. You don't have to sign up for these tutorials; just show up at the Reference Desk at the scheduled times.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the topics or scheduled times for these tutorials, we would like to have them. Send them to Lenore Glanz (LGLANZ).

Visitor from Pakistan
Dr. Faqir Hussaine, Pakistan Law Commission, visited the Information Center on Tuesday, November 4. Dr. Hussaine was especially interested in viewing the integration of technology into the Chicago-Kent Law Library, as well as its incorporation into the curriculum. Dr. Hussaine was very impressed with the facilities of the Information Center and hopes to incorporate some ideas into the Supreme Court library in Pakistan.

Exams on eLOISe
Exam preparation time is fast approaching; don't forget to check eLOISe to see if your professor has copies of previous exams available. Stop by the Library Service Desk for a copy of our "Using eLOISe" bookmark and ask any staff member for assistance in using eLOISe.


Student Photos On Innerkent
Student photographs will be made available begining in November on the Chicago-Kent internal web server at Photographs will be available only on the internal web site and from within the building; they will not be available to anyone who is not an authorized user of the Chicago-Kent network. If you do not wish your photograph to be available to other students, please fill out a Privacy Form in the Registrar's Office by Friday, November 7, 1997. All student photographs will be available to Chicago-Kent faculty and administrative staff even if you have submitted a Privacy Form.

Taking Final Exams On Computer
With the upgrade of the computer labs to Windows 95, final exams on computer will be slightly different beginning this December. The following word processors will be available to you during final exams:

If you are planning on taking your exam on computer, you must familiarize yourself with the word processor you plan to use NOW! Specifically, familiarize yourself with how to create headers, insert page numbers, print and save files to disk. It is the wrong time to learn these functions 10 minutes before you take your final exam.

When you take an exam on computer, it is strongly recommended that you save your document to two disks every 15 minutes and print to the print server every hour. You will not actually print out a paper copy of your exam, but we will have it as a third backup if there is a problem with both of the disks you have saved your final on.

Computer Lab Printing Policy
We have received several questions from students regarding the college's printing policy. For the fall semester, every student at Chicago-Kent will receive 400 complimentary pages of laser printing. If you print more than 400 pages during the semester, you will be charged 5¢ per page for every page over 400. Here are details of the printing policy:

The LEXIS student representative will hold office hours in lab 700 (the large lab inside the library), or at one of the tables outside the lab if lab 700 is fully occupied. Lab hours for the week of November 10 are:

Monday5:00-6:00 p.m.
Tuesday11-1:00 p.m. (this is your chance to ask about LEXIS on the Web!)
Thursday1:30-3:30 p.m.
Saturday9:00-11:00 a.m.

If your schedule prevents you from speaking to the student rep during lab hours, you can e-mail your question to LEXISQ, and you should receive a response within one day. Please note that any changes to this schedule will be posted on the LEXIS bulletin board in lab 700.

In addition, please stop by the LEXIS board to see the LEXIS Tip of the Week

Did you forget your password over the summer? Did you update your software and erase it from your hard drive? Not to worry. Send your name and expected graduation date to LEXISQ and we will get your password as soon as possible.

Anything New?

Software available on the Web.
Are you frustrated because you can use LEXIS 7.0 and its wonderful graphical interface at school, but can't load it on your home computer because you don't have a CD-ROM drive? Well, if you:

  1. are a current student at Chicago-Kent and,
  2. have a computer running Windows 95 or Windows NT and,
  3. have a laptop and a network card or
  4. have a computer and a modem.
then you can download LEXIS 7.0 using Netscape or Internet Explorer. Here is how you do it.

For more information, please visit the LEXIS rep in lab 700 during office hours, or e-mail LEXISQ with your questions. Thank you and have a good week!

Student Representative lab hours: During lab hours, student representatives are available to answer questions and will be located either in lab 700 or at the tables just outside of lab 700. Lab hours for the week of November 10 will be as follows:

Monday:     2:00-5:30  Michael Ambroziak  
Tuesday:    4:30-7:30  Michael Ambroziak	
Wednesday:  2:00-3:30  Michael Ambroziak  
Thursday:   4:30-7:30  Michael Ambroziak
Sunday:     6:00-10:00 Michael Ambroziak
As always, 24hr online technical and research assistance is available by calling 1-800-850-WEST. Questions can also be e-mailed to CBROWN or MAMBROZI.

KeyCite changes Requested by Users: WestGroup released two very important enhancements to KeyCite on October 21. These changes affect the Citation to Case section of KeyCite and reflect changes which were regularly requested by users:

    1. You can now display parallel citations in the Citation to Case section of KeyCite, and
    2. You can now display the applicable headnote number following the citation in the Citation to         Case section.

The changes are optional and can be activated by accessing the Options Directory. The default will remain to NOT display parallel citations and headnote numbers.

Looking for Holes in an argument? Use the Table of Authorities service to view the authority structure of a particular case. This allows you to quickly view the authority on which the case relies and quickly find overruled or criticized points of law which may represent the Achilles heel of that case.

To use the Table of Authorities Service:
While viewing your case, select "Table of Authorities" from the Services menu or choose the toolbar button marked "TA" and voila!


Association House Legal Services Needs Volunteers
Association House Legal Services (AHLS) provides free legal services to individuals who qualify. AHLS only practices family law, concentrating on orders of protection, adoptions, divorce, name change, guardianship and other family law issues. AHLS is located at 2150 West North Avenue, and provides services to a large Hispanic community. Volunteers are responsible for interviewing clients, drafting correspondence, researching family law issues and preparing legal memoranda. Please contact the SOS office if you are interested in this great volunteer opportunity.

Office Hours in room 686:

    Ann Celine:  Monday and Wednesday  3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Carolyn:     Tuesday and Thursday  1:50 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.
If you are unable to visit SOS during these times, please e-mail SOS and either Ann Celine or Carolyn will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Public Service Projects in the Chicago-Kent Community
The Black Law Students Association is sponsoring a clothing drive through early December to benefit the Bottomless Closet, First Baptist Congressional Church and the Christian Industrial League. Help support BLSA and bring in those clothes you don't wear anymore! The clothing depositories are in the main lobby -- you can't miss them!


Feminist Revisit Seminar
Last year I published an article in the Journal of Legal Education describing my seminar. If you are thinking of enrolling, you might want to take a look at it; the article serves as a kind of extended course description and answers some questions you might have: How many men enroll? What subjects are discussed? How do paper topics take shape? What difficulties arise in teaching and learning feminist legal theory? In the article I include references to student reactions. The cite is "A Feminist Revisit to the First-Year Curriculum," 46 Journal of Legal Education 217 (1996). I have left a limited number of copies of the piece with my secretary, Isabel Millard, who works at the southeast corner of the seventh floor. Feel free to drop by and pick one up.

Two Feminist Revisit students have gone on to publish their seminar papers in outside law reviews: Elisabeth Ayyildiz, "When Battered Woman's Syndrome Does Not Go Far Enough: The Battered Woman as Vigilante," 4 American University Journal of Gender & Law 141 (1995), and Beth C. Miller, "A Comparison of American and Jewish Legal Views on Rape," 5 Columbia Journal of Gender & Law 182 (1996). (According to LEXIS, the Ayyildiz piece has been cited in eight law review articles.)


LADR! -- a Program For First Year Students

Information meetings will be on Wednesday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 19, 1997. The 3:00 p.m. meetings will be held in room 510, and the 5:30 p.m. meetings will be held in room 635.

Becoming a lawyer takes more than sitting through three years of law school lectures. It involves more than learning how to cross-examine hostile witnesses, write persuasive briefs, and talk to clients. Reading about subjects such as legal ethics or law practice management is not the same as learning about them from experience.

Chicago-Kent College of Law's program, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (LADR), offers a unique educational experience. Throughout the program you will learn legal doctrine, lawyering skills, and professional values, and work in Chicago-Kent's teaching law firm, supervised by clinical professors who are expert practitioners and mentors. You will learn the art of lawyering through two years of intensive skills and clinical training. Your experience will teach you how to become a competent, ethical, and socially responsible lawyer.

No more than 30 first-year students will be admitted to the program based upon academic potential, law school performance, and reasons for entering the program. A faculty advisor will help the LADR students tailor their course selections to their particular career interests. Each program graduate will be awarded a Juris Doctor degree and a Program Certificate. Applications are due Monday, January 26, 1998, during the start of the spring 1998 semester.

Only students who are currently first-year students may apply for admission to LADR.

For Further Information
Please attend the information meetings on either Wednesday, November 12, or Wednesday, November 19, at 3:00 p.m. in room 510, or at 5:30 p.m. in room 635. You may also contact Professor Laser, room 631, or pick up an application and brochure in room 600.

Applications are due on Monday, January 26, 1998.


1997 - 1998 Academic Year

NOTE: Please stop by room 320D for hard copies of rules and regulations governing all contests.


Each year as part of Women's History Month, Illinois Institute of Technology recognizes outstanding faculty, staff, trustees/overseers and alumnae/i, for their dedication, energy, and performance benefitting the IIT community. The award is named for Julia Beveridge, the librarian of Armour Mission in the 1880's and the first registrar of Armour Institute, predecessor of IIT.

The Julia Beveridge Award Committee is now accepting nominations for the 1998 awards. Please consider nominating members of the IIT community who have:

  1. demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the university,
  2. made significant contributions to their profession,
  3. served as exceptional role models, and
  4. evidenced commitment to the advancement of women within the workplace or the community at large.

Nomination forms are available outside the law school Career Services Office, room 360. Nominations are due by January 15, 1998 to Lynn Miller at the Stuart School of Business.

As thanks for the amount of business Chicago-Kent has directed to Bacino's (around the corner on Canal, between Jameson's and Subway) is offering a 10% discount to all Chicago-Kent students, faculty and staff (with proper ID). The offer applies to eat in only, Monday through Friday, 3:30 p.m. to closing
Did you know that some of the richest ecosystems in the world occur right here in North America?!

Find out more details -- Tuesday, November 11, at 11:45 a.m. in room 345. Dr. Eric Dinerstein, Chief Scientist, World Wildlife Fund, will speak about his involvement in a recent study that assesses the biodiversity of various ecosystems in the United States and Canada. As explained in a September 16, 1997, article in the New York Times, the study finds that North America harbors a suprising number of regions rich in biodiversity. The study also notes, however, that the United States may be doing a worse job of protecting its biological resources than countries with less resources.


Student Mail
Many of you have received mail here at school. That mail gets forwarded to the SBA and is placed in a bin outside of C88. If you are expecting any mail, please check under the first initial of your last name in that bin. Any mail that does not get picked up within two weeks of delivery, may get thrown out.

Fall Lecture Series
We have now set a permanent date for the Fall Lecture Series. Mark down the week of November 17 - 20 in order to attend the SBA's annual Fall Lecture Series. A host of notable speakers will talk about current issues in the law Allen Hoover, David Springer, Gene Szromba, Jeffrey Leving, Dick Devine and Carol Moseley-Braun are all possible speakers. Appetizers and drinks will be provided each night after the lecture. In addition, the Ralph Brill Award will be presented to a faculty or alumni member. If you are interested in participating in the developing of this very important event, please e-mail Cynthia Cooper,
CCOOPER, Chair of the Speakers Program Committee.

Budget Expenditures
Please be advised that the Policy and Procedures Manual details the processes that must be followed when using allocated SBA financial reserves. Included in the manual are the appropriate forms that need to be completed. Should your student organization need forms or have budget questions, please contact Helen Fabisiewicz. Helen will also answer your questions about budget amendments.

Barrister's Ball
This year's Barrister's Ball will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in April. There will be a live band (High Society). Any questions or suggestions should be sent to Ivy Israel (IISRAEL) or Cynthia Cooper (CCOOPER).

We would like to congratulate Bennett Miller, ABA Representative for the Evening Division, for his election as National Chair for the American Bar Association Law Student Division. Bennett will assume his newly elected position on August 1, 1998.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Brehon Society Halloween Bake Sale! Come and join us for Irish Movie Night on Wednesday, November 12, at 6:00 p.m. in room 570. We'll be showing Michael Collins starring Liam Neeson, and we'll have food and drink. And last but not least, don't miss the Brehon Society Holiday Social at Schoolyard Tavern on Wednesday, December 3, from 8:00 to 11:00. The cost is $10 for three hours of beer and soda. The Schoolyard Tavern is located at 3258 N. Southport. If you are interested in joining the Brehon Society, e-mail JFOGARTY.

Check out the new Chicago Bar Association web site at

Volunteers Needed For Cba Moot Court Competition!
Student bailiffs are still needed to help keep time during the first evening of the CBA Moot Court Competition to be held at the Dirksen Federal Building on Thursday, November 13. Baliffs are needed from 5-9 p.m. to assist with two rounds (5:30 and 7:30 p.m.). This is WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to see what a moot court competition is all about, to cheer on Chicago-Kent's team (see below) by being there, and meet other students, attorneys and judges from throughout the Midwest. If interested, please call Jennifer Zucco at the CBA at (312) 554-2031 and tell her your name, school, phone number, and that you can help on Thursday. Thank you!

Good Luck to Chicago-Kent CBA Moot Court Team: Our best wishes go out to Chicago-Kent teammates Scott Hanfling and Becky Pala, this year's Moot Court Honor Society team for the CBA Moot Court Competition. We wish you luck this week!

YLS Committee Meetings:
Don't forget that you are welcome and encouraged to attend monthly YLS committee meetings. Use these meetings to learn about substantive areas of the law and meet practitioners in your field of interest. Most substantive committees meet each month at 12:15 p.m. according to the following schedule. Call the CBA to verify that a particular meeting will be held, or call one of the committee Chairs listed in your 1997-98 Committee Booklet (or check out "" for a list of the YLS Chairs) to find out the topic and/or speaker(s) for that particular meeting. If you are a law student member and want to get on the mailing list for a particular committee(s), call the CBA at (312) 554-2000 or sign-up on-line through the CBA website.

    1st Tuesday: Bankruptcy, Women in the Law
    1st Wednesday: School Law, Intellectual Property Law
    1st Thursday: Consumer Law, Law Student Committee
    1st Friday: International Law & Practice, Labor & Employment Law
    2nd Monday: Corporate Practice, Client Development & Firm Economics
    2nd Tuesday: Professional Responsibility
    2nd Thursday: Minorities in the Profession
    2nd Friday: Insurance Coverage, Real Estate Law
    3rd Monday: Appellate Law
    3rd Tuesday: Creative Arts, Environmental Law & Energy
    3rd Wednesday: Bench/Bar Relations, Mental Health & Disabilities Law
    3rd Thursday: Immigration Law
    3rd Friday: Tax Law, Family Law, CBA/YLS Alternative Dispute Resolution
    4th Monday: Trial Techniques, Collection Law
    4th Tuesday: Criminal Justice
    4th Wednesday: CBA/YLS Career Assistance
    4th Thursday: Health & Hospital Law, Estate Planning, Tort Law

Committees that have irregular meeting times are: Athletics, CBA Moot Court Competition, CBA News, Federal Trial Bar, Journal, Law Week, Lawyers for Alternative Work Schedules, Social, and Social Security& Elder Law.

Don't forget to send in your YLS/Law Student Membership form today to start reaping the many benefits of being a CBA member for only $8.00/year! You can register online at under the law student information. If you have any questions, just e-mail either Ivy Israel at IISRAEL or Charis Runnels at CRUNNELS. Thanks! --Ivy Israel, Chicago-Kent CBA Representative & Charis Runnels, CBA/YLS Law Student Committee Chair.


    Monday, November 10, from 12-2:00 p.m., is the CBA Environmental Conference on Due Diligence (to be held at the CBA - 321 S. Plymouth Ct.). Admission at the door is $25 for members and $30 for non. Includes box lunch.

    Tuesday, November 11, at 11:45 a.m., the World Wildlife Fund's Chief Scientist, Eric Dinerstein, will speak on the "Treasures of Biodiversity" (especially those of various ecosystems in the United States and Canada). This is a fabulous speaking event that you must not miss! All you need to bring is yourself and a beverage - food will be provided!

EcoTip: It seems environmentalism is now persuading judges - even outside the Environmental Legal context! The following is an excerpt from the case, Allendale Mutual Insurance Company vs. Bull Data Systems, Inc., 152 F.R.D. 132, 142:

Thank you for attending last week's brown bag luncheon with Ms. Betsy Goulet. Many thanks to Tony Zecchin who extended our invitation to the Attorney General's office it was a great success.

"Evolution of the Family"
This Tuesday, November 11, from 5:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Auditorium, FLS, HLS, and Gaylaw will be hosting a speaker program that will address the issues of adoption, artificial insemination, and custody relating to same-sex couples.

Our guest speakers will be Rosemary Mulryan, partner in the law firm of Mulyran & York (and Chicago-Kent graduate), and Patricia M. Logue, managing attorney for the midwest regional office of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. Both attorneys represented a same-sex couple in a precedent-setting Illinois Appellate Court case, In re Petition of K.M., where the Court held that unmarried couples, regardless of sexual orientation, had the right under the Illinois law to adopt. We are incredibly grateful that both women have agreed to speak at Chicago-Kent. We hope that you will join us for a very insightful evening!

Juvenile Court Tour
We will be joining Professor Mondala on a Juvenile Court tour on either Tuesday, November 18, or Thursday, November 20 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Space is limited, so please e-mail Leslie (LBORRE) for further information.

Thanks to all the generous donors who have contributed great toys and books to our First Annual Charity Drive! We will be collecting donations through mid-December, so please consider donating new or used children's toys & books and various female toiletries. Our boxes our located in the lobby near the security station. Your donations will be given to the Juvenile Court and a homeless shelter for women and children. Thanks.

"Bottom 90% - Tactics for Success"
All students are invited to attend the "Bottom 90% - Tactics for Success" speaker event sponsored by the ISBA's Young Lawyer's Division. This Wednesday, November 12, from 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. in room 370. This program has been presented at other Chicago law schools with great success. Attorney Franco Coladipietro, of Amari & Locallo, and Ann Marie Kill, of Women's Legal Services Center, will explore some of the avenues open to law students not in the top 10%. Food and drinks will be served. You do not have to be an ISBA member to attend -- all students are encouraged to join us.

It's not too late to become a law student member of the ISBA! The ISBA offers you many practical benefits as well as the opportunity to meet with many practitioners in a field of law that interests you. With your subscription, you will receive the monthly Illinois Bar Journal, the Law Student Division Isbanner, and seven substantive law section newsletters Civil Practice & Procedure, Criminal Justice, Trusts & Estates, General Practice, Tort Law, Real Estate, and Law Office Economics. For the low, low fee of $10 per year! Applications are available on the Concourse. Send your check and application in today to receive all the benefits you deserve!

Keep an eye on our ISBA bulletin board (located on the Concourse) for upcoming events and programs!

Patent Law Moot Court
IPLS is pleased to announce the 1997-98 Chicago-Kent Patent Law Moot Court Competition. All students who have completed their first year are invited to attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, November 12. Professor Pace will discuss the competition and hand out the actual problem at meetings at 3:00 p.m. in room 580 and at 5:00 p.m. in room 520.

The briefs are due on January 16, followed by oral arguments on January 24, 1998. All eligible participants who complete the competition can receive one pass/fail credit for the spring semester.

Awards will be given for best brief and best oral advocate.

The top four students will go on to compete in the regional Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court Competition (March 20-22, 1998). The Chicago-Kent competition problem is identical to the Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court problem. These teams will be coached by Professors Pace and Hulbert.

Participants in this year's Chicago-Kent Patent Law Moot Court competition may thereby become eligible to compete on Chicago-Kent's trademark or copyright moot court teams next year.

E-mail Elizabeth Klapman (EKLAPMAN), Chief Justice, IP Moot Court, with any questions about the meetings.

Resume Workshop
IPLS will be hosting an IP resume workshop on Thursday, November 13, in room C20. At the workshop, you will have an opportunity to get practical advice on your resume from practicing Intellectual Property attorneys. This is a great chance to tailor your resume to an IP firm's needs and get advice on what IP employers are looking for in a recruit.

A signup list will be posted on the IPLS board on the concourse level. Signup will be for members only at first and open to other interested students once member signup is complete.

Please send any questions to EBRYANT or ABALDWIN.

We have two guest speaker events planned. We hope you can arrange your schedule in order to attend.

   Tuesday, November 11 from 4:30-5:45 p.m. in room 210: We will have Richard Stanton, a partner in the law firm of Jacobs, Burns, Sugarman, Olove, and Stanton, discussing labor organizing in the international setting. He will be accompanied by Chicago-Kent Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr., who will give the management perspective of international law and also some input on what background will be helpful to people considering an international legal career.

   Wednesday, November 19 from 4-6 p.m. in room C25: There will be an actual mock trial of a Workman's Compensation hearing. There will be 2 attorneys and an arbitrator debating over a case of repetitive stress injury of carpal tunnel, and whether or not this is a compensable injury in Illinois. This is your chance to see Workman's Compensation in action.

Please mark your calendars and we hope to see you there.

Students and faculty are invited to attend the Final Round arguments in the Sixth Annual Ilana Diamond Rovner Appellate Advocacy Competition, Wednesday, November 12, 1997. The arguments will take place in the Auditorium. Please be seated by 3:45 p.m. Final Round judges will include Hon. Kenneth F. Ripple and Hon. Ilana Diamond Rovner from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and Hon. Anne M. Burke from the Illinois Appellate Court for the First District.

This year's problem is a Section 1983 case involving the alleged duty of a state prison official to protect a resident of a halfway house from violence inflicted by a fellow resident. The issues are (1) whether a constitutional duty to protect against third-party violence exists under these circumstances, and (2) whether the appropriate standard of culpability in such a case is "reckless disregard" or "shocks the conscience."

Students (especially 1Ls) are encouraged to attend one of the following Pre-Rovner presentations:

    Room C40 on Tuesday, November 4, 8:20 - 9:20 p.m.
    Room 520 on Wednesday, November 5, 5:00 - 5:50 p.m.
    Courtroom on Monday, November 10, 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Professor Sanford Greenberg, acting director of the Appellate Advocacy Program, will give a brief introduction regarding the substance of the Rovner topic and a brief presentation regarding oral argument.

SELS is holding a raffle in which the prizes include:

   Grand Prize: Two center court, second row, floor seats to the Bulls vs. Boston Celtics game on January 6, 1997 worth $150 face value per ticket.

   Other Prizes: Two Bears tickets for the Bears vs. Buffalo game on December 7, two Wolves tickets for the December 6 game against the Detroit Vipers, and sports equipment.

The cost of the raffle tickets are $3 for one, $5 for two. They will be sold in the SPAK daily from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. until the drawing on November 20, 5:00 p.m. at the panel on the music business in room 580. You can also purchase them through the SELS officers: Ivy Israel (IISRAEL), Jim O'Brien (JOBRIEN) and Fuad Sulayman (FSULAYMA). You do not have to attend to win.

Speaker Event: November 20, 1997, 5:00 p.m. in room 580. We will have people in the music business come and speak about what they do and field questions. Among the speakers are Prof. Peter Strand, a music attorney and professor of entertainment law, Griff Morris (the executive director of NARAS), a signed major label musician, and many more.