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September 18, 2000

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From Professor Lori Andrews and Professor Sheldon Nahmod

"Art, Science and Free Speech: The Work of Eduardo Kac" is the title of a symposium sponsored by the Institute for Science, Law and Technology and the Institute for Law and the Humanities to be held Monday, September 18.

Eduardo Kac's work is based on the use of genetic engineering techniques to create unique living beings. The symposium will focus on the artist's work, in particular "GFP Bunny" -- a living bunny created with the green fluorescent protein gene of a jellyfish so that the full-grown rabbit glows green when exposed to blue light -- and the artistic, scientific and free speech discourses it stimulates.

Participants include: artist Eduardo Kac; Chicago-Kent professor and First Amendment scholar Sheldon Nahmod; Christiane Paul, curator of new media arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York; and Stewart Newman, professor of cell biology and anatomy at New York Medical College. The program is free and open to the public. For more information call (312) 906-5122 or visit the symposium Web page.

From Professor Tim Holbrook

Any student, faculty or staff member planning on running the Chicago Marathon is invited to contact Professor Timothy Holbrook (who is running the marathon) to plan a group lunch or some activity to commemorate the marathon. If interested, please contact him at 906-5297 or e-mail

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