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Week of October 29, 2001





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   News and Announcements from
   Administrative Offices

Dean Henry H. Perritt, Jr.

Assistant Dean Stephen D. Sowle

  • CALI award winners for summer 2001.
  • Academic calendar for 2002-03.
  • Fall 2001 final exams.
  • Intensive trial advocacy: January 2002 session.
  • Panel discussion: Introduction to Islam.
  • Debt management seminar.
  • Joke of the week.

Strategies for Excellence: Law as a Profession 2002

  • An innovative and award-winning program for second-year students on Wednesday, February 6.
  • All 2Ls and any 3Ls/4Ls who have yet to attend should register online TODAY.
  • Proposed schedule of events.


  • Computer exam sign-up.
  • Transcript requests.
  • Change of division requests.
  • Pass/fail revocation.

Administration and Finance

  • Weekly activities schedule.
  • Fall 2001 semester building/library hours.
  • Discounted parking rates for students.
  • Downtown Campus safety tips.
  • Shuttle bus schedule.
  • Administration and Finance office hours.
  • Reserving a room at the Downtown Campus.

Financial Aid

  • Debt management seminar.
  • Exit interviews.

Career Services

  • 1Ls -- resumes and cover letters for the legal market.
  • International law careers and working abroad.
  • Additional direct contact employers.
  • New special opportunities.


  • Join the Chicago-Kent Advocates!
  • Admissions office hours.


  • Library fall hours.
  • Reference hours for fall semester.
  • Library exam hours.
  • Federal court rules tutorial.
  • Resource of the week.
  • New library database.
  • Consideration for others in the library.
  • Library cell phone policy.
  • Library food and drink policy.
  • Please guard your valuables!

Law Offices

  • Informational meeting of in-house clinic programs, October 30 and 31.
  • Spring 2002 in-house clinic applications are now available in suite 600.
  • Legal externship program -- spring 2002.
  • New Web site for Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.
  • For a description of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Offices home page at:

International Law and Policy Development

  • Trip to Mexico results in partnership! View details and photos here.
  • Sign up for the Mexican Consulate externship for spring semester.
  • Volunteer opportunities available! Great ways to get involved!

Center for Law and Computers

  • Global login accounts will be terminated November 15.
  • Automated "Virus Updates" folder sent to your desktop.
  • Web server password security and responsibility.
  • W32/Nimda@MM is a high risk virus.
  • A word about MS Windows XP.
  • Virus scanning instructions.
  • Latest McAfee DAT file is sdat4167.
  • Contact us.
  • Office hours.


  • External scholarship opportunities -- no new awards listed.

Writing Contests

  • New entries this week.

Continuing Legal Education

  • Upcoming 2001-2002 programs!
  • Student volunteer opportunities.

Special Notices

Human Resources schedule online.


  News and Announcements from
  Faculty and Law School Programs

Center for Information Technology and Law

  • Wanted: Creative thinkers and visionaries.

Institute for Law and the Humanities

  • Chicago Humanities Festival: Free tickets for students!


  • Win $$$ with the LEXIS-NEXIS scavenger hunt!
  • 1Ls -- LEXIS-NEXIS training is coming soon!
  • Rewards of Working Smarter winners.
  • LEXIS-NEXIS associate hours.


  • Westlaw November training schedule.
  • New Westlaw student representatives.
  • First-year students: Enter contest to win a set of study aids!
  • Coming in October: Westlaw laser printers in lab 900, 700, and 760.
  • Join Westlaw Rewards.
  • Westlaw Rewards instant winner list.



  News and Announcements from
  Student Organizations

American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

  • October 29: Introductory meeting (day).
  • November 1: Introductory meeting (evening).
  • Law and Policy Journal call for papers.

Black Law Students Association

  • Business cards on sale.
  • November 8: Bake sale featuring KRISPY KREME DONUTS!
  • Upcoming events.

Intellectual Property Law Society

  • October 30 and 31: Resume workshop.

Kent Justice Foundation

  • First spring auction informational meeting.
  • Bake sale #2.
  • Upcoming events.

Labor and Employment Law Society

  • Board member wanted.

Phi Alpha Delta

  • Congratulations to our new initiates!
  • November 15: Judge's night.

Public Interest Resource Center

  • We do the work for you!
  • New volunteer opportunities.
  • Public Interest law.