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April 23, 2001

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From Professor Lori Andrews

Summer employment opportunities

Professor Andrews is looking for a student to work on a project to annotate a bibliography on scientific expert witnesses in the law literature. This is a single project with the possibility to lead to other work.

Professor Andrews is also seeking a student to assist with Web design and development for the Institute for Science, Law and Technology.

From Professor Suzanne Ehrenberg

Legal Writing Teaching Assistant

Applications are now being accepted for legal writing teaching assistants for the year 2001-02. You must be graduating in June 2002 to apply. Teaching assistants work closely with the legal writing professors in teaching legal research, creating assignments and grading student papers. They also work closely with students in drafting and revising their work.

Applicants should have received superior grades (B+ or above) in their legal writing courses and have a strong interest in helping other students to master the skills of legal research and writing. Membership in Law Review or Moot Court is desirable, but is not a requirement of the job. Evening students are encouraged to apply. Teaching assistants receive two hours of academic credit each semester and salary equal to the tuition for two credit hours each semester. (Note that these are not tuition-free credits.)

Interested students should submit a current resume by e-mail with attachment to Professor Suzanne Ehrenberg ( Please indicate on your resume the name of your first-year legal writing professor and the grades you received in the course.

From Professor Sonia Green

Opportunity for students to do short-term volunteer work in immigration law

We are looking for students interested in working at the Midwest Immigrant and Human Rights Center and/or a law firm helping to process and work with immigrants who are rushing to take advantage of new immigration law. Students may have heard or read about a new law called the "LIFE" amendment that allows immigrants to apply for lawful permanent residence in the U.S. without having to leave the country. The deadline for filing applications under the law is April 30. There is a lot of work to be done.

Students will have an opportunity to spend as much or as little time working on this as they would like. Students who speak foreign languages are especially needed, but everyone is welcome. Students need not have any experience or classes in immigration law. Training will be provided.

Interested students should e-mail Professor Sonia Green at ( or call 312-906-5387

From Professor Philip Hablutzel

In a very close split decision, Chicago-Kent was edged out by an Australian team in the semifinals of the Vienna Moot Court competition. In the final round, Monash University of Australia won over Cologne of Germany to finish first out of 16 teams.

In the competition for Best Oralist, Chicago-Kent's Edward Harris received Honorable Mention, an outstanding achievement from over 400 oralists competing. Chicago-Kent's coaches have received countless compliments on our team's performances from arbitrators from all over the world. Both Edward Harris and Carlin Metzger received positive reviews from many who observed their arguments, both arbitrators and members and coaches of other teams from around the world. At the Awards Banquet in the Vienna City Hall, in front of over 1000 people, Edward Harris award was announced, and Chicago-Kent was cited once again for the achievement of being selected as one of the 16 finalists.

There were 96 teams worldwide that have competed for four days in the general rounds. Of the final 16 teams that went forward, only four were from the USA. The other three were Harvard, Loyola New Orleans and Loyola Los Angeles. Most teams had six or even eight members. Chicago-Kent had two only, Edward Harris and Carlin Metzger. It was very impressive to have hundreds of people from around the world hear Chicago-Kent's name announced in the top sixteen!!!

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