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Environmental Law Society

April 19, 2004

ELS Earth Day


Thursday, April 22nd

Speaker Event: Howard Lerner - 3pm Room


Raffle and Recycling Celebration - 4 pm in the Lobby


Includes all you can eat & drink!!




The purpose of this event will be to unveil the new Paper/ Bottle&Can/ Garbage recycling bins and to kick off Chicago-Kent/ IIT Downtown Campus' new Paper Recycling Program!  Although the school has been recycling paper through a passive recycling program, the new program should recycle more than 90% of all our paper waste.   But, the success of this paper recycling program will depend to a large extent on whether students actually use the bins.  If we contaminate the paper waste by more than 10%, we'll have to pay the firm for every pound of garbage they pick up.  Right now they'll be picking it up for free, so contamination will basically destroy this program.    


Coming Very Soon to a Hallway, Library, and Classroom Near You …

Introducing IIT’s Downtown Campus’ New Paper Recycling Program

Looking for the perfect place to throw that used, uncontaminated piece of paper? This Earth Day, look no further than the cool new paper recycling bins located around campus – it’s all part of IIT’s new Paper Recycling Program.

The new program was the brainchild of the Recycling Committee, a crew made up of environmental law, business, management and design students – and the result of a productive partnership between the committee and the building management folks. Its unveiling during this year’s Earth Day celebration is the culmination of a year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears on behalf of this dedicated team. So make sure you come out to the Earth Day celebration on April 22 from 4 to 7 in the main lobby to shake hands with the new bins. You’ll also enjoy free food, drinks, great speakers – and folks dressed up as their favorite plants and animals. It doesn't get better than this!

But back to the Paper Recycling Program. To ensure that the whole program is a smashing long-term success, we all have to use the bins properly. That means the paper has got to be clean – so the piece that caught the ketchup while you were eating your veggie burger won’t do.

Whether you’re a rabid recycler or just luke-warm on the idea, please lend the program your unwavering support. Use the bins. And feel really good – since we’re running out of both – about saving the trees and landfill space.

Your Green Scene

Ever wonder how IIT keeps the planet in mind when we make decisions about the place where you spend all your time? Here’s some of the green thinking that goes on behind the scenes of the downtown campus:

We participate in a passive recycling program. This means our scavenger service does most of the trash sorting for recyclables. To make this more effective, you’ll notice there are separate receptacles on site for cans, bottles and plastic containers. Please use them! (Soon you’ll be seeing separate receptacles for our new paper recycling program. More information on the program coming soon!)

All toner cartridges in our printers and photocopiers are either picked up by a recycler or sent back to the manufacturer for recycling.

Not to worry about the grease from your burger and fries. That too gets picked up for recycling.

We’ve recycled the rugs right out from under your feet. Old carpets from our re-carpeting efforts over the past two years have found useful second lives.

Eucalyptus, it’s not just for clearing stuffy noses anymore. Our high-quality paper, though not recycled, is made from eucalyptus trees grown on a eucalyptus tree farm in Brazil. The trees, once felled, can sprout three more times, and mature in a minimum seven years. The by-products from the manufacturing of the paper are also reused for power generation, organic forest fertilizer, and the production of forest seedlings. Our paper is made from 100 percent chlorine-free pulp and can be recycled.

When we can, and when the equipment is not too obsolete, we give out-dated computer equipment to groups or not-for-profit organizations.

The hard-working wooden pallets and skids used to cart stuff to and from IIT are given to small vendors who either recycle them, or rebuild them to resell to pallet companies.

We work with a number of companies to maximize our energy and cost savings, and continue to look for opportunities to do more. We also participate in ComEd’s curtailment program, which means we reduce our electricity consumption upon ComEd’s request during peak summer season and receive a financial incentive in return. This saves us energy and money.

Bottom line – we’re committed to improving the environmental performance of the downtown campus. We’ll continue making decisions that take it easier on the planet and make good business sense for the campus.


ELS Summer Fellowships


Fellowship applications are due today! If you need an application or have a question, email  



ELS Officer elections

The Environmental Law Society will hold elections at the end of April. We have had a very successful year due to the dedication and hard work of our board and membership. Please help us ensure that ELS continues to be a voice for environmental protection and education at Chicago-Kent and elsewhere. Run for office!!

Below you will find a description of the various board positions. If interested, please submit a short (1-2 paragraph) statement to Josh Basofin ( by April 30th.

PRESIDENT: Oversees the general logistics of ELS, including financial affairs and general activity planning, by communicating with the board and the school's administration. Presides over board and membership meetings. Delegates responsibilities to the board and general membership. Provides support to the vice presidents in planning the Fall Speaker Event and Earth Day Celebration. Assists in fundraising efforts.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR EXTERNAL AFFAIRS: Oversees the planning for the Fall Speaker Event. Serves as liaison to the National Association of Environmental Law Societies. Plans programs that occur outside the school, including beach clean-ups and educational field trips. Coordinates outreach efforts and ELS participation in external programs, such as purchasing pollution emissions credits.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS: Oversees the planning for the Earth Day Celebration. Coordinates "campus greening" efforts, including persuading Chicago-Kent to increase its recycling program, urging the cafeteria to use sustainable foods and utensils, and generally promoting environmental stewardship at the school.

SECRETARY: Coordinates membership participation in activities and fundraising events, including maintaining sign-up lists. Takes minutes at board and membership meetings. Communicates with the board and general membership via the ELS list serve. Submits notices of ELS programs to The Record and The Commentator.

TREASURER: Oversees ELS's financial affairs. Keeps records of bank statements. Withdraws and deposits funds as needed. Maintains the checkbook and reimburses members as needed.

PLANNING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON: Brainstorms new activities for ELS, including fundraisers. Works closely with VP for External Affairs to implement such activities.



Comments? Suggestions? E-mail


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