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News & announcements for the week of
February 22, 1999

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From Professor Bartram Brown

Professor Bartram S. Brown has just been appointed by the US Department of State as a "Public Member" of the US delegation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The Commission is the top human rights body within the United Nations, and meets annually in March and April. The Commission monitors compliance by States with international human rights law by dispatching fact-finding missions to countries in all parts of the world, evaluating information received from public and private sources, and passing resolutions documenting its findings in the most serious cases. As a "Public Member" of the delegation Professor Brown will provide advice and help make decisions on behalf of the US government at this year's session to be held from March 22nd to April 30th 1999 in Geneva, Switzerland.

From Professor Philip Hablutzel

Student discounted subscriptions are available to:

  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: One year = $88.; half-year = $45.; 15 weeks = $29.
  • FINANCIAL TIMES: One calendar year (52 weeks) = $99.; One academic year (33 weeks) = $63.; One semester (15 weeks) = $29.
  • BARRON'S: One year = $72.50; half-year = $37.; 15 weeks = $25.
One can apply on the sign-up sheets posted on the door to office # 829, or E-Mail the following information to Prof. Philip Hablutzel at KentNet "phablutz" --- In all cases, you will be billed directly from the publisher. Provide the following information:
  • Name
  • Address,(where you want the paper sent to; Most use their home address.)include apt. or dorm room number, zip code, etc.
  • What term you want(one year, half-year, etc.)
  • Expected month & year of graduation
  • Phone number
  • E-Mail address

From Professor Jeffrey Sherman

Exam Review for Professor Sherman's Estates and Trusts Course

Students who wish to review their performance on last December's final examination in Estates and Trusts should promptly consult the sign-up sheet on Professor Sherman's door (Room 741).

From Professor Richard Wright

On Friday March 5, 1999, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. in room 270 there will be a group review session to go over the substance of the answers to Professor Richard Wright's Fall 1998 Torts exam. Prior to that time, students should obtain and re-read the exam questions and their own exam answers. These may be obtained from Professor Wright's secretary, Silas Gladney, who is located outside room 725. You may retain the exam questions and a copy of your exam answers, but you must return the original answers to Mr. Gladney or to Professor Wright by 5:00 p.m. on Friday March 5, 1999. Students who want to review their exams individually with Professor Wright *must* attend the group review session on March 5th and sign the attendance sheets which will be distributed at the beginning and end of the group review session. The individual review sessions will be limited to specific questions students may have about their exams; there will be no discussion of grades and no repetition of the substance of the exam answers (previously covered in the group review session). There are numerical grades for the first and second question on each exam. The letter equivalents of the numerical grades are: 24 A+, 22 A, 20 A-, 18 B+, 16 B, 14 B-, 12 C+, 10 C, 8 C-, 6 D+, 4 D, 2 D-, 0 E. The final grades were adjusted in a few instances based on class participation and as necessary to fit the required curve.


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