Seventh Annual Ilana Diamond Rovner Appellate Advocacy Competition

Congratulations to Dawn Connelly, overall winner in the Seventh Annual Ilana Diamond Rovner Appellate Advocacy Competition.  Congratulations also to Tracy Billows, finalist in that competition and winner of the Fay Clayton Award for Outstanding Oralist, as well as to Susan Hausman, winner of the Ralph Brill Award for Best Brief.  Judges for the final round werel Judges Ilana Diamond Rovner and Diane Wood of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and Illinois Appellate Court Judge Anne Burke.  This year's problem involved a Fourth Amendment challenge to the warrantless use of a thermal imaging device to detect indoor marijuana-growing operations.  The judges also considered whether a defendant who has pled guilty nevertheless retains a Fifth Amendment privilege throughout sentencing, an issue soon to be considered by the Supreme Court.
Moot Court Teams Finish Very Successful Fall Competition Season
Chicago-Kent Moot Court Honor Society teams had a very successful fall competition season:

Moot Court Honor Society members Ryan Jacobson, Liz Ross and Brandy Sargent won Second Place in the 1998 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition.  Another team, made up of Bill Brodzinski, Lawrence Hill and Stephanie Tipton, advanced to the semi-finals in that same competition.  A total of nineteen teams competed from schools in various states. With two out of four teams advancing to the semi-finals, Chicago-Kent was well represented and should be very proud.

Congratulations also go out to Moot Court Honor Society members Mike Hynes, Alicia Perrone and Kathy Weiher, who won Second Place overall and Second Best Brief in the Regional Round of the National Moot Court Competition, sponsored by the Association of the Bar of the City of  New York.  Mike, Alicia and Kathy will head to New York City for the National Finals this upcoming January.  Good luck!

And, congratulations to Moot Court Honor Society members Erin Foley and Phyllis Franklin, who reached the Semifinal round of the National Health Law Moot Court Competition held November 6 - 7 in Carbondale, Illinois.


Kathryn Weiher,  President
William Brodzinski, Vice President
Erin Foley, Vice President
Lawrence Hill, Vice President
Michael Hynes, Vice President
Stephanie Tipton, Vice President
Robert Bodine
Phyllis Franklin
Ryan Jacobson
Darrel Oman
Alicia Perrone
Elizabeth Ross
Brandy Sargent
Carol Barnes
Tracy Billows
Athena Christofalos
Sorinel Cimpoes
Dawn Connelly
Andrea Durkin
Susan Hausman
Kevin Horwitz
Meghan Hubbard
Richard Janney
Therese King
Jana Krupoff
Vera Mandzukic
Katherine Mason
Kevin Nolan
Anthony O'Brien
Sharese Shields
John Siemsen
Virgil Southall
Kelly Sullivan
Lisa Weier
R. Kirk Williams