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October 5, 1998

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Tryouts for the 1998-99 Chicago-Kent National Trial Advocacy Team and for the 1998-99 Kent ATLA Team will be held on Thursday, October 22, 1998. All interested students should be in courtroom 1503 of the Daley Center at 5:00 p.m. The only requirement is that you are a FULL TIME Chicago-Kent student (night section students encouraged to try out).

An open competition will be conducted to select fourteen student team members. Six will represent the school on the National Trial Team. Eight will represent the school on the National American Trial Lawyers Association Team.

Regional competitions for both teams are in February, 1999. Regionals for National Team are in Wheaton Illinois at the DuPage County Courthouse, with National Finals in San Antonio, Texas in March. Regionals for the ATLA Team are in Indianapolis, Indiana, with Finals in New Orleans, Louisiana in March.

The school will sponsor both teams. Two coaching staffs, composed of experienced faculty and trial practitioners, have been created to give comprehensive and individualized training to both teams. Judge Erickson will be the head coach for the National Trial Team. Adjunct Professor Tom Burnham will serve as head coach of the ATLA Team.

The National Trial Competition, sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Bar Association, and the Texas Young Lawyers Association, is the largest national competition for law schools in the country. Starting with over 200 teams at the regional level, the finest teams advance to the nationals. Over the last 15 years, Chicago-Kent has been one of the most successful Trial Advocacy Programs in the country in this competition, winning the Regional Championship 12 out of 16 years (including the last four years straight).

The American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) Competition is the largest specialized bar association competition of its kind in the country. A truly national competition, teams across the country compete in all 11 Federal Regions. Last year, both Chicago-Kent Teams advanced to the Regional Finals. It is the goal of this program to mirror the accomplishments of the National Team with the ATLA Teams.

Practices begin in November for both teams. Team members and coaches are asked to commit a substantial part of their time to prepare for the competitions. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of instruction possible. Our purpose is to turn you into trial lawyers.

During tryouts, you will be asked to present up to 3 to 5 minutes of an opining statement, a closing argument, a direct examination, and a cross examination. We will use State v. Fletcher and Morris, case file No.9.9 in the Mauet and Wolfson Trial Advocacy Problems Book. The witnesses to direct and/or cross will be Richard Edwards and Samuel Green. Prepare opening statement and closing argument for one side only. You will be allowed to present either side for opening and closing and select which witness you wish to direct, which witness to cross.

Team members selections will be announced on the night of tryouts, so please be prepared to wait until all participants have presented and all decisions are made by the coaching faculty. This usually requires the entire evening.

If you have any questions about tryout procedures, team accomplishments, or any aspect of the program, please call Judge David Erickson at (312) 603-5449 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) OR (773) 869-6204 (Tuesday and Thursday).

From Professor Michele Baker Richardson

Professor Michele Baker Richardson needs to hire a research assistant to help with the redevelopment of the Academic Support Program. 10 hours per week. Academic Support Program "alumni" are encouraged to attend.

From Professor Jeffrey Sherman

Exam Review for Professor Sherman's Spring 1998 Courses

Students interested in reviewing their performance on last Spring's final examinations in Estates and Trusts or Gift and Estate Tax should promptly consult the sign-up sheet on Professor Sherman's office door (room 741).

From Professor Peggie Smith

Professor Peggie Smith is seeking a research assistant to work on matters related to gender and employment law. Interested students should e-mail PSMITH and drop off a transcript (or list of courses and grades) along with a resume to Prof. Smith, room 851, or to her secretary, Jon Taylor, outside room 847.



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