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October 29, 2001

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It's getting pretty cold out there and if I can hardly stand this chilly wind imagine how the people living on the streets are probably feeling right about now! The plan is to collect winter hats, gloves and scarves over the next couple of weeks and then hand the clothing out ourselves to the homeless. A simple way to give to the community....

Justice Justice shall prevail

Rebecca Kohn KJF Prez.


We still need bakers and sitters for out next Bake Sale on October 31st.

The following times to sit are:

  • 9-10am
  • 10-11am
  • 2-3pm

Please let us know if you can sit or bake!! Thanks:)

***If anyone is interested in making rice kripsy treats those are always a big hit!!!


October 30/31 First Spring Auction Informational Meeting - We have thousands of letters to prepare and send out by the end of November!!! This meeting is for anyone interested in helping KJF send out our annual donation request letters to businesses, stores etc. around Chicago and the country. We'll teach you how to put everything together quickly and easily in order to get ready for this awesome event!!

Two Different Times, Same Meeting: Tuesday October 30 - 12:15pm Room 170 and Wednesday October 31 - 5:15pm Room 170....DON'T FORGET TO BRING PEN AND PAPER!!!!

Any Questions please feel free to email KJF Auction Chair Sara Groom ( KJF Prez. Rebecca Kohn (


November 4 Help serve the needs of the poor, eldery, homeless and the addicted by participating in Gimme Shelter, a 5K walk/run sponsored by the Cathedral Shelter of Chicago. Walk/Run around the United Center and other west side landmarks to benefit the many programs that are offered by the Cathedral Shelter.

Registration is $25. Location: Just east of the United Center. 1block south of Madison and 1.5 blocks west of Ashland Ave. Questions/Interested?? Contact organizer Brian Myers at 312.997.2222 or visit the website at


OCTOBER IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH - you can help make a difference!

DONATE-A-PHONE: KJF will be starting a "Donate-a-Phone" campaign in the coming weeks. No longer used cell phones will be collected and sent to the Wireless Foundations "Call to Protect" program through which victims of Domestic Violence receive donated wireless phones and matching airtime. The phones will be pre-programmed to dial 9-1-1 and one non-emergency number to enable a victim to summon help with the push of a button and assist in the transition from a life of fear to afeeling of protection 24 hours a day.

Want to know how you can help??? Email Rebecca Kohn ( more details.

Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC): Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved in community service? Are you interested in pursuing an internship in various kinds of Public Interest Law but you don't know where to start!! Let PIRC do the work for you. PIRC is in Room 654. You tell us what you are looking for, your interests and your goals and we'll find the opportunity that best fits your needs. Stop by Room 654, check out the PIRC Record Page, call 312.906.5089, or email student Advisors Rebecca Kohn ( Dorislee Jackson ( set up an appointment. Being busy in law school doesn't have to mean that you miss out on the opportunities that interest you most!

KJF is Chicago-Kent's Public Interest Organization...our goal is to raise money for our Summer Fellowship Program so that Law students may pursue an internship in the area of public interest and non-profit organizations. But our mission does not stop there!! KJF has much to participate in from volunteering to charity events and much more. Questions? Have some ideas you'd like to share? Please feel free to email KJF Prez. Rebecca Kohn (

Kent Justice Foundation Board 2001-2002

President - Rebecca Kohn

Treasurer - Angie Lee

Secretary - Janine Rosana

Auction Chair - Sara Groom

Volunteer Project Coordinator - Sara Frank

2L Rep - Alison Dieterichs

1L Rep Section A - Jason Menard

1L Rep Section B - Craig Shapiro

1L Rep Section C - Ada Dolph


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