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Chicago-Kent Environmental Law Society ~ ~ ~ Past Initiatives


Fall Alumni Panel ~ October 6, 2010:
There was a great turnout of both practitioners and students for the Fall Alumni Panel. The panelists were William Borders, Deputy General Counsel for Invenegry; Leo Dombrowski, Partner at Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon; Evan McGinley, Assistant Attorney General at the Illinois Attorney Generalís Office; and Brian Barwick, Associate Regional Counsel at U.S. EPA, Region 5. The variety of career paths represented allowed for an expansive and informative question and answer session.

For 3Ls interested in the US EPA Region 5 Honors Attorney Fellowship that Brian Barwick mentioned, be sure to check out Simplicity or http://www.epa.gov/region5/orc/jobs.html for more details.

September 2010 - 67th Street Beach Cleanup
Thanks to Ashley Brody, Zach Mirsky, Blake Strouse, Shannon Beebe, Lindsey Hunt, Eric Michel, Jen Baader, Jessica Cole, Josh Horwitz, and Clare Frederick for helping make ELS's Fall 2010 Beach Clean-up a successful, rewarding, and fun event! We lucked out with gorgeous weather and a clear, sunny day, making it a good day to be on the beach. Together we collected 7 bags of garbage and 6 bags of recyclables totaling 114 lbs of collected debris. Some interesting things we found at the 67th Street Beach were: a hubcap, a bicycle tire, a wooden frame (maybe for a playhouse), and a shotgun cap.

Hold the Foam:
Save money and the environment by bringing your own bottle or mug to the Spak.

Alumni Career Panel & Reception:
In 2007, ELS started a young alumni career panel where Chicago-Kent graduates return to discuss career opportunities for environmental law students. Check our Events page or contact Alumni Coordinator Jennifer Baader at jbaader@kentlaw.edu for more information.

Beach Cleanup:
Through the non-profit group Alliance for the Great Lakes, ELS regularly cleans up one of the city's beaches. Members pick up trash and recyclables, record the litter, test the water for contamination levels, and report the beach's general conditions to the Alliance. Through these efforts, we are able to help maintain the cleanliness of one of our city's beaches and to aid lobbying by compiling statistics and establishing a history of the beach.

Double-Sided Printing:
During the 2006-2007 school year, ELS and the SBA administered a survey regarding the demand for duplex printing at Chicago-Kent. After receiving an overwhelming response in favor of offering such an option, the administration has gone to great efforts to make duplex printing available on campus. Please make sure to utilize double-sided printing whenever possible. If you have any difficulties printing double-sided, please contact the library staff.

Stetson International Environmental Moot:
Former ELS President Walter Tersch worked with Chicago-Kentís administration to start a second Environmental Moot Court team. That team doubles the number of opportunities for Chicago-Kent students to gain environmental oral argument and brief-writing skills. The new team competed for the first time in February, 2009 at the North American Round of the Stetson International Environmental Moot Court tournament at the University of Maryland Law School in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1997, ELS adopted the 500 Block of West Adams Street as part of the City of Chicago's Adopt-A-Street Program. As an Adopter, ELS has agreed to keep the street "free of litter, trash, graffiti and other eyesores that would make the area less attractive to all who live and work there, thus helping to build a better community for residents and businesses alike." In order to fulfill our obligations, ELS members will volunteer their time at least once a semester to pick up any debris present on the street. If anyone notices any of the "eyesores" listed above, please notify ELS by emailing President Shannon Beebe at sbeebe@kentlaw.edu.

ELS and Westlaw have partnered up to work towards helping students "green" their activities at Chicago-Kent. These efforts include incentive programs for using "green" research habits and an emphasis on reduced printing in Westlaw training sessions. Contact Stacey Acquavella if you are interested in learning how to green your research habits.