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The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) 
For the Week of February 7th

First Meeting of 2005!

Our first meeting of the semester will be held Wednesday, March 9th at 3:00 in room 155.  Pizza and Pop will also be served.  We have a lot to do and a lot to talk about, so come with ideas!  We’re all looking forward to a great year!  If you have any questions, please contact Caroline at

The Midwest Regional Conference

The Regional Conference will be held in Madison, Wisconsin March 4-6.  Check out the brochure at   If you are interested, we are going to rent a van to get everyone there, so we need confirmation by February 15th.  Even if you haven't been as involved in the NLG as you may have liked, this is your chance to get away from school for a few days and learn more about it.  Please email Caroline at if you would like to attend.

The Debate

The NLG worked with the Federalist Society last year to host a debate on judicial nominations.  The event and the reception were very well attended and we plan to do it again this semester.  We need your help to choose a topic.  Please think of the issues you would like to see raised and debated.  Some proposed topics have been tort reform, religious rights, and free enterprise.  We are open to any ideas you have, so please share them!  Email Caroline for more info at


The Streetlaw program allows law students to go into Chicago area high schools to teach kids about their rights while an attorney supervises.  Kids who know their rights have the power to protect and invoke those rights when they are threatened.  For more information on the program, please contact Kristen Prinz at

The NLG Film Festival

We had a very great turnout for this event last semester as well.  We serve pop, beer, and snacks while we watch a film or documentary about a political or social movement.  After the film we discuss different tactics and plans and why they did or did not work.  To suggest a film that you would like us to show, please contact Gabe Conroe at

Volunteer Day

NLG will be hosting a Volunteer Day where we will invite everyone to help out for one day of service.  We would like to schedule the event so we can all participate at the same place.  If anyone is already volunteering somewhere that needs some extra help or if you would like to suggest an organization or a particular cause you want the NLG Volunteer Day to get involved with, please let us know at

Dean’s Volunteer Certification Reception

NLG is co-sponsoring an event with the Public Interest Resource Center at the end of the semester to honor any students who spend 50 hours or more volunteering while in law school.  To register for the program; begin keeping track of your volunteer hours; or to get suggestions about where to volunteer, please contact Caroline at or Melanie Ellis at  Upon reaching 50 hours of volunteer work, you will qualify for the Dean's Certification.  This certificate will be presented to you at the end of the year at a reception for all students registered for the program.  Not only does this certificate of service look great on a resume, but you'll help out in your communities with both legal and non-legal volunteering.  Register today and start your timesheet!

Legal Observer Training

Although the election is over, there will no doubt be protests all around the country for any number of issues.  Be Prepared!!  Be a legal observer and attend the protests to make sure the civil liberties of the protesters are not infringed.  Take notes about what you see and what happens.  If you are interested in receiving legal observer training to prepare yourself for upcoming protests, please contact Gabe Conroe at


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