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Week of August 16, 1999





   Index of Back Issues

   News and Announcements from
   Administrative Offices

Important Record Announcement

  • NOTE: New Record contact and headline submission information.
  • NOTE: Posting information for new and returning students.
  • REMINDER: Weekly Record schedule returns.

Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

  • Letter to first year students.

Assistant Dean Stephen D. Sowle

  • To entering students:
    • Welcome to Chicago-Kent!
    • What my office does.
  • To continuing students:
    • Welcome back!
    • Initial reading assignments and course materials.
    • UPDATE: Fall course information.
    • Fall exam schedule.
    • Courses likely to be offered in Spring 2000 semester.
    • Class ranks/GPA cut-offs.


  • Welcome 1Ls!

Administration and Finance

  • Weekly activities schedule.

Student Services

  • Welcome 1Ls

Financial Aid

  • Loan disbursements.
  • Entrance interviews.
  • 1999-2000 financial aid processing.
  • Perkins promissory note signing.
  • Office hours.

Career Services

  • Welcome 1st years.
  • Fall on-campus interview program.
  • Department of Justice.
  • Student worker positions.
  • Job posting.
  • Job fair.
  • 3rd annual prosecutorial symposium.
  • Fall office hours.
  • Job opportunities.


  • Excited to be attending Chicago-Kent? Join the Chicago-Kent Advocates!
  • Office of Admissions hours.

Information Center

  • Hours.
  • Copy cards.
  • Illinois collection.
  • New library system update.

Law Offices

  • NOTICE: Mandatory introductory meeting for new Law Offices students August 23 at 4pm in room 580.
  • Returning law offices students: Pick up current handbook in suite 600 on August 23.
  • Criminal Clinic students: Complete and return an MCC form to the receptionist in suite 600 by August 23.
  • ATTENTION: Third year students-- Externships with the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.
  • For a decription of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Offices home page at:


  • 1999-2000 external scholarship listing.

Continuing Legal Education

  • Upcoming programs in 1999.

Office of Public Affairs

  • July Names in the News now online!

Writing Contests

  • No new entries.

Employment Opportunities


  News and Announcements from
  Faculty and Law School Programs

From Professor Sanford Greenberg

  • Student assistant needed.

International Law and Policy Development

  • International Programs information meeting.



  News and Announcements from
  Student Organizations

Moot Court Honor Society

  • MCHS welcomes new students.
  • 1999-2000 executive board.
  • MCHS welcome party.
  • Spring competition results.