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November 17, 1997
Vol. No. XXXI, No. 14
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Spring 1998 Registration
The Registration Bulletin containing the final course schedule, registration instructions, and other information was distributed outside the third floor cafeteria last week. Registration for the spring semester begins Monday, November 17, for Evening Division students and Wednesday, November 19, for Day Division students.

Corrections to Registration Bulletin

Preliminary List of 1998 Summer Session Courses
A preliminary list of courses scheduled for the summer session will be distributed no later than today (Monday, November 17) outside the third floor cafeteria. Please keep in mind that this list is only preliminary.

Teaching Evaluations
Teaching evaluations will be distributed this week to elicit students' opinions regarding the quality of teaching at the law school. Instructors will review the responses to improve the quality of their instruction and courses. The evaluations are considered as one important factor in tenure, promotion, and compensation decisions for full-time faculty and are used as a factor in determining the effectiveness of part-time instructors. They are anonymous and will not be available to professors until after the grades for the courses are recorded.

A Note from Professor Sherman: Consider Estate Planning as a Professional Specialty
Think estate planning is only for the rich? Think again. People in all sorts of circumstances need help in planning for the distribution of their property to their loved ones at death. Often, the first legal matter that takes a person to an attorney is the need for a will, and an attorney's ignorance of the fundamentals of estate planning may send that client elsewhere. Estate planning offers the attorney both the intellectual satisfaction of dealing with engrossing legal issues and the personal satisfaction of being there for people when they are most in need of counsel and support. Solo practitioners and small-firm attorneys can succeed as estate planners just as large-firm attorneys can. But to succeed as an estate planner, you must know the fundamentals of estate and gift taxation and the income taxation of trusts and estates, which are the topics covered in the Gift and Estate Tax course. Almost every property transfer has federal tax implications. Even a client of only moderate wealth who requires only a simple will presents planning opportunities. A practitioner who wishes to give sound advice must be aware of the pitfalls which, unless avoided, may thwart the client's wishes, frustrate the family's plans, or deprive intended beneficiaries of needed income. I urge you to think seriously about taking the Gift and Estate Tax course.

Regulatory Policy and Politics Course
The IIT Social Science Department and the Graduate Program in Public Administration will be offering a course in the Spring entitled "Regulatory Policy and Politics" (PS 453). The instructor will be Professor Paul DeForest, an Associate Professor of Political Science at IIT, and the course will be offered in the law school building. Although the course is not cross-listed as a J.D. course, J.D. students may take up to two graduate-level courses outside of the law school for J.D. credit (see section 5.5 of the Student Handbook for details). For more details on the course, contact Dr. Harry Kelley at 312/906-5197. A course description follows:

"The goal of Political Science 453 is to consider the contemporary debate over regulation by exploring its necessary constitutional, legal and political context. We will trace the emergence of regulation of private business as an alternative to government ownership of enterprises. We will then explore the three great waves of regulation: Progressive (turn of century), New Deal (1930s), and New Social Regulation (1960s-1970s). The move toward economic deregulation beginning in the late 1970s made great progress (but with mixed results). The 1980s push toward social deregulation was much less immediately successful, but set the stage for the House Republicans' attempt in the 1990s to eliminate or weaken many health, safety and environmental regulations. The course will review the various standards and methods applied in rule-making, enforcement and adjudication, and will conclude by assessing the current status of regulation in a range of substantive areas."


Spring Registration This Week
Obtain your registration form from the Registrar's Office, have it stamped by the Bursar, and submit the completed form according to the schedule in the Registration Bulletin. Registration forms for students in the evening division are due at 6:00 p.m. tonight, Monday, November 17. Registration forms turned in late will lose priority.

January Graduates
Please make sure that your financial account with the university is current. You will not be certified to take the bar exam nor will you receive your diploma if you have an outstanding balance. You may check the status of your account on the computer terminal in the Registrar's Office. If there are any errors or problems, report them to the Bursar in room 290 immediately.

July 1998 Illinois Bar Application
The July 1998 Illinois bar applications are available in the Registrar's Office. The application filing deadline is February 1, 1998.


Law as a Profession: Professionalism Day 1998
A Program for Second Year Students

Whether you're on your second career and likely to keep the job you have now, a recent college graduate seeking a job in a law firm, a mid-life career changer hoping to break into public interest law, or an M.B.A. seeking a non-traditional legal job, it's important to manage your own career. Professionalism Day 1998 will arm you with first-hand knowledge about employer expectations and detailed information about law as a profession to assist you in maximizing your career success. The program features practitioners who've volunteered to share their time and expertise with you, providing tips on how to hit the ground running as a new law school graduate and how to enhance the skills you've already acquired in the workplace.

Law as a Profession: Professionalism Day 1998 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4, 1998. Second year students will attend Professionalism Day programming in lieu of regular classes on February 4. Regularly scheduled classes for all students will be canceled on that date.

Please Note: Attendance at Professionalism Day is a graduation requirement. 3L day and 4L evening students who have not yet attended Professionalism Day are required to attend this year's program.

Important Program Information:

Day students:
Your day will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m. The day program includes plenary programs and two interactive breakout sessions on law as a profession (see below). Lunch will be provided and your day will conclude with a dessert reception.

Evening students:
Your evening will begin with dinner and registration at 5:30 p.m. and end with a dessert reception at 9:00 p.m. The evening program includes plenary programs and one breakout session on law as a profession (see below). Please note: evening students are welcome to attend the day program if they so desire.

Breakout Session Information:
Most breakout sessions are organized according to practice sector (such as small and mid-sized firms, government, or public interest) and not intended to address particular practice areas such as entertainment law or patent law. The "Law as a Second Career" session is an option for day students ONLY: all evening sessions will address these issues. The "Structural Changes in the Practice of Law" session will cover the changing face of the legal profession and its impact on future practitioners. (See the registration form for a complete listing of breakout sessions.)

Registration Procedures:
You may register for Professionalism Day 1998 in two ways: Click here to access the on-line Registration Form or stop by the Career Services Office to fill out a registration form in person. You must register by Friday, November 21. If you have questions about the registration form or about Professionalism Day 1998, please send an e-mail message to PROFDAY. Watch this space in the Record for additional details.


As you prepare for your finals, think about the "human resources" that are available to you within the law school. Your professors are available to answer questions and offer guidance as the end of the semester draws near. Don't put off until Read Week that which you can inquire about today! 1Ls -- your Teaching Assistants are great sources for information on how to survive this first set of exams. Pay a visit to each of your TA's during their office hours this week! Finally, you can make an appointment with me, Ellen Berger (EBERGER), to discuss exam preparation strategies. E-mail or drop by room 546.

One last chance!!!
Exam Preparation and Performance Program
Tuesday, November 18, 5:00-6:00 p.m., Room 590

For your convenience, a third Exam Preparation session has been added to the schedule! Student Services staff will lead a discussion on the mechanics of successful exam-taking. The final program will take place on Tuesday, November 18, from 5:00-6:00 p.m. (Note: This is the same program that was held last week.)

Exam Preparation and Performance Videotape
If you cannot make it to the program this Tuesday, you can still catch the program on video. The Exam Preparation videotape is now available for checkout. E-mail EBERGER to reserve a copy for overnight check-out.

The Weekly Link
It's almost Thanksgiving and holiday shopping is right around the corner. Turn on your computer -- it's time to go E-Shopping!

   Misc. Stuff
   Good Deals 


Class of 1998 Graduation Information
The Class of 1998 Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 24, 1998, at 2:30 p.m. at Navy Pier!! Chicago-Kent has blocks of rooms reserved at local hotels for that weekend. Stop in to Suite 310 for a list of locations and prices.

Class Speaker Competition
In addition to having your valedictorian speak at graduation, the winner of the Class of 1998 class speaker competition will have the opportunity to address graduates and guests for 5 minutes at the commencement ceremony. To participate in the competition, submit a brief essay (2-3 pages) outlining the topic on which you would speak. Plan on the speech lasting 5 minutes. Essays are due in the Office of Alumnae/i & Student Relations by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 5. The essays will be graded anonymously by the Class of 1998 Graduation Committee, and the winner will be announced early next semester.

If you have any questions regarding graduation, please e-mail John Fogarty at JFOGARTY or stop in to Suite 310.


Summer Study Abroad Program of Santa Clara University
On Friday, November 21, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., Professor Philip Jiminez from Santa Clara University will be in the conference room of the Career Services Office to discuss his school's summer study abroad programs for law students. Destinations offered for 1998 include Hong Kong, Geneva, Strasbourg, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul, Budapest, Oxford, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, and Germany. If you would like to attend this informal meeting to learn more about this wonderful opportunity, please register in the Program Sign-Up binder in the Career Services Office.

2Ls, 3Ls, and 4Ls: Student Volunteers Wanted for the Student Careers Committee!
Here's an opportunity to help us help you! The Career Services Office has a working committee of student volunteers called the Student Careers Committee. The committee works with the Career Services Office to increase resource materials available to students and outreach efforts to the legal community. This is a pro-active committee and student volunteers should have an interest in people-intensive activities and career development issues.

We are looking for several upperclass students, particularly evening students, to join the committee. If you would like to apply for membership on this committee, stop by the Career Services Office and pick up an application form with more details of the types of projects this committee will be working on over the year. If you have any questions, please contact, Assistant Director Charis Runnels (CRUNNELS).

Practice Tracks 1997 Participants:
Thank you to all Chicago-Kent students who attended Practice Tracks 1997 at DePaul last week! We hope that you found talking to over 62 practitioners in different fields of practice helpful, interesting, and inspirational.

A program booklet, with biographical information and advice from the speakers, was made available during the program. However, due to the overwhelming attendance, a few of you may not have been able to obtain a copy at the program. The Career Services Office has a copy of the booklet in a binder labeled, Practice Tracks 1997 and it can be found on the Resource Center bookshelves. Stop by the office to take a look. We hope to see you next year at Practice Tracks 1998!

Thanksgiving Office Closing
The Career Services Office will close for the Thanksgiving holiday at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26. We will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, December 1.

Special Opportunities: Handouts Available in Career Services

1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls: United States Attorney, District of Minnesota Summer Clerkship Program
The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Minnesota in Minneapolis has volunteer clerkship positions available for the summer of 1998. Law clerks assist the U.S. in civil and criminal matters before the U.S. District Court of Minnesota and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. For more information, see Handout #45. The application deadline is January 5, 1998. Interested 2Ls and 3Ls should apply as soon as possible. Interested 1Ls should apply as soon as possible after December 1, 1997.

1Ls and 2Ls: Resources for the Future (RFF)'s Summer Internship Program
RFF, located in Washington, D.C. is an independent non-profit organization specializing in research, policy analysis and public education on environmental, energy, and natural resource issues. Several summer internships are available which provide interns with the opportunity to work with one or more RFF researchers in one of three research divisions. See Handout #44 for more information. Application materials must be postmarked or faxed no later than March 16, 1998.


[Information Center Home Page]

This week's tutorial will be on using eLOISe. eLOISe has sample exams given by professors (even yours) in previous years, and even exams for courses you are currently taking. You can also find cases that are in the U.S. Reports or issues on Environmental Law. You will find both of these, and a lot more on eLOISe.

The Reference staff of the Information Center will be presenting this tutorial, as well as demonstrating the various other helpful database files of this online research tool. The schedule for the tutorials is posted on the 9th floor bulletin board, and you don't have to sign up for any of them. Just show up by the reference desk at the scheduled times.

If you have any suggestions for future tutorials or comments regarding the times when they are offered, we'd like to have them. Send them to Lenore Glanz (LGLANZ).

Exams on eLOISe
Exam preparation time is fast approaching; don't forget to check eLOISe to see if your professor has copies of previous exams available. Stop by the Library Service Desk for a copy of our "Using eLOISe" bookmark and ask any staff member for assistance in using eLOISe.

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

  Wednesday,   November 26   7:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
  Thursday,    November 27   Closed
  Friday,      November 28   Closed
  Saturday,    November 29   9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  Sunday,      November 30  10:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.


Student Photos On Innerkent
Student photographs will be made available begining in November on the Chicago-Kent internal web server at Photographs will be available only on the internal web site and from within the building; they will not be available to anyone who is not an authorized user of the Chicago-Kent network. If you do not wish your photograph to be available to other students, please fill out a Privacy Form in the Registrar's Office by Friday, November 7, 1997. All student photographs will be available to Chicago-Kent faculty and administrative staff even if you have submitted a Privacy Form.

Taking Final Exams On Computer
With the upgrade of the computer labs to Windows 95, final exams on computer will be slightly different beginning this December. The following word processors will be available to you during final exams:

If you are planning on taking your exam on computer, you must familiarize yourself with the word processor you plan to use NOW! Specifically, familiarize yourself with how to create headers, insert page numbers, print and save files to disk. It is the wrong time to learn these functions 10 minutes before you take your final exam.

When you take an exam on computer, it is strongly recommended that you save your document to two disks every 15 minutes and print to the print server every hour. You will not actually print out a paper copy of your exam, but we will have it as a third backup if there is a problem with both of the disks you have saved your final on.

Computer Lab Printing Policy
We have received several questions from students regarding the college's printing policy. For the fall semester, every student at Chicago-Kent will receive 400 complimentary pages of laser printing. If you print more than 400 pages during the semester, you will be charged 5¢ per page for every page over 400. Here are details of the printing policy:

Additional Notes on Wordprocessors Available for Exams
The computer labs now have Windows95 on all the machines. For final exams taken on computer both Wordperfect 8 and Word95 will be offered. Please note that you will be saving to only 1 disk and should therefore send your document to the print que often.

New Machines for Lab 700
There are now two Pentium 166 machines in Lab 700. The CLC is upgrading machines around the building, and as part of this effort will soon be upgrading the e-mail stations to Windows95.

Notice to Evening Students
In order to better serve the needs of our evening students, Chuck Olsen will be in Lab 700 each Wednesday night until 8:30 to help with problems.

Student Representative Lab Hours: During lab hours, student representatives are available to answer questions and will be located either in lab 700 or at the tables just outside of lab 700. Lab hours for the week of November 17, 1997 will be as follows:

   Monday     2:00 -  5:30   Michael Ambroziak
   Tuesday    4:30 -  7:30   Michael Ambroziak
   Wednesday  2:00 -  3:30   Michael Ambroziak
   Thursday   4:30 -  7:30   Michael Ambroziak
   Sunday     6:00 - 10:00   Michael Ambroziak
As always, 24 hour online technical and research assistance is available by calling 1-800-850-WEST. Questions can also be e-mailed to CBROWN or MAMBROZI.

Law and the Three Stooges
The depiction of the legal profession in print and in media has been the subject of much serious study. Legal scholarship, however, has failed to devote the usual quota of journal articles and symposia to one group of artists whose work has affected public attitudes toward the profession for generations. An article in the Oklahoma City University Law Review attempts to remedy that omission. Access the Oklahoma City University Law Review database (OKCULR) and restrict your search to the title field (ti) to retrieve "Images of Lawyers and the Three Stooges."
ti(three /s stooges)

"The Class They Hate The Most"
Cannibalism is an odd subject for a classroom hypothetical. It's featured, however, as a hypothetical in a class taught at the University of Denver College of Law called "Lawyering Process." The class is heavy on those knotty questions that have no one "correct" answer. It's also described by a spokesperson for the school as the class that students "hate the most." Access the Denver Post database (DENVERPOST) and run the following search to read about the class that gives first-year law students a "legal baptism by fire."
lawyering /2 process

Pure Intellectual Property
Disputes over intellectual property usually involve some tangible artifact such as a blueprint, a recording or even a diagram on a cocktail napkin. But Evan Brown, an engineer from Plano, Texas, is involved in a legal battle over an idea that resides entirely within his own head--an idea that his former employer, DSC Communications, claims as its own. Access the Electronic Engineering Times database (ELENGT) and run the following search to read about the case.
evan /2 brown /p d.s.c.

Clinic Is Victim of its Own Success
Law students in the Environmental Law Clinic at Tulane University School of Law succeeded in stopping construction of a $700 million plastics plant, and business leaders and politicians--starting with the governor of Louisiana--are none too happy about it. Their complaints about the clinic have prompted an inquiry by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Access The National Law Journal database (NLJ) and run the following search to read about the controversy that began in Louisiana's "Cancer Alley."
tulane /s environment! /s clinic


The LEXIS student representative will hold office hours this week in lab 700 (the large lab inside the library), or at one of the tables outside the lab if lab 700 is fully occupied. Lab hours for the week of November 17 are:

Monday5:00-6:30 pm
Tuesday9:00-11:00 am
Thursday2:00-4:00 pm
Friday1:00-2:30 pm
Saturday9-11 am

If your schedule prevents you from speaking to the student rep during lab hours, you can e-mail your question to LEXISQ, and you should receive a response within one day. Please note that any changes to this schedule will be posted on the LEXIS bulletin board in lab 700.

In addition, please stop by the LEXIS board to see the LEXIS Tip of the Week

Did you forget your password over the summer? Did you update your software and erase it from your hard drive? Not to worry. Send your name and expected graduation date to LEXISQ and we will get your password as soon as possible.

Anything New?

Software available on the Web.
Are you frustrated because you can use LEXIS 7.0 and its wonderful graphical interface at school, but can't load it on your home computer because you don't have a CD-ROM drive? Well, if you :

  1. are a current student at Chicago-Kent;
  2. have a computer running Windows 95 or Windows NT;
  3. have a laptop and a network card; or
  4. have a computer and a modem,
then you can download LEXIS 7.0 using Netscape or Internet Explorer. Here is how you do it.

For more information, please visit the Lexis rep in lab 700 during office hours, or e-mail LEXISQ with your questions. Thank you and have a good week!


Association House Legal Services Needs Volunteers
Association House Legal Services (AHLS) provides free legal services to individuals who qualify. AHLS only practices family law, concentrating on orders of protection, adoptions, divorce, name change, guardianship and other family law issues. AHLS is located at 2150 West North Avenue, and provides services to a large Hispanic community. Volunteers are responsible for interviewing clients, drafting correspondence, researching family law issues and preparing legal memoranda. Please contact the SOS office if you are interested in this great volunteer opportunity.

Office Hours in room 686:

    Ann Celine:  Monday and Wednesday  3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Carolyn:     Tuesday and Thursday  1:50 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.
If you are unable to visit SOS during these times, please e-mail SOS and either Ann Celine or Carolyn will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Public Service Projects in the Chicago-Kent Community
The Black Law Students Association is sponsoring a clothing drive through early December to benefit the Bottomless Closet, First Baptist Congressional Church and the Christian Industrial League. Help support BLSA and bring in those clothes you don't wear anymore! The clothing depositories are in the main lobby -- you can't miss them!


Professor Philip Hablutzel attended a meeting of the Illinois Secretary of State's Corporation Acts Advisory Committee in Springfield, Illinois, on November 12, 1997. He presented a strategy for preserving the new Federal Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 from an opt-out in the Illinois General Assembly. He also reported on the progress in revising the Illinois statutes providing business forms for health care providers.

On October 17, Professor Steven Harris discussed proposed revisions to UCC Article 9 with the Joint Editorial Board for Uniform Real Property Acts in Dallas. On October 19, he spoke on "The Intersection of Article 9 of the UCC and Bankruptcy Practice" at the Annual Meeting of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges in Philadelphia.

Professor Mickie Voges presented an all-day seminar on "Copyright Law in the Electronic World" at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science. At the same meeting, she also presented a half-day seminar on "Law and the Internet", covering questions of jurisdiction, contract and the UCC, First Amendment issues, privacy, and the like.


LADR! -- A Program For First-Year Students
There will be an information meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 1997. The 3:00 p.m. meeting will be held in room 510, and the 5:30 p.m. meeting will be held in room 635.

Becoming a lawyer takes more than sitting through three years of law school lectures. It involves more than learning how to cross-examine hostile witnesses, write persuasive briefs, and talk to clients. Reading about subjects such as legal ethics or law practice management is not the same as learning about them from experience.

Chicago-Kent College of Law's program, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (LADR), offers a unique educational experience. Throughout the program you will learn legal doctrine, lawyering skills, and professional values, and work in Chicago-Kent's teaching law firm, supervised by clinical professors who are expert practitioners and mentors. You will learn the art of lawyering through two years of intensive skills and clinical training. Your experience will teach you how to become a competent, ethical, and socially responsible lawyer.

No more than 30 first-year students will be admitted to the program based upon academic potential, law school performance, and reasons for entering the program. A faculty advisor will help the LADR students tailor their course selections to their particular career interests. Each program graduate will be awarded a Juris Doctor degree and a Program Certificate. Applications are due Monday, January 26, 1998, during the start of the spring 1998 semester.

Only students who are currently first-year students may apply for admission into LADR.

For Further Information
Please attend the information meeting on Wednesday, November 19, at 3:00 p.m. in room 510, or at 5:30 p.m. in room 635. You may also contact Professor Laser, room 631, or pick up an application and brochure in room 600.

Applications Are Due On Monday, January 26, 1998.


1997 - 1998 Academic Year

NOTE: Please stop by room 320D for hard copies of rules and regulations governing all contests.


Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund of Illinois
The Hispanic Lawyers Scholarship Fund of Illinois (HLSF) will provide financial assistance to first-year Latino and Latina law students through its scholarship program. The scholarships awards will be based on the recipient's application and a personal interview with the HLSF selection committee. The criteria evaluated by the selection committee includes, but is not limited to the applicant's academic record, financial need, writing ability, personal recommendations and career goals. A factor in the Committee's consideration is the applicant's connection to the State of Illinois. The scholarship(s) to be awarded will be a minimum of $1,000.

Applications for the HLSF Scholarship Fund are available in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. Interested applicants must complete the HLSF Scholarship Application and return it to HLSF no later than December 8, 1997.

Northwest Suburban Bar Association Foundation Scholarships
The Northwest Suburban Bar Association Foundation will award three scholarships for the spring semester 1998. Third year law students will be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship; second year students for a $1,500 scholarship; and first year students for a $1,000 scholarship. Applicants must be residents of the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, regardless of the law school attended.

Applications are available in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Suite 230. Interested candidates must submit the application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and a one-page statement to the Northwest Suburban Bar Association Foundation no later than December 31, 1997.

Jeffrey and Susan Rubenstein Scholarship Fund
The Office of Admissions is seeking applications for the Jeffrey and Susan Rubenstein Scholarship Fund. This fund was established by Jeffrey and Susan Rubenstein, two friends of the law school. Mr. Rubenstein is an adjunct professor at Chicago-Kent and a partner with the firm of Much Shelist Freed Denenberg & Ament. The recipient of this fund is selected based on financial need with preference given to students who are financing their law school education by working in non-professional positions or part-time jobs in the hospitality or service industries. The award will be approximately $700.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application to Nicole Speck, Director of Admissions, Suite 230. The letter should explain why you feel that you qualify for the award and describe how this award will help to alleviate your financial need. Applications must be received no later than Monday, November 24, 1997.


Get ahead of the wave!
The course on Computers and Legal Reasoning will be offered for the second time in the spring 1998 semester. The November 1997 issue of the ABA Journal, on page 84, contains a story on the future of technology in law, in which a company official identifies LEXIS/NEXIS's "most exciting new (forthcoming) service" as the LEXIS/NEXIS Exchange, which will become "an online legal community that will include expert systems with Web-based engines using artificial intelligence." The November 10, 1998 issue of the New York Times, on page C3, contains a long article about the possible "coming of age" of artificial intelligence research in law. The article focuses on General Electric Company's introduction in December of a "Virtual Patent Advisor, a new software product designed to identify and help avoid patent conflicts," which a senior patent lawyer at GE stated should "reduce to less than an hour a process that now takes as long as a week." Several legal expert systems on various areas of tax law and welfare benefits advice are already in commercial use. In the course on Computers and Legal Reasoning, students will (1) learn about the possibilities and limitations of the emerging technology and, in the process, (2) focus in detail on a self-selected area of law, hopefully working with a faculty adviser, and (3) gain a deeper, practical understanding of the nature of law and legal reasoning, through reflective engagement in the process of attempting to formally model legal knowledge and legal reasoning in the selected area of law. No computer programming expertise is assumed or required.
News From The Bookstore
Congratulations go to Howard Rosenberg who had the first closest count for our candy corn contest. His guess was 871 and the actual count was 875. His prize was a $20.00 Spree phone card. Congratulations Howard. (We think he was more interested in the candy then the phone card).

We are pleased to announce Follett's participation in the Toys for Tots Program. Local Toys For Tots organizations collect toys, distribute them to local hospitals, churches, and welfare agencies who then distribute the toys to needy children on Christmas Day. We will have a box in the store should you choose to participate. The toy can be for any age group and should not be gift wrapped.

Trial Advocacy
Congratulations to the Chicago-Kent Trial Advocacy Team for making it to the semi-final round at the Tournament of Champions in Los Angeles, California. The tournament was sponsored by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and was held this past October 22-25. Out of the 176 accredited law schools in the country, only the top 16 trial advocacy programs were invited to the tournament based on their past trial advocacy performances. After two days of competition, Chicago-Kent's team made the cut to the final four. The team members consisted of Judy Martinez, Ljubica Djordjevic, Jenni Henley, and Mark Cumba.

The Trial Advocacy Team is currently preparing for the National Trial Competition Regionals, which will be held in Wheaton, Illinois this February. The national team is made up of the four current members and two new additions: Lisa Longo and Rick Duffin. Congratulations, Lisa and Rick.


Fall Lecture Series - This Week!
This week, the SBA will present a host of notable speakers who will talk about current issues in the law: Allen Hoover, David Springer, Gene Szromba, Jeffrey Leving, Dick Devine and Scott Mendeloff are all scheduled speakers. There should be programs and fliers around the school with more detailed information on each of these speakers. Appetizers and drinks will be provided outside of the Auditorium each night after the lecture.

In addition, the Ralph Brill Award will be presented to Professor Joan Steinman. I nominated Professor Steinman because of her endless devotion to student activities. She regularly judges moot court competitions and is always there to help out any student organization in need. Further, she always strives to make Chicago-Kent the best possible law school. Besides a few abstentions, the Board of Governors approved the nomination unanimously.

Congratulations Moot Court
The SBA would like to congratulate the entire Appellate Advocacy class for finishing Rovner. The finalists this year were Amy Wilson and Brandy Sargent. All competitors should be proud.

Bar and Gavel Awards
Students, Faculty and Administration:

The Student Bar Association is in the process of selecting three very special winter (January 1998) graduating J.D. candidates to receive the Bar and Gavel Award. The award recipients will also be inducted into the Bar and Gavel Society. Among other things, a candidate for this award should show outstanding service and commitment to the school and community. If you think you know of someone deserving of this honor, please e-mail a letter of nomination to the Bar and Gavel Committee Chairman, Andrew Stein (ASTEIN). Nominations must be received no later than November 20, 1997, to be considered.

Student Mail
Many of you have received mail here at school. That mail gets forwarded to the SBA and is placed in a bin outside of C88. If you are expecting any mail, please check under the first initial of your last name in that bin. Any mail that does not get picked up within two weeks of delivery may get thrown out.

December Social
What happened to the November Social? Well, because of all of the 1L memos that are due and because of the Fall Lecture Series, the SBA will not have an official November Social. I am personally hoping that those eager to "join their friends" this month will attend this week's speaking events and socialize afterwards with some of Chicago's most notable attorneys. There will be appetizers and drinks served.

However, we have not forgotten about the December Social. Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 4. Nick Scarpelli is in the process of securing a location.

Budget Expenditures
Please be advised that the Policy and Procedures Manual details the processes that must be followed when using allocated SBA financial reserves. Included in the Manual are the appropriate forms that need to be completed. Should your student organization need forms or have budget questions, please contact Helen Fabisiewicz. Helen will also answer your questions about Budget Amendments.

Barrister's Ball
This year's Barrister's Ball will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in April. There will be a live band (High Society). Any questions or suggestions should be sent to Ivy Israel (IISRAEL) or Cynthia Cooper (CCOOPER).


Linda Frazier on Futures
Tuesday November 18
12:00 Noon
Room TBA

On Monday, November 17, at noon in room C35, CJS presents Chief Judge Thomas R. Fitzgerald of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Criminal Division. He will speak about the criminal court over on 26th and California, and also discuss his duties as Chief Judge. It should be quite interesting and all are encouraged to attend.

Thanks to all that attended the Movie Night and the guest speaker from WWF! We hope the events this fall have been both diverse and sufficient for all the varied interests of our membership. Remember to e-mail the ELS mailbox with any comments or suggestions for additional events.

E-mail AFITZ if you need outlines -- we have built a substantial bank of them and are happy to distribute! Also let us know if you have good ones to swap with.

Next semester we have lots of great things planned: Teaching at local schools, Earth Day, Bike Auction, Potential Environmental Conference, and more! Good Luck on Finals!

Thank you to Fred Barnhart, Parker Benton, Isabel Millard, Mae Hung, Erika Saltzman, and Nadja Millare who helped put together the fabulous "Evolution of the Family" speaker program! Thanks to all who attended this worthwhile event. An audio tape of the program will be made available shortly. Please check the Record for further information.

Please keep those donations coming! The boxes will remain in the lobby (near the Security Desk) until "Read Week." Again, thank you to all the generous donors.

Bar Activities
If you are an Illinois State Bar Association student member, please take note: The ISBA will be having it's Mid-year Meeting December 11-13, 1997, at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Two programs are "free" to ISBA student members with an interest in family law -- "New Developments in Child Welfare: 1997" on Thursday, December 11; and "Family Law Update" on Friday, December 12. The application is enclosed in the meeting brochure, please indicate your ISBA student member status and your student id number. The hotel is located at 301 East North Water Street (take the #56/Milwaukee Bus from Northwestern Train station and you will be dropped at the door of the hotel). If you have any questions, please e-mail Leslie (LBORRE).

Spring Programs
It is time to start thinking about spring programs. . . if you would like to plan and organize a speaker-program or event next semester, please let us know! If you have a topic idea and know a great speaker (or wouldn't mind finding one using the sources in Career Services and the Alumni Office), then please consider this fantastic opportunity. This would be great addition to your resume as you hunt for that summer job!

The Illinois State Bar Association's Mid-year Meeting will be held at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, 301 East North Water Street, on December 11 - 13, 1997. Please indicate on your registration form your student status and your student membership id number. If you are an ISBA student member, the following LawEd programs are FREE to you!

Thursday, December 11, 1997:
   "Bridge the Gap"
   "Tax Update: Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, Taxpayer Representatives and the ARDC"
   "New Developments in Child Welfare Law: 1997"

Friday, December 12, 1997:
   "Family Law Update"
   "Get Caught Up! An Update on Civil Practice, Insurance, Mental Health and Tort law Issues"

Saturday, December 13, 1997:
   "Avoiding Retirement Plan Land Mines - Tips, Tricks and Traps"
   "Order Out of Chaos: Personal Skills-Building for Professional Success"

If you are interested in the "Special Events" offered, you may attend by submitting the required registration fee for that particular event. The events include:

This Wednesday, there will be a city-wide Jewish law student party at Guthrie's from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Guthrie's is at 1300 West Addison. There will be no cover and everyone (excpet Orleans) will get two free drinks. If you have any questions (not sure why you would), e-mail HROSENBU or RKNIGHT.

If you still aren't on the mailing list, and actually want to be on it, e-mail HBLOCH.

The Justinian Society has a full week planned . . .

Resume Book: If there is anyone who hasn't submitted their resume yet, please e-mail Lisa (LSMITH3) by Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. The resumes will be presented at the monthly Dinner Meeting this week.

Movie Night: Our annual movie night will be this Wednesday, November 19, at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. This is one event you won't want to miss! Judges and Attorneys as well as students from Chicago-Kent and various local schools have been invited. Food and Drinks will be served.

Dinner Meeting: The November Dinner Meeting will be this Thursday, November 20. Cocktails will be served at 5:30 p.m. and dinner is at 6:30 p.m. We will be presenting our resume book this week. E-mail Lisa (LSMITH3) for further details.

KATLA's fundraiser begins this Monday! This year, we will be selling sweatshirts and long-sleeve t-shirts embroidered with a Chicago-Kent logo on them. They will be offered on the 3rd floor cafeteria at various times over the next couple of weeks, and there are many colors to choose from! If you would like to help sell, e-mail Curtis (CDURIK).

KATLA will be hosting a speaker event with Judge Erickson on Tuesday, November 18. It will last from noon to 1:00 p.m., in room 580.

A special thanks to all of your committee chairs and their members! Our first mailing went out for the auction last week!

If anyone has any ideas for an auction theme, please contact Ann Celine O'Hallaren (AOHALLAR).

There are t-shirts from our fall fundraiser left, so if you are interested in purchasing any please contact Adam Weber (AWEBER) or Brandy Brixy (BBRIXY). They make great presents!

General Meetings
There will be no more general meetings scheduled, but please keep in contact with your committee chairs and remember to follow-up with your contacts over break!

This is the last week for the raffle. The drawing will be Thursday, November 20 at the Speaker Event (see below). The tickets will be sold everyday in the 3rd floor SPAK from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. The raffle ticket price is $3.00 for one ticket and $5.00 for two tickets. You can also buy the tickets from the SELS officers: Ivy Israel (IISRAEL), Jim O'Brien (JOBRIEN), and Fuad Sulayman (FSULAYMA). The prizes include:

Panel on the Music Business: will be held this Thursday, November 20, at 5:00 p.m. in room 580. The speakers will include:

   Griff Morris: Executive Director of NARAS (the Grammy People)
   Brian Liesegang: Musician, Founding member of Reprise recording artists FILTER.
   Prof. Peter Strand: Entertainment Attorney, McBride, Baker & Coles
   and others...

Finals aren't too far away, so if you have outlines you would like to submit to the WIL outline bank, please e-mail them as attached files to WIL. Also, if you would like an outline for a certain class and professor, please e-mail your lists to WIL.

DePaul University Law School will be publishing the first annual "Women's Law Digest". DePaul has welcomed the admittance of student essays on women's issues. Entries are due by January 15, 1998, and should be mailed to Women's Law Digest, c/o DePaul University Law School, 25 E. Jackson, Room 707, Chicago, IL 60604.

Please remember to check the WIL bulletin board on the concourse level for any event postings.

The Executive Board will be meeting the week of November 24. If you have any topics that they should consider, please e-mail your suggestions to WIL.