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February 21, 2000

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From Professor Sanford Greenberg

The Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, will hear three cases in the Chicago-Kent Courtroom on Tuesday, February 22, starting at 9:30am. All members of the Chicago-Kent community are invited to attend part or all of the sitting. The panels will consist of Justices Anne Burke, Robert Cahill, David Cerda and Warren Wolfson. The court is scheduled to hear the following cases:

1. Calhoun v. Belt Ry. Co. et al.: A 12-year old boy was injured in a train yard. After Belt settled with the plaintiff, the court granted summary judgment to the other two defendant railroads, reasoning that neither owned the premises on which the injury occurred and thus owed no duty to the plaintiff. The plaintiff is appealing from the grant of summary judgment.

2. People v. Hirsch: After pleading guilty to aggravated battery, the defendant moved to withdraw his plea on the grounds that the prosecution allegedly breached an oral plea agreement and that his counsel was constitutionally defective. The court denied his motion, and this appeal followed.

3. Estate of Grossman v. Gebarowski: The plaintiff's decedent was a pedestrian killed when hit by a vehicle driven by the defendant. Following a jury verdict for the defendant, the plaintiff brought this appeal, challenging the judge's conducting of voir dire and the jury instructions.

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