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Kent Justice Foundation

Week of January 27, 2003

Welcome Back!!!

Ah, yes, it is that time once again. This semester is KJF’s 12th Annual Spring Auction. Last year we raised $17,000 to go towards KJF”s Summer Fellowship Program, which provided fellowships for law students who would be working in public interest law for organizations that could not pay their interns. We want to do better than last year and we need your help to do it!!! There is plenty to be done so if you are
Interested in lending a hand please do so. KJF, along side the Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC), continues its collection of used cell phones to combat domestic violence. We have collected over 100 phones and still counting. Spread the word!!!

Good luck this semester to everyone
And to 3Ls: Three cheers to the first day of your last semester of law school!!!

Upcoming Events:

General Meeting Tuesday January 26, 2003 12:15pm Room 270

*can’t make it but still want to get involved? Email Rebecca and set up a time
to meet or to receive information through email.

Bake Sale Wednesday February 4, 2003 SPAK

**Bakers and sitters will be needed for the bake sale…sign up available at the meeting or via email.


April 9, 2003 lobby & auditorium

Live auction w/professional auctioneer
Silent auction and raffle.

A lot goes into the planning of this awesome event. If you are interested please email Auction Co-Chairs Aaron Garland or Sowmya Bharathi.
There are several committees that still need volunteers.


Together with the Public Interest Resource Center, KJF is still collecting used cell phones to combat domestic violence.
You know that wireless phone you are no longer using?
The one that’s sitting in your drawer or closet right now?
It could literally save the life of one of the 5000+ victims who are beaten and abused every day.

A national program called “CALL TO PROTECT” collects used wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. CALL TO PROTECT distributes new and recycled pre-programmed emergency wireless phones FREE OF CHARGE to domestic violence victims. The Kent Justice Foundation asks that you help this vital cause. To these women, the phone serves as an emergency lifeline – one they may not have access to otherwise.
Neither you nor the victim will be charged for any emergency calls made. All airtime is donated by local wireless carriers.
And don’t worry…all phones are erased and reprogrammed.

The program is sponsored by the Wireless Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and Motorola.
If you have any cell phones you are no longer using please email KJF President Rebecca Kohn ( to arrange a time to donate your phone(s). All accessories that come with the phone are appreciated (batteries, chargers, etc).
Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt upon donation.

Kent Justice Foundation Executive Board 2002-2003

President Rebecca Kohn

Treasurer Jessica Webb

Secretary Janine Rosana

Auction Co-Chairs Aaron Garland
Sowmya Bharathi

Co-Volunteer Project Erin Shanahan
Coordinators Jason Menard

3L rep Liz Hirsley

2L reps Tali Kravitz
Kevin Raica

1L reps Ylda Kopka
Dan Rosen
Robyn Kish

***Start thinking about whether you’d like to be on KJF’s executive board for 2003-2004. There will be several spots available.


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