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Week of September 13, 1999





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   News and Announcements from
   Administrative Offices

Important Record Announcement

  • Student organizations: Check out information on posting your announcements in the Record. Information available online.

Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

  • Dean Perritt and Professor Stewart participate in workshop.

Assistant Dean Stephen D. Sowle

  • More CALI award winners.
  • Student awards luncheon.
  • Intellectual property course: Practice Before the Federal Circuit.
  • Joke of the week.


  • January 2000 graduates.
    • Review the graduation list posted on the bulletin board.
  • Illinois Bar registration for first-year students.

Administration and Finance

  • ATTENTION: A note from Public Safety.
  • Weekly activities schedule.
  • Student employment for fall term.
  • Discounted parking rates for students.
  • Downtown Campus safety tips.
  • Building hours.
  • Shuttle bus schedule.
  • Office hours.
  • Room reservations.

Student Services

  • AEP program announcement-- outlining and controlling materials in preparation for exams.
  • Student organization fair on September 14.
  • Orientation mock trail-- encore presentation-- on the Web!
  • Joint J.D./M.S. in environmental management information session.

Financial Aid

  • Loan disbursements.
  • Entrance interviews.
  • 1999-2000 financial aid processing.
  • Perkins promissory note signing.
  • Office hours.
  • Frequently asked questions.

Career Services

  • DEADLINE: Summer experience survey due September 17 in order to participate in the CSO raffle.
  • Final mock interview will take place Wednesday, September 15.
  • Upcoming programs:
    • Finding a job in small and mid-size firms.
    • Finding a job in government.
  • Student worker position still available.
  • Network at the Legal Defense Fund volunteer appreciation/recruitment party and the 7th Circuit Fall Roundtable.
  • 1999 NAPIL public interest career fair and conference.
  • Spring judicial externships for second- and third-year students.

Information Center

  • Fall semester hours.
  • Formbooks tutorial.
  • Employer resumes on eLOISe.
  • Librarians available in computer lab 700.
  • Faculty reserve.

Law Offices

  • Clinic students assist in litigation victories.
  • Mediation training dates for clinic students.
  • Welcome to Wendy K. Abbott, assistant professor of clinical practice.
  • Judicial externship spring 2000 semester for second- and third-year students.
  • For a description of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Office home page at:

Center for Law and Computers

  • New virus detection software-Version 4.04.041.


  • Chicago-Kent scholarship opportunities-- In search of financial assistance for law school? Apply for one of these awards.
  • Important information for 1999-2000 Chicago-Kent scholarship recipients.
  • 1999-2000 outside scholarships list.

Writing Contests

  • No new entry this week.

Continuing Legal Education

  • Upcoming programs in 1999.
  • Attention all students interested in labor law.

Office of Public Affairs

  • Student organizations: Check out information on posting your announcements in the Record. Information available online.

Employment Opportunities


  News and Announcements from
  Faculty and Law School Programs
From Professor Ralph Brill
  • Research assistant needed.

From Professor Phil Hablutzel

  • Discount information for Wall Street Journal.

From Professor Debbie Musiker

  • J.D./M.S. dual degree program in environmental management.

From Professor Jeffrey Sherman

  • Students research assistants needed.

From Professor Joan Steinman

  • Research assistant needed.

From Professor Dan Tarlock

  • Real estate seminar.

Labor and Employment Law Certificate Program

  • ATTENTION: All students in, and interested in, the Labor and Employment Law certificate program.

Serving Our Society (SOS)

  • Public interest pro bono volunteer opportunities.

International Law and Policy Development

  • Students opportunities in Chicago-Kent's international projects.

Program in Intellectual Property Law

  • Unique moot court course opportunity; informal meeting September 23, from 4-6pm.



  News and Announcements from
  Student Organizations

This week, announcements from those student organizations not posting their own Record pages are collected together on one page (organization names listed immediately below).
NOTE: Each student organization will be responsible for posting its own announcements beginning with the October 4 Record. Please see the important Record announcement at the beginning of this headline page.

  • Criminal Justice Society.
  • Health Law Society.
  • Women in Law.

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

  • Networking seminar.
  • Activities fair.
  • Social events.
  • Judge's night.
  • Not a member yet?