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Headlines for the Weeks of June 5 & 12, 2006

Office of the Dean

Dean Harold J. Krent  »

  • PLUS program.
  • 25th annual Conference on Not-For-Profit Organizations.
Student Services

Assistant Dean Steve Sowle  »

  • Notice to graduating seniors.
  • Fall 2006 course information updates.
  • Joke of the week.
  • Poem of the week.

Registrar  »

  • Office hours.

Financial Aid  »

  • The pros and cons of Federal Student Loan Consolidation for in-school students.
  • Federal Graduate Plus Loan: A substitute for the private loans.

Student Services  »

  • Important student health insurance announcements.

Career Services  »

  • Career Services Office summer hours.
  • Save the date: 20th annual National Black Law Students Association - Midwest Regional Minority Recruitment Conference.

Scholarships  »

  • No new awards.
Academics & Student Programs

Law Offices/Clinic  »

International Law and Policy -- Assistant Dean Lydia Lazar  »

  • Donate your used legal textbooks.
  • ABA International Internships.
  • No new entries.
Computing & Information Services

Center for Law and Computers  »

  • Print account balances were reset on May 22.
  • Printing and e-mail termination.
  • Free e-mail available to Chicago-Kent alumni at
  • Summer 2006 semester: The cost to print increases on KENTNET.
  • CLC Policies: Students are required to show C-K photo ID card for loaner computer equipment.
  • Computer acceptable use policy.
  • Windows Update.
  • Remove unnecessary files on network.
  • CLC monthly network maintenance schedule.
  • Latest McAfee DAT file is sdat4775.
  • CLC contact information and office hours.

Library  »

  • Library summer hours.
  • Use of area libraries during special closing June 9 & 10.
  • Introducing the library's new Web site.
  • I-Share upgrade begins June 6.
  • Library policy for graduating students.
  • General library policies.
  • Library student survey.
  • Featured resource: Historical statistics of the United States.

LexisNexis  »

  • Get student-prepared outlines for your classes.
  • Tip of the week.
  • Creating a custom ID.
  • LexisNexis representative contact information.
From Professor Bernadette Atuahene  »
  • An invitation to a photography and fine art auction benefiting La Casa Norte,
    June 10.
From Professor Felice Batlan  »
  • Research assistant needed.

Faculty Newsletters

Institutes & Centers

Graduate Program in Public Administration  »

  • Research assistants wanted for the Master of Public Administration Program.

Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future  »

  • Research assistants wanted.
Administrative Offices/General

Administration and Finance  »

  • Weekly activities schedule.
  • Summer session building and library hours.
  • Student employment for summer term.
  • Discounted public parking rates for spring 2006.
  • Downtown Campus safety tips.
  • Shuttle bus schedule.
  • DTC Bursarís Office hours.
  • Administration and Finance office hours.
  • Online room reservation form.

Admissions  »

  • Admissions office hours.

Continuing Legal and Professional Education  »

  • Attention: All students interested in legal and tax issues affecting not-for-profit organizations.
  • Upcoming CLE programs in 2006.

Public Affairs  »

  • Summer biweekly Record publication schedule is available.
  • Record templates available for students and administrators.

Special Notices  »

  • IIT Retirement Plan: Individual counseling sessions.
  • Human Resources schedule online.
Student Organizations

Student Organizations: Click here for the template to use for creating Record announcement pages. More information is available on the About the Record page.

  • No announcements in this issue.

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