Welcome New Kent Students!
       The Chicago-Kent Moot Court Honor Society would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the new students joining Kent this Fall.   MCHS MEMBERS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE SBA PICNIC, AUGUST 21, TO TALK WITH INCOMING STUDENTS.   PLEASE STOP BY!

       MCHS is also pleased to announce the 1999- 2000 Executive Board of Tracy Billows, Sue Hausman, Meghan Hubbard, Therese King, Chad Southall, and Kirk Williams.   The Board will be assisted by Senior Associates Rob Bodine, Dawn Connelly, Andrea Durkin, Phyllis Franklin, Kevin Horowitz, and Kelly Sullivan.   Professor Sanford Greenberg will serve as the MCHS academic advisor once again. 

       Although a list of new members is not yet available, MCHS welcomes all the students who have been invited into the Society through either the Hughes Competition or the Summer Competition.  THE MCHS WILL HOST A WELCOMING PARTY FOR ALL NEW MCHS MEMBERS ON SEPTEMBER 1 AT JACK'S TAP.   Please mark your calendars and look for more details to follow.

       Based on the performance of many MCHS members during the Spring, this promises to be a successful year.  EVERY MCHS TEAM THAT COMPETED LAST SPRING MADE IT PAST THE PRELIMINARY ROUNDS, AND TWO TEAMS REACHED THE NATIONAL RUN-OFFS OF TWO MAJOR COMPETITIONS.   The first MCHS team of Michael Hynes, Alicia Brumbach- Perrone, and Kathryn Penrose advanced to the national semifinals of the National Moot Court Competition sponsored by the Young Lawyers Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the American College of Trial Lawyers.   Approximately 200 teams from 139 law schools competed in this competition.   MCHS argued successfully against Wake Forest, Georgetown, Montana, and Memphis before losing by a narrow margin to the University of Texas.   The second MCHS team of Tracy Billows and Kevin Nolan advanced to the national quarterfinals of the ABA's National Appellate Advocacy Competition.   Billows and Nolan argued well against teams from Capital, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, and South Texas.

       The MCHS team of Andrea Durkin, Sue Hausman, and Kirk Williams also provided a stellar performance in the Sutherland Cup Competition at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law in D.C., finishing second out of twelve teams.   Other highlights include: 

  • The MCHS team of Katherine Mason, John Siemsen, and Chad Southall advanced to the quarterfinals of the Kaufman Securities Law Moot Court Competition at Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan.   Thirty teams from 27 law schools competed.   MCHS lost to William & Mary after successfully arguing against Cardozo, Albany, and Whittier.

  • At the ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition in New Orleans, the MCHS team of Therese King and Anthony O'Brien defeated Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Souther Illinois before losing by a narrow margin to Northwestern University in the post- preliminary round.

  • The MCHS team of Dawn Connelly, Jana Krupoff, and Vera Mandzukic reached the quarterfinals of the Siegel Competition at Duke University School of Law after arguing successfully against Stetson, North Carolina Central, and William & Mary.

  • At the Illinois State Bar Association's All-Illinois Competition, the MCHS team of Athena Christofalos, Kevin Horowitz, and Kelly Sullivan made its way into the semifinals after arguing against Southern Illinois and John Marshall.

  • The MCHS team of Rich Janney and Meghan Hubbard competed against 30 other teams at the Brooklyn Law School's Prince Evidence Competition.   Janney and Hubbard faced John Marshall and Cincinnati in the preliminary rounds before losing to Villanova in the Round of 16.

       The MCHS welcomes its new members and looks forward to what promises to be another exciting and successful year!

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