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Labor and Employment Law Society (LELS)

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Week of May 4, 2009


Pursuant to Article IV, Section 5, Sub-Section A, of the LELS Constitution, IT IS TIME TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR LELS OFFICERS FOR 2009-2010. Graduating LELSers are eligible, and encouraged, to vote.

The following positions are not contested (thus congratulations are in order!):

- Secretary - Sara Grammes
- Treasurer - Mark Berardi
- Director of Technology - Gabrielle Goodwin

The following positions are contested (so please vote!):

- Vice President for Internal Affairs (candidates: Tamara Starks and Emil Totonchi)
- Vice President for External Affairs (candidates: Dan Kaspar and Sara Schumann)



Labor and Employment Law Society 

2009 – 2010 Officer Candidate Platforms


-         Tamara Starks

-         Emil Totonchi

Tamara Starks, 3L

Keeping LELS a strong and vibrant organization is essential, and having an effective approach to recruiting members is vital to that end. As VP-IA, I'd work to make sure that all students interested in Labor and Employment - especially incoming students - are aware of LELS activities and the benefits of LELS membership. Providing information at all student organization fairs and reinforcing that with flyers and announcements during the first weeks of school can help accomplish that. In addition, Kent's students are undoubtedly busy, but scheduling a variety of events and making sure everyone is given generous notice of them will enable the most people to take advantage of our programs. I'm committed to attending as many LELS meetings and events as possible and doing whatever is needed to support the president.

Emil Totonchi, 2L

As Vice President of Internal Affairs, I would build off of LELS' great success in the 2008-2009 academic year by contributing my student group leadership and recruitment skills to increase and energize LELS' membership.  As an undergraduate, I developed great leadership and recruitment skills while running campaigns locally with the Georgetown Solidarity Committee, nationally with United Students Against Sweatshops, and internationally with the Worker Rights Consortium and the AFL-CIO's American Center for International Labor Solidarity (while living in Jordan).  I also have organized many large speaking events and debates with prominent speakers.  As a student organizer and a campaigner at SEIU Local 1, I ran and participated in many meetings and trainings and learned how to run groups and meetings in a way that is empowering, inclusive, member-driven, and successful.

This background, as well as my active participation in LELS as a 1L Evening Representative in the 2008-2009 academic year, will allow me to do great outreach to the Chicago-Kent campus community and connect professors and students (including prospective students) of all kinds of backgrounds and opinions that are interested in union-side, management-side, government, arbitration, or any other kind of work in Labor and Employment Law.  My past experience will also allow me to smoothly run meetings in the President's absence and assist other LELS officers in their duties.  I would be honored to help make 2009-2010 LELS' most successful year to date and help put it on a path to continued future success!



-         Dan Kaspar

-         Sara Schumann

Dan Kaspar, 1L

I am running for VP for External Affairs, with the aim of jump-starting our recently-enacted prerogative of having an involved Alumni Relations Committee. Establishing a strong link between current LELS members and alumni is imperative - especially considering the labor market for the forseeable future. I pledge to make a concerted effort to recruit alumni, from diverse backgrounds and with varying experience, to serve on the Alumin Relations Committee. I have previously served in leadership roles in several student organizations, and have sought out opportunities to contribute during my term as a 1L Representative in the LELS. If elected, I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure that LELS remains a gold-standard for student organizations at Chicago-Kent.

Sara Schumann – 2L

             As a 3L part-time day student, I would be honored to serve as the Vice President of External Affairs for the Labor & Employment Law Society.  I came to law school because of my interest in labor & employment law.  I am enrolled in the certificate program for the Institute for Law & the Workplace, and I am a Vice President for the American Guild of Musical Artists.  At Chicago-Kent I have found an incredibly enthusiastic environment for the practice of labor & employment law, and I see great potential for including our alumni in the Labor & Employment Law Society.

            This year at LELS, I was an active participent as a 2L representative on the Executive Board.  I planned the popular Bowling Night event at Lucky Strike this past Fall, and I aided in revising the LELS Constitution.  Many of the LELS events were a great chance to take a break from the rigors of law school and meet other law students with similar interests. 

             Chicago-Kent Alumni that are practicing in Labor & Employment may be interested in staying connected to the school and to LELS.  As Vice President of External Affairs, I will endeavor to integrate our Chicago-Kent Alumni into special LELS events, so that the organization can continue to grow and serve all of its members.  Please remember that your vote counts




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