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News & announcements for the week of
February 15, 1999

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GENERAL MEETING on Wednesday, February 17th, 3pm, Room 170 

COMMITTEE MEMBERS- Please make sure you are following up on your donor letters by calling the potential donors that have not yet responded.  For a list of donors that have responded (either favorably or not), please e-mail hfritsch or stop by the SOS office (room 686) to pick up a copy of the list.  Most of the donations we receive are from follow ups!

Thanks to all who volunteered their time to bake or sit at last week's bake sale.  We raised a lot of money for fellowships!  Gregg's homemade brownies (with frosting) were a big hit.

The '99 KJF Auction is fast approaching (Wednesday, March 24- 5:00-10:15pm in the Auditorium).  We need plenty of help to make sure that things go smoothly.  If you're planning on working at a public interest organization (including the State's Atty and other government jobs- these are public interest jobs too!) this summer, you will especially want to participate in KJF activities this semester.  Seeing as KJF is a public interest organization, we provide several summer fellowships to students who have an unpaid position at a public interest organization.  We also match fellowship funds of other Chicago-Kent organizations.  The main requirement is that you help out with some of KJF's activities.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 17th at 3:00pm in room 170.   
If you are interested in buying a Chicago-Kent T-shirt, we still have some available.  Come to the SOS office in Room 686 or e-mail HFRITCH or SSHIVPUR.  We will also sell shirts all day in the Spak on Wednesday, February  24th and Wed. Mar. 10th.  If you are available to sit at the table for an hour, please e-mail TASHUR or sign up at the next meeting. 

We will have bakesales and Auction Ticket sales all day in the Spak on the following days: 

Wednesday, February 24 
Wednesday, March 10 

We need plenty of bakers & table sitters, so if you're available on any of these days, please-mail TASHUR, or sign-up at the next meeting. 


The Kent Justice Foundation (KJF) is a student organization committed to providing Chicago-Kent College of Law students with the opportunity to work in the public interest sector.  KJF has the sole mission of establishing summer fellowships for students who work in public interest law organizations.  Through annual fundraising events, KJF hopes to provide public interest organizations with much needed assistance, while offering the students invaluable legal training through their summer fellowships.  KJF also sponsors a public service project each semester.  There are no dues, and anyone is welcome to join anytime! 

Wednesday, February 17   3pm      Room 170 
Wednesday, March 3       3pm       Room 170 
Wednesday, March 10     3pm        Room 170 
Wednesday, March 17      3pm       Room 170 


This year's KJF Auction is scheduled for Wednesday March 24, 1999 at night in the Auditorium (2 days before Spring Break). 

The KJF Auction is an annual event held each spring in which items such as weekend stays at hotels, dinners with professors, tickets to sporting events, and even airline tickets which are donated from area establishements are auctioned off to raise money for fellowships for students that work at public interest organizations over the summer.  Kent students, alumni, faculty, and friends are all invited for a good time.  In addition to the Auction, which was sponsored by Sam Adams, a wide variety of food, beer, and wine are served.  Last year's auction was a great success- hundreds of people attended and over $16,000 was raised for fellowship money.  Recent recipients of fellowhips have worked for organizations such as Cook County's Public Guardian, Cook County State's Attorney, AIDS Legal Council, Legal Assistance Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Generally, these recipients are students who have actively participated in KJF events.  If you are interested in helping out with the Auction, or other aspect of KJF, please e-mail Auction Co-Chair Heather Fritsch (hfritsch). 


President:  Dan Belko 
Secretary:  Tanya Ashur 
Treasurer: Sanjay Shivpuri 
Special Agent KJF:  Heather Klear 
Auction Co-Chair:  Heather Fritsch 
Auction Co-Chair:  Julia Rodenkirch 
Auction Co-Chair:  Katie O'Rourke 
Alumni Committee Chair:  ? 
Volunteer Project Committee Chair:  Faye Hizon 
Computer Consultant:  Gregg Garofalo 
3L Rep.:  Brandy Brixy 
3L Rep.:  Adam Weber 
2L Rep.:  Heather Fritsch 
2L Rep.:  Tanya Ashur 
1L Rep.:  Danielle DelCarlo 
1L Rep.:  Darby Carley 



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