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Week of February 11, 2002





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   News and Announcements from
   Administrative Offices

Important Record Announcement

  • Watch for launch of redesigned Record on February 18.

Dean Harold J. Krent

  • Dean's student meetings.

Assistant Dean Stephen D. Sowle

  • Elective courses subject to mandatory curve.
  • Joke of the week.


  • Final grades and transcripts.
  • Class ranks.
  • Validation stickers.

Administration and Finance

  • Weekly activities schedule.
  • Spring 2002 semester building/library hours.
  • Discounted parking rates for students.
  • Downtown Campus safety tips.
  • Shuttle bus schedule.
  • Administration and Finance office hours.
  • Reserving a room at the Downtown Campus.

Financial Aid

  • Exit interviews.

Career Services

  • "So I didn't make straight As, now what?"
  • Judicial externship informational program for summer & fall 2002.
  • CBA/YLS employment opportunities for corporate lawyers in today's marketplace.
  • NAPIL 2002 summer corps.
  • Ernst & Young seeks 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls.
  • 16th annual Patent Law Interview Program.


  • Student worker needed.
  • Join the Chicago-Kent Advocates!
  • Admissions office hours.


  • Library hours for spring semester.
  • Reference hours for spring semester.
  • Document Center hours for spring semester.
  • New LexisNexis and Westlaw printers.
  • Resource of the week.
  • ProQuest Law tutorial.
  • Inter-library loan policy.
  • Consideration for others in the library.
  • Study room policy.
  • Library cell phone policy.
  • Library food and drink policy.
  • Please guard your valuables!

Law Offices

  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (LADR) certificate program -- deadline for application extended to February 12.
  • Summer and fall 2002 judicial externships: information meeting and application process.
  • First Defense Legal Aid (FDLA) clinic.
  • New Web site for Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.
  • For a description of all clinical programs, please visit the Law Offices home page at:

International Law and Policy Development

  • Summer study abroad opportunities.

Center for Law and Computers

  • Welcome to new Help Desk staff member, Evan Tiberi.
  • Let us know your concerns and needs!
  • New structure to the Record Web directories.
  • Fall printing account balances are due.
  • Virus scanning instructions.
  • Latest McAfee DAT file is sdat4185.


  • New scholarship awards listed.

Writing Contests

  • New entries this week.

Continuing Legal Education

  • ATTENTION: All students and faculty interested in Labor and Employment Law.
  • Upcoming 2002 programs!
  • Student volunteer opportunities.

Office of Public Affairs

  • Watch for launch of redesigned Record on February 18.

Employment Opportunities

Special Notices


  News and Announcements from
  Faculty and Law School Programs

Center for Information Technology and Law

  • ATTENTION: 2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls, an exciting opportunity you don't want to miss!


  • Enron materials on LexisNexis.
  • Free printing and help phones now available in computer labs 700, 760 & 900.
  • Rewards of Working Smarter is back and even better!
  • LexisNexis associate lab hours.


  • Sign-up for the summer associate training.
  • Printing to Westlaw printers is FREE.
  • Instructions on how to print to the new Westlaw printers.
  • Learn more about Westlaw Rewards.
  • Take advantage of Westlaw hotline phones located in each computer lab.



  News and Announcements from
  Student Organizations

Amnesty International

  • General meeting February 12. Room to be announced.
  • Upcoming events.

Black Law Students Association

  • Care pack drive is still going -- drop-off deadline is February 12.
  • BLSA business cards on sale!
  • Upcoming events.

Federalist Society

  • Student tavern debate is February 25.

Health Law Society

  • HLS March conference.

Intellectual Property Law Society

  • Roundtable discussion with a former Japanese patent agent February 25.
  • Biotechnology and the Law Conference March 14.

Kent Justice Foundation

  • Important meeting.
  • Bake sale!
  • Countdown to the auction.
  • Summer internship opportunities.
  • Donate a phone and save lives.

Labor and Employment Law Society

  • Enron presentation.
  • Movie night with BLSA and LELS.

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

  • Become a member of PAD today!

Public Interest Resource Center

  • Want to volunteer?
  • Interested in Public Interest law?
  • We do the work for you.
  • Donate a phone and save lives.