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News & announcements for the week of
January 17, 2000

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From Professor Sanford Greenberg

Writing contest
Risk Assessment & Policy Association (RISK) is looking for student papers (15 pp) that address a matter of policy concern in managing consumer, environmental or occupational risk. First prize, $300. Papers must be received by April 1, 2000. For more information visit

From Professor Harold Krent

Research Position
Prof. Krent is seeking a student interested in researching how presidents have exercised the pardon power and/or Congress' more contemporary efforts to enlarge individuals standing to sue in federal courts. If intrigued, please send him a c.v. and E-mail, or drop by Room 735."

From Professor Jeffrey Sherman

Student research assistants wanted
Professor Sherman is seeking several student research assistants to work on a project in the employee benefits area. Compensation will be at the usual law school rate. Students must have completed at least 3 semesters of law school by December 31, 1999. Interested students should submit a resume and a list of their law school grades so far to Professor Sherman (room 741).
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